10 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Remodeling Your Home

It is very common for people who live in the same residence year after year to begin imagining their home looking a different way. Some might envision their bathroom being a different color, or a different layout, or even a brand new look altogether. Others might daydream about having a bigger kitchen. I mean, who couldn’t use a little more counter space and a few more cabinets? Or perhaps one might consider replacing their wooden floors with some pearl white granite or dark blue tiles? The truth is, seeing the same thing over and over year after year can eventually become dull and boring. So, in order to liven things up and keep the excitement flowing we often try new things to help stimulate our minds and satisfy our need to see change.

(BRB dining and kitchen remodeling – before and after)

Although, most of us might enjoy seeing a change in the scenery around our home, it’s also very important to understand the pros and cons of building your dream home. We can’t tell you how many people have made the mistake of guessing the cost of their home makeover instead of actually speaking with professionals to assess a realistic budget for the renovations they want to implement into their home. Trent Teat, the CEO of Ballroom Baths & Home Design (BRB) wanted to give our readers some valuable insight on things to consider before initiating the process to remodeling your home.


Trent’s Answer: Setting an unrealistic budget. Not complementing the original architectural style. Checking contractor reviews 

What would you consider the most important aspect of remodeling?

Trent’s Answer: Plan ahead.  Increase efficiency, not just the size. Make sure the contractor you choose is fully insured.

What are 5 tips you can offer homeowners who are considering RENOVATIONS?

Trent’s Answer: Keep resale in mind. Be very specific about the details. Prepare to communicate effectively. Adaptability to a short term inconvenience. Pamper yourself.

What are 3 tips you can give homeowners to save money during the remodeling process?

Trent’s Answer: (Design first) Create your layout – make selections. Generate a realistic budget.

Why choose Ballroom Baths & Home Design? 

Trent’s Answer: At Ballroom Baths & Home Design, we believe that open and continued communication throughout the entire remodeling process is not only your right, but our promise to you. As such, personal attention to customer service is a priority.

Having over 20 plus years of experience, we believe that the key to building lifelong relationships with our customers is through maintaining an approach focused on respect for both you and your home. We consider it a privilege to be invited into your home, and from the design process all the way through the final clean-up, we never forget that it is your home.

Ballroom Baths & Home Design (BRB) recommends asking these questions before renovating!


  • 1. Why do I want to remodel my house? 
  • 2. Is my house worth renovating?
  • 3. When do I want to start this project, realistically? 
  • 4. What is on my “wish list” and what is on my “must-have” list? 
  • 5. Are there repairs in my home that need attention before remodeling takes place?
  • 6. Where I am planning to stay during the renovation period? 
  • 7. What is my budget for remodeling my home? 
  • 8. Do I have extra money set aside for unforeseen expenses?
  • 9. Am I using reputable professionals with good reviews?
  • 10. What will the weather be like during my renovation period?

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