#NewHeat Young Ra Ft. Boss Bread “Thot For The Tik Tok”

From an early age, Young Ra has proven that he is a multifaceted entertainer of fathomless talent. From rapper, actor, songwriter, producer, writer and director, he personifies what it candidly means to be an entertainer. Young Ra is a Detroit based artist notoriously known for his hit song “Uh Oh” featuring popular rapper Sada Baby and Lexxi Morang. Currently, Young Ra is getting mainstream radio Recognition on the hottest HipHop stations in Atlanta, Chicago and Detroit. He has secured a production deal with Maverick for his upcoming film, “Makin It” starring Clifton Powell (Pinky from the movie Friday) and Tray Chaney (TV show The Wire/Saints & Sinners), has an endorsement deal with Cult of Individuality and a partnership Sony’s The Orchard. His latest works include: The Bodie Bradus Story (2020), Truthless (2021), The Opps (2021) and Making It (2021).  For the latest follow Young_Ra on all social media platforms.

Born Azarel (meaning “God’s Helper”) Chappell, BO$$ BREAD, is a Detroit Native born and raised on the lower Eastside.  From prison to the studio, Bo$$ Bread released his hit single “The Bo$$ is back”, where he won first place at Coast 2 Coast Detroit Live Edition.  Bo$$ Bread is a artist, songwriter and producer Who’s influenced by many Detroit legends such as Streetlordz, Royce da 5’9, Trick Trick and Eminen. His latest Ep, “The accidental come up”, highlights the true nature of his artistry in “I swear I Just Do What They Can’t”.  Bo$$ Bread is a distinguished entertainer. To stay up to date Follow @BossBread313 on all social media platforms.

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XTORMY is making waves with his 2021 cross-genre EP “Egoism”

Based in the well known city of Chicago, is a talented gem who is getting praise for his newly released EP titled “EGOISM”. Xtormy is a singer, songwriter, dancer, and recording artist. We could write for days listing the gifts of this young man, but today we’re going to focus on his new music project. What’s so amazing about his new EP, is that it’s his first publicly released music project. And what’s even more amazing, is how awesome the music on his EP actually is!

Since Xtormy was a child, he always felt deep inside that he was born to do something great. And although at the time, he didn’t completely understand how everything was going to play out, the one thing he did know is that he had a deep passion for the arts. One of the reasons why Xtormy is so well rounded in his musical abilities, is because when he was a young boy he placed himself in the position to be involved in the entertainment world. The rising star was heavily submerged in the theatrical influences of musical theater, dance classes, as of course – music. Often times when musically gifted children are growing up as adolescence, they tend to lean towards the influences of well known celebrities. Xtormy loved listening to iconic artists like Beyonce, Michael Jackson, Motown, Darryl Coley, Fred Hammond and Judy Garland. The gifts of these icons helped shape Xtormy into the dynamic artist he is today.

Xtormy’s new 2021 cross-genre EP “Egoism” is now available on all streaming platforms! And the public reviews he has been getting have been overwhelming. People everywhere are loving the fusion of this pop, R&B, dance project. For most artists, music is something that they do. But for Xtormy, music is much more than that. Music is apart of who he is.  The talented Chicago artist is undoubtably looking forward to encouraging his fans to be themselves – no matter what. He believes it is important to love yourself beyond measure. Because if you’re not willing to love yourself, how in the world can you expect anyone else to? Be yourself, and love yourself. Because no one can operate the way you do.

One of the songs off Xtormy’s EP is titled “Jupiter’s Woe”. Jupiter’s Woe was written based on a relationship that Xtormy had with someone that almost ruined his life, and his entertainment career. The song talks about the difficulties of trying to make a relationship work that just simply isn’t meant to be. And no matter how hard you try, there just doesn’t seem to be any resolution. Have you ever been in a relationship like that? If so, this EP is definitely for you!

“I Have A Performance” – XTORMY

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Twitter: @xtormyshoww

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TicTok: @xtormyshoww

Snapchat: @xtormyshoww


If your looking for music that is going to make you Bust A Move, Lord knows BOY WONDA has what you’re looking for! This rising rap star has been on his grind, been on the move, and has been working day and night in the ministry field. In life, we often times have to go through hardships in order to find our place in this world. We need to understand what it means to suffer, so that we can have compassion for others and help people get out of the struggle. “BOY WONDA” is one rapper who definitely understands this principle.

The artist shared his heart with us and told us that “the struggle and pain within today’s culture, sometimes makes it hard for people to see light at the end of the tunnel. And not only is it hard to see light at the end of the tunnel, but it is also difficult to be the light when you are surrounded by so much darkness and hate. But, what I have realized over the years, is that in the midst of darkness when everything is so broken and disconnected, that is when light truly has the opportunity to shine the most”.

Over the years, “Boy Wonda” has diligently sought to make his mark in the music industry. His tenacity and dedication to his vision is clearly seen by those around him. No Grind No Glory Music Group™ is one incredible victory that the artist has to show for his hard work. The company is based out of Central Florida, and advancing more and more every year. When you struggle to get where you want to go, and you finally reach a hard earned milestone, you feel like the character of David in the Bible. You feel like you just cut off Goliaths head.

Boy Wonda’s latest Release ”Bust A Move” has been picking up major waves on some of your hottest and favorite Radio Stations across the USA! The rappers music is now in heavy rotation on the #1 FM Radio Station in Huntsville, Alabama, on the No More Dirty Radio Show on 103.1FM, on We Up, as well as other stations like 88.5 WMNF Thee Righteous Temple of Hip Hop, Blood Bought, and His Hop Radio. The rising rap artist has also expanded the reach of his company by branching out into the world of clothing apparel and film.

When you’re as talented as as rapper like Boy Wonda, you can’t help but gain attention in the public eye. And as God would have it, the rising star was brought on to perform for a live taping at The Alabama Word Network, which was aired out to 270+ Million people across the country. He is also a Co-Host of two brand new podcasts titled “Undisputed”, & “LOL” (Life Out Loud) With Qui Qui Symone. The creative talent also leads his own podcast (Heart 2 Heart). At the end of the day, Boy Wonda’s goal is quite simple. And that is to make an IMPACT on the world with his contagious movement and inspire others to grind for the Glory of God. Amen and Amen!

Make sure you go and check out Boy Wonda’s new anthem track ‘’Bust A Move”, which was produced by Daniel ”Vega” Cruz. From where we’re sitting, the feedback regarding this new record has been great. “Bust A Move” is a song that is equipped to help you get unstuck and motivated to do what you need to do. So you definitely want to add this song to your playlist(s). The record is now available on all digital and social media platforms!

Make sure you stay connected to Boy Wonda on Social Media:
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/OfficialBWonda
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/OfficialBoyWonda
Youtube : http://www.youtube.com/NoGrindNoGlory
Instagram : http://www.instagram.com/OfficialBWonda
Website : http://www.nogrindnoglory.net

Click below to treat yourself to some of Boy Wonda’s music!

Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/album/bust-a-move-single/1564990458

Itunes: https://music.apple.com/us/album/bust-a-move-single/1564990458

Amazon Music: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B093LVZJL7

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/4nTUfCmv6VEWn3Wk6FTCZ9

Iheart Radio: https://www.iheart.com/artist/boy-wonda-31206052/albums/bust-a-move-132714561/

Tidal: https://store.tidal.com/us/album/182095702

Pandora: https://www.pandora.com/artist/boy-wonda-hip-hop/bust-a-move-single/ALm3vxp5ZZh55J2

The New Single ”Gutta 2 Glory” (feat. Tim Moses) is also AVAILABLE NOW!

Apple Music: http://alturl.com/5vnfc

Spotify: http://alturl.com/mkgzp

Zacariah 100 “The man and the music”

Located in the center of the great state of Texas, lives a dynamic rap artist who goes by the name of “Zacariah 100”. The 100 in his name exists because he believes strongly in keeping things real. Some rap artists base their entire careers on lies and disloyalty, but Zacariah 100 prides himself in keeping things… well, 100. His music is diverse and his style has acquired him fans both locally and around the world.

If there is one thing about his music that people are drawn to, it’s that every song he writes is tailored to a different audience. Each record has its own unique style and it’s own unique feel, and appeals to all types of music lovers. Zacariah 100 has always loved music. As a matter of fact, his dad use to be in a band in Dallas, Tx at the time Pantera was getting there start before they blew up. “I fell in love with hip hop” the Dallas rapper said. “And i’m proud that my state of Texas has the gem Dj Screw, who introduced us to chopped and screwed music”.

In days of attending high school, Zacariah 100 used to get together with his friends and rap. Just an all around good time playing dominoes and kicking it with the homie’s. The rapper has also expressed that he is very proud of his heritage. His biological dad is Mexican and his biological mother is Caucasian. The Dallas rapper has expressed that, out of his two biological parents, he tends to favor the looks of his mom. And although life hasn’t always been easy for the upcoming rapper, he loves his parents and he doesn’t regret the hard times of his past. Zacariah 100 believes that the hard times we go through are actually the very things that help us become who we are, and that they make us stronger in the long run.

Aim for the sky, and make music that everybody can relate to. This is something Zacariah 100 constantly tries to do . “When you make music that everyone can enjoy, I call that concert music. It’s the type of music that everyone can vibe with. It’s hyped up, and it’s universal”. Although a lot of rappers don’t choose to verbally express their appreciation to their fans or to the people who have helped them along the way, Zacariah 100 wants everyone to know that he truly appreciates them for all their help and support. He doesn’t take people’s help for granted. He understands what it’s like to struggle. And he knows what it’s like to be betrayed. Therefore, whenever people actually take the time to help him, it really means a lot.

Zacariah 100 has released several new songs this year. Including “Dallas Starz”, “Frienemies”, and “Love At First Sight”. Be sure to check out his music and follow his music journey on social media!

Social Media: @zacariah100

Website: Linktr.ee/zacariah100 

 “I’m Zacariah 100, cuz I keep it that way!”
                                           – Zacariah100

ANTHONY TORRES gives hope in his new book ‘Letters to My People: Thoughts of a recovering drug addict’

Sometimes life has a way of detouring people off of their God given path. And when that happens, it’s not always easy to find our way back. As a matter of fact, sometimes people never find their way back. However, there is a way we can help guide people back in the direction. And it is as simple as this… Reach 1.

Anthony and Sasha Torres, are the lead Pastors at Mountain View Church in Alamogordo, New Mexico. Together, they have been in full time ministry since 2013. Their passion? Reaching those who are lost on the streets through the work of outreach ministry. Pastor Anthony has a Masters degree in Christians Counseling from Cornerstone University. He has since implemented his experiences and education into his passion and now leads a bible based Recovery program called “New Life Recovery” for individuals struggling with drug and alcohol addictions. Now that’s truly praiseworthy!

By God’s grace and unfailing mercy, Pastor Anthony Torres has been sober for nearly 11 years. His past demons of drugs and alcohol have been put under his feet. Hallelujah! Furthermore, since Anthony and his lovely wife Sasha took over the Pastoral leadership of Mountain View Church in 2015, the Lord has graciously grown the members in attendance from 20 parishioners to over 300 on any given Sunday morning. Can we can an amen!?

The vision of Pastor Anthony and his first lady Sasha Torres is very powerful, but yet so simple. It consists of a Heavenly principal that even the Lord Himself applied while walking the earth thousands of years ago. And that principal is this: Reach 1 person that others might over look. And while your reaching that 1 person, expect the Lord’s healing and restoration power to intervene in those people’s lives.

Anthony and Sasha have been married for 20 years now and have 4 amazing children, 3 beautiful daughters and one handsome son. Two of their daughters are serving in the ministry of Mountain View church along side their parents. They continue to express their excitement of reaching their city for the Glory of the God they both love and serve. If you’re ever in or near Alamogordo, New Mexico, be sure to visit Mountain View Church.

“Letters to my People” Thoughts of a Recovering addict.

Letters to My People is a story of hope and redemption for those finding themselves lost in addiction. It’s a collection of letters chronicling over time the journey of the author. His hope is something he wishes to share with the world, so all might break free from their shackles and break away from the demons of addiction.

Connect with Anthony Torres on Social Media:

Facebook: Personal page https://www.facebook.com/anthony.torres.9887
Instagram: @recovered_addict09
Twitter: @RecoveredAddic2
Facebook: @Recovered Addict

The Zahara Red Brand: An Empowering Movement on the Rise

Written by: Denisa Debocci

If empowerment was a color, it would be red. Zahara Red that is. CEO, Entrepreneur and Author, Zahara Red, has a vision. The skills that endurance and ambition gives a woman are tastefully used by the emerging public figure. She made her debut as an author with the release of her novel A Dip Into the Forbidden. With goals of giving others a sense of confidence and power, Zahara is currently rebranding her cosmetics line Zahara Red Cosmetics (ZRC). Consisting of simplicity and boldness, the cosmetics line welcomes and compliments all facial features. The goal: build women up. “When a woman puts on a red lip, confidence enters the room,” shares the CEO.

“We wear a red lip because it’s OK to be BOLD.”

@zahararedcosmetics – message from the SHEo

Endorsed by The Detroit Entrepreneur this year, Zahara has proven that us females are capable of what we or society may deem impossible. We face our obstacles a day at a time, continuing to keep our eyes on the prize. And a ruby red lip wouldn’t hurt anybody. After all, bold is the goal.

She is a role model with many other achievements outside of her business endeavors. Personally, I support the Zahara Red movement by simply following rising public figure, Zahara, and wearing that signature lip. Adhering to the Detroit Entrepreneur beliefs, I prefer to support local brands and business. Major beauty brands all started with a vision at the starting line as well, so let’s get Zahara Red Cosmetics there as well by supporting her page here.

Any Kindle readers? Great news! The online version of her book just went live. We invite you to read A Dip Into the Forbidden on Kindle here.

Meet DPD’s 2021 Women in Blue Officer of the Year: Zahara Madahah


Holding her Spirit of Detroit award as well, Zahara Madaha proudly, yet humbly smiles for the press.

Held in June, the “Women in Blue Officer of the Year” award was proudly announced by the Detroit Police Department (DPD) and The Detroit Entrepreneur wants to congratulate our very own pubic figure: Zahara Madahah. As a company that has endorsed the powerful woman this summer as well, we can confidently say she earned every award and certificate held in her hand the day of the announcement. “I was shocked,” Madahah admits. But her courageous years of service and dedication lead her to this milestone.

Chief James Craig of DPD pictured with Madahah

Outside of her DPD role, she is a successful author and entrepreneur. It is clear that the true title she carries is leader. Watch media video release below:

Stay tuned for more updates.

Get Heard with The Timeline Podcast – The Next Best Entertainment Source

The Timeline Podcast and administration is recognized and endorsed by The Detroit Entrepreneur Media.

Entertainment comes in all forms: podcasts, video, audio, music and more. The Timeline Podcast aims to present their brand in each avenue possible. Founded in 2020 by Dame, a Detroit native and Public Relations major at Eastern Michigan University, the vision was to bring something new to media.

Founded in 2020, The Timeline Podcast is quickly rising to the top.

“During quarantine I found myself watching a ton of interviews mostly rap interviews and I noticed that a lot of the journalists asked a lot of weird questions,” says Dame. ” It took a heavy focus on the negative sides of our culture and didn’t really focus on the music. I felt like I could do it and just started doing interviews recording on my phone.”  

Not only do they offer rising names to get recognized on their platform, they offer unmatched promotional services such as social media marketing, press, and now radio play on Michigan’s most famous stations. Their reach is in the millions. The Detroit Entrepreneur Media endorsed The Timeline Podcast this month and is now a proud partner. We mean it when we say get heard.

“While I primarily interview rappers I have interviewed videographers, entrepreneurs, dancers, fashion designers. I welcome anyone who has a compelling story to tell,” explains Dame.

Do you have a compelling story to tell? New music? Contact them today to connect or inquire about services here. Artists, brands, entrepreneurs – all are welcome.

NEM Meech “Ghetto Trappin” – New Visuals #MusicofDetroit

With Detroit steady rising, rapper and entrepreneur NEM Meech looks to follow up his 2019 Last of a Dead Breed mixtape with a 8 song EP titled Dope Measures. 7 years ago, NEM Meech gave us a hood classic with the release of “Pros and Hoes”. Representing the Northend, a neighborhood in the center of Detroit, Meech give you those raw bars and dope boy sound the industry has been missing. Running his own entertainment company and helping develop young talent out of Detroit, NEM Meech is back to deliver another classic.

“Ghetto Trappin” Meech channeled one of his childhood inspirations, Juvenile. With inspiration from artists like Jeezy , Juvenile and Gucci Mane.

You can guarantee NEM Meech touch all aspects of the game with his voice.
Contact : nemmeech@gmail.com

Female Artist on the Rise: L Boogie Releases New Ep ‘Boogie Fever’

L Boogie a female rapper from the bronx side of Detroit, is one of the youngest and hard-working female rappers from Detroit at just 19 years old.

Since signing to Chulo Productions, a music video director from Detroit, in just six months she was able to work with artists who are on the rise including: Rocky Badd, Sasha Go Hard, and Mahzi. L Boogie’s versatile sound and real, raw bars are assets that make her one of the most promising rising female artists in the city.

Just recently, her EP Boogie Fever released and positive feedback spread like wildfire. You can read about her 5 star rating on The Booth Magazine here.


Artist on the Rise: Willy J Peso | ‘Planet Peso’ Takeover

The home of many talents, Detroit has been in the spotlight for quite some time. Willy J Peso happens to be one of the rising stars to stem from the city. Making a strong come back, his full length album Planet Peso released this month.

Planet Peso is the artist’s first full length project since 2012, and audiences are impressed, especially his collaboration with Hip-Hop legend and Oakland, CA native Yukmouth of The Luniz on Planet Peso‘s Track 5: “Trip To The Bay”. Yukmouth of The Luniz is popularly known for his timeless hit single “I Got 5 On It”.

To stream the full album click here or find it on all streaming platforms.


Pursuing his music professionally starting in 2010-2011, Willy J Peso would go on to hit major milestones including: being selected as a SXSW Official Artist of 2020 and Canadian Music Week in 2016, headlining a tour (2018) with Devin the Dude in over 40 cities, making hit songs with stars like Styles P, Neisha Neshae, and now Yukmouth. This is only the start of a grand rise.

“I want to become globally known for my music, lifestyle brand- Stoned Like Willy. To one day become Grammy nominated and independently become a charting artist on Billboard. “

-Willy J Peso on his long term goals as an artist.

‘Planet Peso’ – Music Video Releases

Newest Release: “Trip to the Bay”

Newest Release: Official Video feat. Yukmouth

Fake Bags

“Fake Bags” – first music video released from ‘Planet Peso’ | Director: @Kogoloud 

“Trying 2 Get Stoned”

“Trying 2 Get Stoned” is produced by the late @HeBeFreshAsFuck of Detroit, MI

The Detroit Entrepreneur to BEGIN 40 under 40 SEARCH

While 2021 is only about half over, we already have the well requested 40 Under 40 list in mind.

This year’s selection process will be slightly different from the previous year’s 30 Under 30 campaign, which was unfortunately cut short due to unforeseen circumstances.

The 2021 40 Under 40 recruitment will begin this week, where people can submit an individual they believe deserves to be on the list. (Yes, you can submit yourself). In August, The Detroit Entrepreneur will announce their selected official list of 75 nominees that the public will vote on this time around. While we select 75 individuals from the submission process as official nominees, it is now the public that will vote for the lucky 40.


May 20th, 2021 through July 31st, 2021: Submissions Accepted (Read directions here)

August 30th, 2021: Official 75 Nominee Announcement

August 31st, 2021 to October 31st, 2021: Public Voting for 40 Under 40 – Directions TBA

December 2021 (Date TBA) Launch of 40 Under 40 List

The requirements are simple: Inspiring individual must be under 40 years old on December 31st, 2021.

Click here to go to submission form.

MixedByPhilip of Parallel Sounds Studio Speaks on Making The Top 5 Recording Studios List

This past March, The Detroit Entrepreneur released a list of our top 5 recording studios in Michigan, which included popular studios like Royal House Recording, Parallel Sounds, and more.

Today, we had the opportunity to follow up with MixedByPhilip, founder and head engineer of Parallel Sounds Studio(s). Ranking at number 2, the engineer responded with, “we are heading for #1” upon announcement. He is doing just that.

Now entering his 9th year in the industry, Phil Saponaro combined his skills, vision, and dedication to bring Metro Detroit’s future stars a quality, comfortable space to create. From recording with the iconic Jeremih to rising local artists, MixedbyPhil has become a familiar name in the music community.

I was really shocked when we made #2 because a lot of the studios on the list were a lot nicer then mine. They have hundreds of thousands of dollars in equipment, when do not just yet. The support from the people I work with is what must of did it. I love them!

– MixedByPhilip

Confident entrepreneurs stand by their careers, striving to be the best of the best. With roots in entrepreneurship, he humbly yet boldly states his studio is deserving of the #1 spot. Many can humbly yet boldly say the same, based on positive testimonies alone.

 I really think for #1 it’s just going to take us building up our cosmetics. I already know we have the best engineers in Michigan and we are constantly getting better. In all humbleness, nobody in Michigan can compete with our quality. Once my team and I open more fancy multi million dollar studios and (hopefully) steal Julian (of Royal House) I don’t think will have much competition.

– MixedByPhilip on how he aims to reach #1.

To book Parallel Sounds Studio click here and be sure to connect with MixedbyPhilip here.

Le’Jend: Michigan’s RIsing Artist Newest Release “Junkie”

Meet the Artist

Hailing from Inkster, Michigan, Le’Jon Crawford aka Le’Jend, is a Rapper/Singer/Songwriter/Engineer/Producer that has been writing and making music since he was 11 years old.


Le’Jend started off singing in front of crowds at the age of 9 at talent shows and his father’s church. The rising talent’s inspiration roots from the King of Pop: Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, The Dream, The Isley Brothers, Luther Vandross and Kanye West. In 2020, Le’Jend and his partner $aad created a studio and entertainment company named Locked In Entertainment.

Locked In Entertainment is currently working on building a second studio, along with a production studio collaboration with Xerox Visuals. Le’Jend just dropped his 5th studio project titled Agape and is also working on his 6th studio project along with more content and collaborations.

Off of Agape, “Junkie” is an R&B driven single radiating sensual vibes, allowing Le’Jend to showcase his vocal and lyrical abilities.

Official cover of “Junkie” single from ‘Agape’

Connect: Instagram | Twitter | Email: lejendbooking@gmail.com

Choir Boi Cartier is the 1st Black Male Nurse to Sing National Anthem at Detroit Pistons Game


Notoriously known as Detroit’s King of R&B, Choir Boi Cartier made history this past week.

This past Thursday, May 6th, the R&B Singer, Songwriter, and nurse, performed at the Little Caesar’s Arena, singing the national anthem at a Detroit Pistons NBA game. (Fun fact: his vocal coach’s grandfather was the 1st black male nurse at Detroit’s Sanai Grace Hospital!)

Choir Boi Cartier’s historic live performance of the National Anthem at the Little Caesar’s Aren in Detroit, MI. | 5-6-2021

Catching the attention of national media and the community’s support, the rising star proudly represented all nurses at the game, as he performed on National Nurses Week. Nurse by day, R&B singer by night.

Just recently, he was listed on Must-Listen-to-Artists of 2021 on Thisis50.com To read more about Choir Boi Cartier, click here for his exclusive interview on Vocal. To support the rising star, follow on Instagram here.

Meet the ‘Street Scholar’ Paparazzi Nino (New Release)

Southern rapper Paparazzi Nino became known as an originator of jugg/finesse/freeband music.
A real street approach that mixed an OG sound with the new millennial vibe, that’s caused the streets to turn up and subsequently raise the crime rate. Always having been around musical influences as a teenager, his sound was first heard by his child hood friend MIKE DA ROCKMAN.

Their breakout single “GTFOH did monster numbers on YouTube, with no major label promotion. Having been featured on dozens of mixtapes “with various artist from Trinadad James, Young Scooter, Future, Young Jeezy, Gucci Mane, Dj Pretty Boy Tank and DJ Murph and more.” He made his official debut with and original body of work titled ‘STREET SCHOLAR‘ which hit all markets 4/20/2021.

Instagram @1paparazzi__Twitter @38cashoutshawdyYouTube @paparazzininoi

Armoney Rose New Release “I Ain’t Gone Lie” (Video)

Armoney Rose, born Quinntez Banks, is a 29-year-old singer/rapper determined to make his mark upon every avenue of the music industry through the release of honest and effective music that genuinely impacts others. From his style to his music, Armoney proudly exhibits his honesty and Muslim foundation while displaying both his growth and hometown influences. The artist showcases this in his single and music video “I Ain’t Gone Lie”. In hopes of making an impact upon people from all backgrounds, Armoney’s sound builds upon the current state of R&B as he brilliantly mixes hip-hop lyricism into his works.

Although Armoney was steadily working on his artistry, his journey came to a halt in 2006 after going to prison for the first time over shooting his father, which soon led him to 13 years in prison and a time period of fast-life choices. Armoney soon found himself facing many troubles due to misdirection and an association with friends in the streets. Moving forward from this lifestyle, Armoney would make one of his greatest transitions as he chose to move away from past doubt, anger, and insecurities by making these issues the focus of his future drive and determination. In 2020, Armoney would go on to connect with A1 Ent.’s CEO Aaron after being introduced by a friend of the label who was facing incarceration at the time. After being released from prison in 2019, Armoney would sign with A1 Entertainment just one year later.

As 2021 reigns on, the release of Armoney’s all-new tracks ​”Chicken Dinner”​ and ​”Swear To God” will find the singer collaborating with popular Detroit producer Helluva again; the duo previously worked together on the track ​”Getting Off​”, which was released when Armoney was still independent. In addition to previously dropping his first full project titled​ Armoney Experience,​ Armoney has also worked with Smerf Beats and has performed as an opening act on stage for artists, such as Twista and Baby Blue. With a new untitled project coming in the next three months, Armoney promises fans will be introduced to fresh tracks and surprising guest appearances.

Social Media:
IG @Armoney_Rose



Heat in the Street: “Would You Mind?” – Ruante x Dre Butterz

Emerging artist Ruante, who was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan grew up in the church and at an early age he developed a passion for music. As a teen he wrote songs and studied the art of making timeless records. Being influenced by Usher, Ne-Yo, Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones. This Detroit native was determined to make authentic and substantial music. Ruante’s sound has a 90s vibe mixed in with today’s bounce and smooth melodies.

Ruante remains devoted to connecting with his listeners and other artists to deliver timeless and inspirational music. After releasing a few songs and receiving such positive feedback, Ruante wanted to perfect his craft the best he can. His most recent song “Would You Mind?” has been buzzing and this is just the start of what is to come. This talented singer/songwriter is simply a refreshing, thought-provoking voice for today’s music and he is definitely one to watch out for.

Instagram: @iam_LaRuante
Email: Ruantemusic@gmail.com

Top 5 Recording Studios in Michigan: Home of Entertainment

Welcoming many talents in music, it is safe to say that Motown inspired the future generation of musicians. From soul to hip hop/rap, rising creatives are proudly putting Detroit and its surrounding neighborhoods on the map. Our experiences with local artists lead us to the realization that the entertainment business is crucial to the success of artists. With this being said, we have put together a list of 5 recording studios in Michigan that have produced some of your favorite songs by both local and mainstream artists.

#1: Royal House Recording

Now, this is a given. Royal House Recording remains as one of the most popular recording studios in the area. Along with its top-of-the-line industry level equipment, it holds much more than the average studio: chef’s kitchen/dining room, gymnasium, basketball court, outdoor space/fire pit, and more.

#2: Parallel Sounds Studio (The A Team)

Another given. On the rise as one of fastest expanding recording studios, Parallel Sounds skyrocketed in the local music scene within the past year. Along with music artists, podcast recording space is available. There is even comfortable lounging and a great atmosphere for those joining in studio sessions. Phil Saponaro aka MixedByPhilip, founder and head engineer, has an even greater vision for the brand. Book now to work with “The A Team.”

#3: Tempermills

Another popular spot to record. All the equipment and quality producers an up and coming creative may need is located at this home for musicians. Positive reviews and quality music earned them a well-deserved spot at #3 on our list. To see for yourself, click and book.

#4: Metro 37

Coming in at number 4, this spot provides all things music and more. Proudly located in Michigan, it is projected that the spot will soon birth some iconic artists in the near future. Coincidently, a featured artist on The Detroit Entrepreneur recorded a fan favorite here.

#5: Rustbelt

Finally, number 5. Their contributions to the music scene speaks for itself. This past year, our affiliates have had great experience at this location, making them one of the recording studios we have received nothing but positive feedback from.

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