Fox 2 Interview: How Barber Teef Found Triumph Through Trials

With the beauty industry growing at such a fast pace, there is no doubt that there will be countless talented barbers popping up as well, especially in men’s care. Nevertheless, one who stands out from the rest of them is known as Michigan’s own, Barber Teef. Seamless styles never looked so good.

Located in the emerging place of Garden City, TeamStar Barbershop, founded by the celebrity barber, is home to satisfied customers, with most returning to keep up their fresh fade. The quality, service, and skill does his “star” label justice.

This talented individual has also had the fortunate opportunities to work with all sorts of major clients with big names, some you might just know, such as: Ali Gatie, Sal (XO) Elijah Conner, Piston’s entire basketball team, and his portfolio just keeps growing.

Labeled as a “golden hand” in his industry, his skill is unmatched. It’s no wonder that sources reveal that Barber Teef is the official barber of major label, XO.