Most people who vibe with the CHH music genre know that it is very uncommon for Christian Rap Artists to land movie placements. And the artists who have landed movie placements, are most always signed to record deals with semi to well-known recording labels. But, every now and then the world gets to witness a few rare individuals who rise up from the ashes, miraculously beat the odds, and blaze a trail of eye capturing victory right in front of the people who hoped they wouldn’t succeed. Well, today we are beyond excited to talk about two extraordinary individuals that fall directly into that category.

Many of you may already know this particular powerhouse. It is no secret that his career has been a pretty inspiring phenomenon within the CHH industry for nearly a decade. Shockingly, even major secular music execs have complimented his work and praised his astounding achievements. Dominic Bonsignore, more commonly known as the rap artist “Harmini”, is a professional independent rap artist, songwriter, actor, model, and film producer. His humility, hard work, dedication, and faith have not only caused him to acquire top tier skills as an international recording artist, but have also made him an extremely high profile contact within the music business. Out of all the numbers in your phone that get deleted, if you are fortunate enough to have Harmini’s, guard it with your life!

As fate would have it, living on the other side of the United States of America another dynamic gem piece in the music industry was discovered. His talent was often overlooked and discredited by the people around him, especially to the well known artists within the CHH music genre. That is, until he met Harmini. We would like to introduce to you a rising voice in the CHH music community who goes by the name “P.O.G. The MC For Christ”. At the time Harmini connected with this humble, gifted, God loving Buffalo, NY rapper, P.O.G. was weary and struggling to keep hope alive. Which is understandable when your constantly overlooked by the same people who yell “Lets unify! We support you! Lets unify! We support you!” at their shows, but then completely neglect you as soon as they walk off stage. Sadly, most of the prominent names you know in CHH are just that – a two-faced show. But Harmini took the time to both encourage and call out the gifts inside of “P.O.G. The MC For Christ”. And when the opportunity came up for Harmini to write another movie track, he teamed up with the Buffalo artist and they co-wrote an amazing single titled “BAD FOLKS.

So, what is the synopsis of this feature film titled “BAD FOLKS”? And how does the song “BAD FOLKS” tie into the movie? Well, the film is a murder mystery by MGI films and the story takes place inside of a city bar room. There are a total of eight people in this bar. All of which are considered to be “Bad Folk”. One of the individuals at the bar managed to commit a murder without being seen. Now, none of them are able to leave until the real killer is uncovered and the murder mystery is solved. Everyone inside the bar is a suspect, and none of them want to fess up to the killing. The song “BAD FOLKS” ties in very well, and quite honestly in our opinion, is really genius. The song has an intriguing intro that sets up the mood for the record. Harmini starts off the song by saying: “8 Bad Folk. 1 bar. 1 murder. Everyone’s a suspect”. Then the chorus drops addressing the topic of prayer, as a form of direction and encouragement to the innocent who are being interrogated as suspects. The song is also clearly addressing all people everywhere all around the world who have fallen on hard times.

Chorus lyrics: “PRAY! When you feel alone and nobody understands what you’re going through PRAY! When the walls close in and you got nowhere to go, boy you know you better PRAY! When the world starts trippin and nobody seems to listen that’s when you gotta PRAY! You gotta PRAY! You gotta PRAY!”. This was actually a very clever approach, especially since the song doesn’t feel “preachy” at all, even though in a lot of ways – it’s PREACHING! The song highlights the life of godless people in society, classifying them within the category of being “Bad Folk”. These are the people in society who choose to live in a way that both violates (and breaks) the law, puts the lives of innocent people in harms way, and causes drama and discord within our communities. The entire song, although wrapped in the story of a murder mystery, is clearly teaching people to “seek God” and “Pray” when life gets hard. And it also highlights the fact that living life as a rebel isn’t the way to go, even though the culture continues to teach society that it is. So yeah, like we said, pure Genius! Harmini and P.O.G The MC for Christ definitely “murdered” that track!

The song was well received by the public, and has went on to encourage tens of thousands of people who absolutely love the dynamics of the newly released single and the positive message that it delivers. The ONLY negative review we could find searching the web, came from one group of individuals on the Guerilla Cross “SPEAK LIFE” Radio Show. Which is ironic, because their very name suggests that they would be first in line to “Speak Life” over the record. Go figure. Nevertheless, their opinion crashed and burned as the “BAD FOLKS” movie track was praised by the masses and went on to produce over 80,000 streams in the first nine months of it’s release. WOW!!

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Sabin Mulamba Collabs w/ Several Talented Artists to Create “Everything Is Subject To Jesus” (Official Music Video)

Sabin Mulamba currently resides in Seattle, Washington

Born in Congo, Sabin Mulamba has a passion for the Lord. With an ear for His Word and good music, he collaborated with a team of talents to create “Everything Is Subject To Jesus”.

As devoted servants of our Lord Jesus Christ, the people involved in the remarkable project had one goal: to give total Glory and worship to God.

Producer: Dominic “HARMINI” Bonsignore | Director: Matt Dawson | Editor: William Thomas

The song begins with a gospel message given by Dominic “HARMINI” Bonsignore, the producer and featured artist.

“…I want to remind you that God loves you. That God cares about you…”

Snippet of the beginning of HARMINI’s Gospel message to
the audience in “Everything Is Subject To Jesus”

Special thanks to Dr. Francine Lobho, President of QueenLo Holding.

Featured Artists

  • (In order of appearance)
  • Dominic “HARMINI” Bonsignore
  • Kyndal Gude
  • Jermaine “Jwill” Williams
  • Roshawn Eve
  • Clint Cole Cory
  • Lacy Isaac
  • Nyengele David
  • Providence Kamana

Special Appearances

  • Josh Heart
  • Vonzell Washington
  • David Gude
  • Jeff Hall
  • Nakye Serna
  • Isaiah Rodriguez
  • Jayden Michler

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Recording Artist Harmini Placed In Hollywood Movies [Interview]

Harmini is a recording artist based in Dallas, Texas. His powerful music is faith based, focusing on God’s blessings and triumph over his tribulations.

With all Glory to God, Harmini announces his newest movie placements this year. He is the only independent Christian artist to have music place in 11 movies so far.

The artist has an incredible testimony, inspiring both fans and strangers alike. His interview tells all.

Sidenote: He was recently verified on Instagram. So proud of you, Harmini!

What is the story behind Harmini?

The name “Harmini” actually derives from my sincere love for vocal harmony. Ever since I was a young boy, the sound of human voices singing together always had a major effect on my soul . When I was incarcerated, I would alway encourage the inmates on my cell block to sing along with me. The sound of our voices blending in perfect harmony would ring throughout the halls of the prison. It was one of the ways God gave us freedom while we were locked behind bars. 

Describe your music. 

My music is like a compound of lyrical antioxidants. As a storyteller lyricist, I choose to write songs that are filled with layers of life-giving messages. This means my music can truly benefit people who are willing to apply the principles given to them on each record I write.

Is your music influenced by personal experiences? 

Oh, most definitely. However, I don’t just write songs that are solely focused on my own life experiences. I also write music that represents the voices of other people’s life experiences as well. Such as my song “Against The Ropes” and “Memory Lane”.

Is there anything your fans can be looking forward to in the future? 

Yes! I am working on brand new music that will be released over the next year. I am also working on several new music videos that will also be dropping over the next year. And of course several of the movies I wrote soundtracks for will also be releasing over the next year as well! Such as the movie Brother’s Keeper, starring Laurence Fishburne, Milo Gibson, and Noel G, the movie Smokers, starring Costas Mandylor, Louis Mandylor, and Peter Organ, and the Zombie movie Outbreak Z starring Wesley Snipes. 

As a Christian myself, it is truly wonderful to see artists incorporate their faith and testimony into their music. There are many ways to spread the Gospel. Harmini has chosen to use music as his tool. His purpose is to change lives, save souls, and serve Christ, which he has accomplished.