Say Goodbye to Your Daily Probiotic Pill and Start Enjoying Delicious BRITE Bites

BRITE: Balanced. Real. Integrity. Strength. Energy.

Your hard to swallow, easy to forget, bitter tasting probiotic pill is a thing of the past. 

When owner and founder of BRITE bites, Bri Makaric set out to create a shelf-stable snack that delivered her daily dose of probiotics in a delicious bite, she knew it was going to be difficult. She had no idea where to even begin and building a business from scratch is no easy task. There were moments she wanted to quit, but Bri knew that what she was working on was important.

“I persevered through these challenging moments because I believe people should have access to healthy food that actually tastes delicious.”


In some ways, the journey has been very personal for Bri. She started BRITE bites because she battled with her own digestive issues and nutrient deficiencies. She tried taking probiotic pills every day, but found that they didn’t fit her lifestyle. She wanted something that combined her love of clean, natural foods with the probiotics she needed to sustain a healthy life.

What’s so good about BRITE bites? (Other than everything!)

BRITE bites are packed with gut-healthy probiotics and superfoods to help you get the nutrients you need in a delicious bite. They’re perfect for on-the-go lifestyles or quick office snacks. Just two of these tasty bites hold your daily serving of probiotics AND they’re dairy, gluten, and soy free to cater to a variety of dietary needs.

But Bri’s not done yet. As her company grows throughout Michigan and beyond, they’re setting out to create more functional food products across multiple different categories. We can’t wait to see what she dreams up next!

Are YOU ready to BRITE’N your life?

Shop BRITE bites here and be sure to check out their newest product: DIY Snack bite Kit here. | Follow on Instagram here

This kit includes all the main ingredients, you then add your favorite nut butter, and sweetener.