Have you ever been faced with adversity, and decided to continue going against the grain? In the world we live in today, we are constantly faced with lies, deception, threats, and manipulation by people who want us to bow down to a godless system.

This is why most people can appreciate artists like DIMI D, who chooses to use his gifts in music to combat evil agenda’s carried out by evil men and women who follow the father of lies. Located on the west coast in the heart of California DIMI D is always trying to come up with ways to speak truth in a world that is full of darkness and lies. In the early days of his youth, this young Californian seemed to always have a desire to make music. No matter where he went, no matter what he was doing, somehow lyrics and melodies would always find a way to go with him. Middle school was pivotal time for DIMI D, because this is when he discovered his passion for free styling, which ultimately inspired this young man to become a rap artist.

Most people would agree that dreams and goals are a great thing to have. But, with every dream comes a long list of trials and adversity we have to face. Although the rap artist DIMI D had a sincere passion for doing music, he really had a hard time dealing with the idea of people treating him like an outcast for doing music that glorified God. Sometimes, people mistake Christians for being weak simply because they strive to lead a good life of love and humility. However, God Himself says that those who follow Jesus Christ are MORE THAN CONQUERORS. He also says that the prayers of those who follow Him are POWERFUL. That doesn’t sound like a weak person to me. That sounds like a person I would want to be like!

So what is this new song people are talking about? And what is the story behind it? We asked DIMI D to give us the scoop. He told us that “FURNACE” was co-written between him and his homies Big Jumps and Trrewillz. He continued to tell us that “FURNACE” was inspired by the book of Daniel, primarily the story of Shadrach Meshach and Abednego. Three powerful men who still inspire faith in the lives of people around the world even thousands of years after their death. The goal of this 3-part collaboration is to reach audiences around the world and help wake them up to the lies and deception being told by the demonic powers that be.

In the world we live in today, our society is constantly being told lies by news channels and government officials who have self motivated godless agendas. However, just as Shadrach Meshach and Abednego were thrown into the furnace for not bowing down and obeying false god’s, we too must stand firm in the face of our adversities and trust the Lord to the very end. Ultimately, Shadrach Meshach and Abednego suffered no harm because they remained loyal to the God they loved. It’s no different now then it was then, we MUST have faith and trust in the Lord. God does not want us to live in fear. Even if our loyalty to Christ was to cost us our life, those who die in Christ have the eternal hope of salvation in the Kingdom of Heaven! In Christ, death has no power whatsoever. Therefore, we can rest peacefully in the hope that we truly will have life after death! Hallelujah!!

John 3:16 For God so loved the world that He gave his One and only Son, that whosoever believes in Him, shall NOT PERISH but have EVERLASTING LIFE.

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