Motivation Monday: Joshua Tenove, the CA Plug Dominating in his Industry

Joshua Tenove, a.k.a. Mr. CA Plug, is a California-based entrepreneur, who has a diverse portfolio when it comes to business.

With a success story of his own, his passion to educate and influence communities on the same industries that are newly booming after being legal. Once landing Tenove in legal obstacles, the cannabis industry has now become an expertise of his. In 2016, the state of California legalized marijuana, unknowingly planting the seed of a blooming industry.

Like any skilled business-savvy individual, Tenove used that window of time to launch his own company, Highly Legal, which soared to top rated cannabis company in his county, according to Weedmaps, a delivery app. With 5,000 five star ratings, it’s safe to say that Highly Legal set the bar high for competing brands. In 2020, the entrepreneur landed the cannabis brand that earned him the nickname he carries to date: Mr. CA Plug. His partnership with the well-known Trap University boosted his portfolio even greater.

I received a hightimes cannabis cup medal for my product and opened 2 dispensary’s during my time in Oklahoma.

My goal now is to help people establish careers and companies within the industry legally, so that they can spare themselves all the trials and tribulations I had to endure coming from the streets.” – Mr. CA Plug

Motivational Milestones and Impact on U.S. Veterans

Intertwining his passion for impacting communities with his leadership abilities, Tenove partnered with the non-profit Operation 2nd Choice, and the purpose is moving. “Many veterans suffer from the long term use of synthetic psychoactive drugs like antidepressants,” shares Tenove. “This creates an even greater problem for many of these guys, and I offered an all natural alternative with cannabis.” The non-profit organization offers disabled combat veterans low income housing and employment opportunities, and with the help of Tenove, greater opportunities arose.

“I was able to provide many disabled veterans with employment opportunities within the legal cannabis industry, as well as offered them a 2nd choice when it came to medical treatment for their ailments.”

The Results

Ten years after battling an inditement he beat in 2012, the fearless leader has achieved and accomplished the unthinkable. While Tenove’s stories may be your motivation this Monday, the father has one source of motivation: his children.

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