How Youssef TAHA Became the Most Sought After International Model

Brands seek the best of the best and nothing less. Ambassadors play a crucial role in a brand’s image, and international model, entrepreneur, and influencer Youssef TAHA has proven to be one of the most sought after ambassadors for brands worldwide. This Morrocan-born public figure is a hot commodity in the brand world, and the list keeps growing. Labeled as a model with a new wave in fashion on, it’s clear that he is in high-demand.

From rising brands to established lines, the impact and awarenesses he brings is unmatched. With plans of founding his own fashion brand in the future, Youssef makes it a priority to understand the process of a brand’s growth. Throughout the journey, he realized how important a brand ambassador is.

Instagram @djeporov | Brand: Sik Silk

Despite the slow down of 2020, Youssef broke through and is now reaping what he has sown the past year.

In addition to his career as a entrepreneur with multiple business ventures, he is a certified financial auditor, graduating from “National School of Commerce & Management – ENCG” in his hometown of Agadir, Morocco.

We encourage all brands to branch out on an international level, and what better ambassador to decide on than Youssef TAHA? Nearing 200,000 loyal followers, his audience becomes your audience.

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