Detroit Handball Club Brings Back Detroit’s Handball Roots

I am sure most of you are familiar with this statue. Do you know what he is holding in his left hand? Most of you may not know this, but in the statue’s left hand is a handball. (Totally kidding.) The Detroit Handball Club likes to believe that it is at least. The founders are determined to uncover the roots of handball to the city for good.

Official logo of Detroit Handball Club.

Hey, sports fans! Let’s see if you can guess the correct answer. In 2020, Detroit won the world championship in what sport? If you guessed football, then you are absolutely comedic. The answer? Well, handball! Yes, handball. 

Handball is seen as the underdog of sports in the United States, but locals Micky, Christopher, and Joe Williams are doing something about it. 

We have several facets of the club that each have separate target markets.

We are looking for young adults who are interested in playing the sport recreationally, as well as youth who are interested in trying a new sport. Primarily, though, we are looking for people who want to watch the sport.

Joe Williams, Co-founder

In 2019, they started the Detroit Handball Club in hopes of bringing awareness to the sport and to represent the future of handball in the country. They are hosting the USA Team Handball Championships at the TCF (formerly Cobo Center) in May! 

Be sure to watch “The Team of the Future” video that will answer many questions. (via YouTube @ Detroit Handball Club)

Follow their journey on Instagram, as you do not want to miss out on the road to bringing Detroit’s history in handball back to current society. Be on the look out for future drop-in handball days that is open to the public. Give it a shot, no pun intended.