Malik Devonte: Detroit’s Award Winning Young Entrepreneur (You’ll be impressed.)

Introducing Malik De’Vonte.

This entrepreneur has defied all odds. From making history to overcoming a tumor, nothing is impossible for this young man. His name is Malik Singleton, also known as Malik De’Vonte. At 20 years old, Malik has accomplished much more than his peers could ever dream of, and he’s just getting started. He wrote to us a couple weeks ago, and I was stunned by his story. In this article, I will share a glimpse of Malik’s journey, as he enters his 20s with high hopes. [He just recently won an “Entrepreneurial Excellence” award from us!]

“Keep your head up- don’t let your crown slip. You have so much purpose to fulfill, so please don’t let this ghetto earth get caught up in that..” 

Malik on tips for success and motivation.
Malik is a Detroit native.

How he is making history.

With a drive like no other, it’s only natural to wonder where he got his motivation from. “Growing up with ADHD, I was already counted out,” he shares. “I had to find strength to count myself in, and allow God to speak for me.” Although born in Detroit, Malik currently resides in St. Louis, as he attends Harris-Stowe State University. He is also HBCU King at the HBCU he attends.  “I was Mister Sophomore, now Mister Junior, and I’m next to be Mister Harris-Stowe State University,” Malik announced.

Malik From State Farm.

In current news, Malik just became the youngest State Farm insurance agent at his branch at 20 years old! (See edit below.) I suggest we make this accomplishment known. Actually, “Malik From State Farm” has a nice ring to it. Considering he’s an award winning radio host, I believe he would make a great media brand ambassador, don’t you? Let’s make “Malik From State Farm” happen!

*Edit: Interview was conducted before an 18 year old was recently hired at State Farm, but this still doesn’t change a thing for Malik. He is well equipped to be an ambassador!

Media Personality and More.

I asked Malik to list his accomplishments, awards, and titles. Brace yourselves for this.

“In 2018, I won my first Radio Show Award, while I was a senior at Detroit School of Arts (THEE only performing arts high school and high school of Aaliyah.) I won the award for 2nd place Best on Air personality and team. We were 2 black males hosting the only male mentoring talk show in the state ( M.O.M.E.N.T.U.M) which stands for moving our males towards upward mobility.

I became a Cintophia Film Festival finalist for producing Grammy award winner David Byrne’s Music Video for “Everybody is Coming to My House”. In 2019, I was also honored with The Pillar of the Community Award by my university and the Spirit of Detroit award for my work in the community. I am honored to hold titles as Mister Detroit School of Arts and to serve on my University Royal Court as Mister Sophomore and Junior.”

Spirit of Detroit.

As a Spirit of Detroit award recipient, Malik has been recognized for his philanthropy work in the city. In addition, he has worked with the Mayor of Detroit and David Bryne. His media personality skills have given him the opportunity to interview stars like Big Sean, Kash Doll, and Jack White.

His greatest spirit, however, is the positive one he possesses himself. In May, Malik just beat a blood vessel tumor. Despite the obstacles, he managed to finish with a strong 3.2 GPA.

“I would love to empower people, guide them through facing adversity, and win at the end.”

Malik on motivation.

I invited him to list anybody he would like to thank. If you are listed below, this is a warm thank you from Malik.

I would like to thank:

My parents, Valerie, Andre and Australia. My Siblings and family, because with out them I would be nothing. My bonus parents: Auntie and Uncles. My friends who show me what love is. The Detroit School of Arts for being my family and believing in me, especially Beverly Morrison Greene. Thanks to Renee Fluker and the rest of my Midnight Golf mentors. I’m thankful for my bosses: Veronica Todd, Bobby Branch and Leonard Crosby.

Last but not but least, thank you to my HBCU Thee illustrious Harris-Stowe State University! For helping me birth more of my purpose.

Contact Malik below:

Twitter and Instagram @Dev0nte_

State Farm email: