It’s always good news when someone is trying to make a positive difference in the world. Canaan Khourie is definitely one of those people. This aspiring pastor, model, and entrepreneur was born and raised in the heartland of Florida. As a young adolescent, Canaan grew up in the church and always had a firm desire to be involved in ministry. The teaching of God’s word sparked a dream in this young man, and that dream was to be a leader for the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Even as a young boy, Canaan believed in his heart that God had called him to be a Pastor. Therefore, his heart is set on leading souls into The Kingdom of Heaven.

Canaan has always been known as an individual possessing a good heart towards people. He has a history of continually trying to put others before himself. I think we all can agree that this type of behavior is hard thing to do sometimes, but it is definitely something we all need to do and keep on doing. God is the foundation and ultimate definition of pure love. Sadly, it is the one thing that this world is missing more than anything else. Canaan loves the Lord, and he has no shame in letting people see it. He loves to goof around, enjoy life, and make memories with the people he loves. He also enjoys hitting the gym in order to make a better temple (his body) for God, because the Bible talks about our bodies being the temple of God and that He (the Spirit of God) dwells within us. Canaan seeks to base his everyday life on the teachings of the Bible. He does his very best to walk with The Lord and to keep His commandments. His greatest joy next to serving the Lord, is spending quality time with his family. Family is extremely important to Canaan!

Although, it would be such a blessing if we could live our lives completely stress free, the truth is we often times find ourselves struggling in the midst of life’s hardest difficulties. Canaan is well acquainted with some of these same struggles. Sometimes, people think that Christians have it all together, or that they need to have it all together. But the truth is, Christians have it rough. They live in a world where most people live their lives contrary to the truth of God’s word, which means they are often seen as “abnormal” or “strange” people. But are they really the ones who are abnormal and strange? Many might say yes. But God definitely says otherwise. The road that leads to Hell and destruction is wide and broad, and the Bible says that MANY enter through it. The Bible also tells us that the road that leads to eternal life is very narrow, and that there are few people who are finding it. It’s not easy living in a world that is contrary to what you believe. There have been times when Canaan wanted to give up and throw in the towel. His struggles about girls, and certain addictions he has struggled with really made him wonder if he was good enough to be used by God. I think most people have found themselves in that headspace at one time or another. However, most believers people would agree that God has been extremely faithful to them through their doubts, their fears, and through every storms. Hallelujah!

Canaan spent a lot of time growing up in a private Christian school. This was primarily because his mother did not want him to be subjected to the godless we often find running rapid in our public school system. Therefore, do to this type of upbringing, Canaan ended up being sheltered away from the world for most of his life. It wasn’t until about two years ago that he finally got to see what the real world was like. This was around the same time that he graduated high school. Sadly, when he discovered the truth about the world we live in he was very heartbroken by what he saw. After graduating high school, Canaan went on to college. He graduated with his Associate‚Äôs Degree on April 23, 2021 based on religious education. However, Canaan does not consider walking with God to be a form of religion. He believes walking with God means you strive to have a real relationship with your Maker. And we could’t agree more! Canaan is currently employed as a school teacher, who’s academic focus is 8th and 9th grade World & American History. Shout out to all the teachers holding it down for Christ in the public school system!

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