Say Goodbye to Your Daily Probiotic Pill and Start Enjoying Delicious BRITE Bites

BRITE: Balanced. Real. Integrity. Strength. Energy.

Your hard to swallow, easy to forget, bitter tasting probiotic pill is a thing of the past. 

When owner and founder of BRITE bites, Bri Makaric set out to create a shelf-stable snack that delivered her daily dose of probiotics in a delicious bite, she knew it was going to be difficult. She had no idea where to even begin and building a business from scratch is no easy task. There were moments she wanted to quit, but Bri knew that what she was working on was important.

“I persevered through these challenging moments because I believe people should have access to healthy food that actually tastes delicious.”


In some ways, the journey has been very personal for Bri. She started BRITE bites because she battled with her own digestive issues and nutrient deficiencies. She tried taking probiotic pills every day, but found that they didn’t fit her lifestyle. She wanted something that combined her love of clean, natural foods with the probiotics she needed to sustain a healthy life.

What’s so good about BRITE bites? (Other than everything!)

BRITE bites are packed with gut-healthy probiotics and superfoods to help you get the nutrients you need in a delicious bite. They’re perfect for on-the-go lifestyles or quick office snacks. Just two of these tasty bites hold your daily serving of probiotics AND they’re dairy, gluten, and soy free to cater to a variety of dietary needs.

But Bri’s not done yet. As her company grows throughout Michigan and beyond, they’re setting out to create more functional food products across multiple different categories. We can’t wait to see what she dreams up next!

Are YOU ready to BRITE’N your life?

Shop BRITE bites here and be sure to check out their newest product: DIY Snack bite Kit here. | Follow on Instagram here

This kit includes all the main ingredients, you then add your favorite nut butter, and sweetener.

Miss Me Wit It Radio – Hosted by Minyetta Nelson

Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Minyetta was a creative from birth. She started writing in elementary school, using the creative process as a way to release emotions.

Her powerful words were inducted into the Library of Congress by the fifth grade, and she continued to write throughout middle and high school where she authored pieces in the school paper and the Detroit Free Press.

Then, in 2019, Minyetta established Miss Me Wit It Radio Network (MMWI Network) a radio, media, and television platform for creatives looking for outlets to produce and promote their own ideas. She currently has over 100,000 downloads on Spreaker alone.

On top of being the owner and founder of Find D U Clothing Boutique and MMWI Network, Minyetta is a designer, author, beautician, motivational speaker, on-air personality, producer, director, content creator, tutor, and volunteer.

Major congratulations to her, as she is one of the recipients of our “Entrepreneurial Excellence” awards.

Stay in touch: Instagram |Podcast on Spreaker

As a supporter of The Detroit Entrepreneur, Minyetta happens to also be one of our July sponsors. We are forever grateful.

PGPM Big Bull – “Motherland” [New Music Video]

“Motherland” Roots

PGPM Big Bull makes a come back with his new promo video to “Motherland”, a song also featured on comeback album titled, Foreign Affairs.

Yet to be released on other platforms, PGPM Big Bull’s promo video to “Motherland” is currently exclusively on Instagram TV on his profile below. Click here to be directed to the link.

The visuals incorporated footage of the corruption and revolution taken place in Iraq, Big Bull’s native country.

“Motherland” music video plans to release on other platforms soon.

Foreign Affairs

PGPM Music Group, formerly known as Purpyl Muziq, had a recent revival, which includes artists like Big Bull, Middle EastSide Tmo, and PGPM Fleezy.

Foreign Affairs is set to release in September.

Foreign Affairs official cover art.

The D Spot – Detroit’s Premiere Clothing Store

Welcome to The D Spot.

Wood, owner, pictured with Chief James Craig of the Detroit Police Department

Love for this city runs deep in the blood of its citizens, but quite possibly no one lives and believes in Detroit like Wood, the owner of the clothing apparel store, The D Spot.

The D Spot has been operating out of Detroit since 2012, first selling online and then moving into their new home in 2017, located right on W McNichols. While you’ll find everything from name-brand Lions and Red Wings gear to bodycon dresses and dazzling purses, The D Spot’s graphic tees are their signature style. You can select from an array of pre-printed tees and bodycons or The D Spot will create a custom design to match your new kicks or your family at the next reunion.

Detroit, Period.

The original tees they make in house ooze Wood’s enthusiasm for representing your city and supporting locally owned businesses. The D Spot leans into its Detroit roots with favored slogans like ‘Team 313’ and ‘Rep Yo City’, but to me, their chief slogan ‘Detroit Period’ says it all.

As large chain stores and heavy gentrification moves into Detroit the importance of supporting local black-owned businesses in the city like The D Spot cannot be stated enough. With an incredibly friendly staff passionate about the local community, The D Spot is a must on your next apparel shopping trip!

Wood also states that he turned his life around, and his business has a testimony. “I used to sell weed. I was heavy in the game,” Wood shares. “The D Spot is my legit hustle. I am blessed to be here. I went from trees to tees.”

Support The D Spot here!

‘Visionary’- Clothing for the Culture

Visionary Culture Clothing LLC is truly what dreams are made of. 

Detroit-Based, Urban Clothing Company Serves as Fuel for Creators, Visionaries, and Goal Seekers.

Visionary Culture Clothing offers a wide variety of clothings for all.

The Story

Creative entrepreneur Lavanche Bethay set out in 2018 with a purpose of channelling the pain from the recent loss of her mother into a productive and creative outlet. Visionary Clothing wanted not only to make something that they loved and believed in but something that would speak to and inspire everyone else who had a vision and a goal for their future. In doing so, they’ve been able to launch and grow the brand while simultaneously studying video production and photography.

This line doesn’t stop at clothing alone. Instead, it aims to create an inclusive culture where people, no matter their goal or passion, can come together and be inspired to always believe in themselves and their vision. 

Kierra Luv wearing Visionary Culture Clothing

Worn and featured on social media by fellow entrepreneurs and visionaries across the U.S., this brand’s August release has been well anticipated. The future and vision of this brand knows no bounds. 

Follow Visionary Culture Clothing on Instagram here | Stay in touch!

It’s Going to Be Mayes (Marketing Agency) – CEO Derrick Mayes Presents Top Marketing Essentials

Marketing essentials.

Are you ready to take your business and career to the next level? Mayes Marketing Agency sure is.

Mayes Marketing Agency, LLC was founded in August of 2019.

Providing marketing services for small businesses and entertainment, Mayes Marketing Agency strives to take clients to the next level. The focus and drive of Derrick Mayes, The Founder/CEO, is what The Detroit Entrepreneur recognizes.

Meet Derrick Mayes Jr.

Currently residing in Chicago, Derrick is from Detroit, which explains his well-respected hustle. Along with Mayes Marketing Agency, he plans on opening a second business: Official D Mayes.

Marketing is key to the success of any business, therefore, Derrick presents the best marketing essentials through his business. For those that may be new to the marketing world, examples of these tools are: press releases, promotion, outreach, and more.

Before Derrick entered the business world, he played football for ten years. After he stopped playing due to a health condition, he spent time to think about his purpose. It just so happened to be marketing.

“I hope to achieve great success not only for myself but also for the city of Detroit, I plan to open multiple charities that cover all demographics and all walks of life. With me being so versatile I want to implement that into everything that I do.”

Derrick explaining his purpose.

A Billionaire Mentality.

A true entrepreneur has their foot in every door possible. This is a billionaire mentality. Complimenting his business ventures, Derrick is heavily involved in entertainment. He recently joined Billionaire Minds Build Brands, a Chicago-based record label. Derrick has taken his music media skills to MNTC Radio, an iHeartRadio radio station, as a music director for “Power Hour” that is dedicated to up and coming artists. (We love the support.)

Currently a junior at Northern Illinois University, he will soon graduate with a double major in Business Management and Marketing. He builds himself as he builds others. This is exactly what The Detroit Entrepreneur believes in. Building one another.

True leaders create more leaders, and Derrick continues to do just that.

Stay in touch on social media (Click to open) Instagram | Website

Malik Devonte: Detroit’s Award Winning Young Entrepreneur (You’ll be impressed.)

Introducing Malik De’Vonte.

This entrepreneur has defied all odds. From making history to overcoming a tumor, nothing is impossible for this young man. His name is Malik Singleton, also known as Malik De’Vonte. At 20 years old, Malik has accomplished much more than his peers could ever dream of, and he’s just getting started. He wrote to us a couple weeks ago, and I was stunned by his story. In this article, I will share a glimpse of Malik’s journey, as he enters his 20s with high hopes. [He just recently won an “Entrepreneurial Excellence” award from us!]

“Keep your head up- don’t let your crown slip. You have so much purpose to fulfill, so please don’t let this ghetto earth get caught up in that..” 

Malik on tips for success and motivation.
Malik is a Detroit native.

How he is making history.

With a drive like no other, it’s only natural to wonder where he got his motivation from. “Growing up with ADHD, I was already counted out,” he shares. “I had to find strength to count myself in, and allow God to speak for me.” Although born in Detroit, Malik currently resides in St. Louis, as he attends Harris-Stowe State University. He is also HBCU King at the HBCU he attends.  “I was Mister Sophomore, now Mister Junior, and I’m next to be Mister Harris-Stowe State University,” Malik announced.

Malik From State Farm.

In current news, Malik just became the youngest State Farm insurance agent at his branch at 20 years old! (See edit below.) I suggest we make this accomplishment known. Actually, “Malik From State Farm” has a nice ring to it. Considering he’s an award winning radio host, I believe he would make a great media brand ambassador, don’t you? Let’s make “Malik From State Farm” happen!

*Edit: Interview was conducted before an 18 year old was recently hired at State Farm, but this still doesn’t change a thing for Malik. He is well equipped to be an ambassador!

Media Personality and More.

I asked Malik to list his accomplishments, awards, and titles. Brace yourselves for this.

“In 2018, I won my first Radio Show Award, while I was a senior at Detroit School of Arts (THEE only performing arts high school and high school of Aaliyah.) I won the award for 2nd place Best on Air personality and team. We were 2 black males hosting the only male mentoring talk show in the state ( M.O.M.E.N.T.U.M) which stands for moving our males towards upward mobility.

I became a Cintophia Film Festival finalist for producing Grammy award winner David Byrne’s Music Video for “Everybody is Coming to My House”. In 2019, I was also honored with The Pillar of the Community Award by my university and the Spirit of Detroit award for my work in the community. I am honored to hold titles as Mister Detroit School of Arts and to serve on my University Royal Court as Mister Sophomore and Junior.”

Spirit of Detroit.

As a Spirit of Detroit award recipient, Malik has been recognized for his philanthropy work in the city. In addition, he has worked with the Mayor of Detroit and David Bryne. His media personality skills have given him the opportunity to interview stars like Big Sean, Kash Doll, and Jack White.

His greatest spirit, however, is the positive one he possesses himself. In May, Malik just beat a blood vessel tumor. Despite the obstacles, he managed to finish with a strong 3.2 GPA.

“I would love to empower people, guide them through facing adversity, and win at the end.”

Malik on motivation.

I invited him to list anybody he would like to thank. If you are listed below, this is a warm thank you from Malik.

I would like to thank:

My parents, Valerie, Andre and Australia. My Siblings and family, because with out them I would be nothing. My bonus parents: Auntie and Uncles. My friends who show me what love is. The Detroit School of Arts for being my family and believing in me, especially Beverly Morrison Greene. Thanks to Renee Fluker and the rest of my Midnight Golf mentors. I’m thankful for my bosses: Veronica Todd, Bobby Branch and Leonard Crosby.

Last but not but least, thank you to my HBCU Thee illustrious Harris-Stowe State University! For helping me birth more of my purpose.

Contact Malik below:

Twitter and Instagram @Dev0nte_

State Farm email: 

Influencer Olivia Marcarelli Challenges You to the ‘Slim Thic Challenge’ [Interview]

Meet Olivia.

Originally from the east coast, Olivia Marcarelli has emerged into a fitness and health influencer, and her newest achievement has reached a worldwide audience. If you haven’t heard of her ‘Slim Thic Challenge’, get hip to the next best thing in fitness. Click here to see her plans.

Based in Novi, Michigan, Olivia comes from a big Puerto Rican – Italian family. She has an identical twin.

Olivia works hard to maintain her slim-thick figure, and supporters can’t help but to know how she does it. This is where the ‘Slim Thic Challenge’ started.

“When I started my YouTube channel and started posting about my workouts and sharing my journey, I started to get an influx of comments, questions, and messages about my process. So many girls wanted to know how I transformed my body and got this “slim thick” look that’s so in right now.” 

Olivia provides a full routine and favorite workouts. Mainly a lower body program that focuses on glutes, a full workout split is also provided. Her techniques and tips reflect what works to achieve the slim-thick figure. Results will vary person to person.

Our Feedback

What I myself noticed is how Olivia doesn’t encourage/expect women to have the goal of looking just like her. (Bodies come in all different shapes and sizes!) What the audience should understand is that the goal of the ‘Slim Thic Challenge’ is to guide others through the journey Olivia is taking as well. The results will differ, but it is a great feeling to know that an influencer is spending her time and focus on supporting and guiding those that were brave enough to take on the challenge.

“Your goal should never be to look like someone else, your goal should be to look like the best version of you.” 


Stay in touch on social media (click to open) : Instagram | TikTok | YouTube

Vegan Love is in the Air: ‘Whiff N Sniff’ Candles by Brittani Brisker

More than a scent.

Officially launched in 2019, by Brittani Brisker, Whiff N Sniff is a hot new vegan candle company birthed right out of Detroit. They smell amazing, and they are absolutely natural. This is what makes Whiff N Sniff unique. The vegan candles are more than just scents.

Its founder, Brittani, has been candle making for years, but her entrepreneurial spirit inspired her to create a business out of her hobby.

Photos from website. Her products are placed in front of Downtown Detroit scenery.

She suffered from migraines, and aromatherapy candles were one of the few treatments to give her a sense of relief. However, the ingredients of the big boxed branded candles she was buying consisted of lots animal by-products & toxins. (Yuck!) From there, she began to research a cleaner, and more effective way to make to even better candles. She found her niche & has been unstoppable with her candle making.  

An educated entrepreneur.

As a proud Detroiter, this fierce diva is all about putting her city on the map, and she is doing just that. She is a Detroit native, born and raised.

After graduating from Renaissance, a “Blue Ribbon School” and one of the top high schools, she studied at Wayne State University. She eventually graduated from Davenport University with a major in Business Management. (How fitting!) Her college education played a major part in her business success, but it is the natural born leader in her that fueled the flame, no pun intended.

Fun fact: She is the Editor-in-Chief of The Detroit Entrepreneur!

What’s special about the candles? Why vegan?

Whiff N Sniff now offers subscriptions! Check out their website at the bottom.

They are handmade to order, from the best grades of soy wax available, paired with cotton wicks. When you light one of their candles, you can be rest assured knowing that you aren’t inhaling any other wax like paraffin or beeswax, no animal by products, toxins, or carcinogens. (Again, yuck!) Their candles are your pockets & your heath. 

Order anywhere in the world & get free shipping. 

Any day of the week

Anywhere in the world

Any order amount

and still get free shipping.

Who else offers that service, along with top notch quality product? No one. Whiff N Sniff stands alone, and they’re okay with it. Standing alone is exactly what entrepreneurship is all about.

Shop here. Follow Whiff N Sniff on Instagram here. Follow Brittani here.

Jamar Marreign Unifies Hip-Hop and RnB Culture in an Unprecedented Way – #NNSFD 7/26

Amid Detroit’s 42 Dugg lyrical dilemma, a formerly known Tez Honcho beats the stigma returning yet again with another Nights of No Sleep but Full of Dreams, a HipHop Vs. R&B Edition.

Find all the info for tonight’s show at the bottom of the article.

“Tez has created an ambiance that doesn’t exist anywhere else.”


Tonight, be ready for #NNSFD. But first, let’s introduce the presenter of the show. He has contributed to the community, especially in entertainment. Although he has placed many names on the spotlight, the spotlight is now on him. Read below to meet Jamar Marreign, also known as Tez, or scroll for #NNSFD details.

Who is Jamar Marreign?

More likely than not, you have yet to hear of the rising iconic Detroit native that goes by the name Jamar Marreign and it is by no mistake.

Since 2016, Jamar as a photographer, radio host, music artist, and most known as an event/showcase host, was better known as “Tez Honcho TheHeadHoncho”.

As Tez, Jamar was not only known to present showcases solely on his own but also known for collaborating with bigger names, such as DJBJ 3525 and Crowdfreak, bringing even more opportunities to his many loyal creative influences.  

It wasn’t until recently that Jamar decided on the difficult decision to change his name as he did for the sake of being true to himself, his brand, and his same-sex partner. 

In an even more recent interview with a NoCityLimit313 member. Jamar explained that living with this burden over his head his whole life, he found it important for him to be able to finally control the narrative, something he wasn’t able to do being bullied as a child. “Being in this industry, it is hard for me because to me, being gay meant giving up music, and that is my passion,” he confesses.

When asked how life has been since he has become open about his sexuality, he explained to us that there is some good, and there is some bad.

You will never have that peace of mind, freedom, and you will never fully be you until you get over that hurdle. You know you’re broken, and you’ve learned that success is outside your comfort zone, step outside the box.


Even now as more Detroit creative supporters back his decision, Jamar feels he is in a confusing moment in time for his career, almost as if he’s starting from the beginning. Other than that, he loves being in public, transparent, and unapologetically in love with his partner to his side at all times. 

Kudos to you Jamar Marreign. Click here to find out more about him.

In the meantime, be ready for tonight’s show.

“Tez has created an ambiance that doesn’t exist anywhere else.”

Koron, performer


Nights of No Sleep but Full of Dreams – Hip Hop vs. R&B edition 

Performances by @imrocky.badd @itsnicklavelle1

 Hosted by @breonnabtv @singtyrose @j.bay_ Sounds by @rjlamont and @detroitsdjynot

Where: 12527 Woodward Ave highland park Michigan 48203📍

Time: 8pm to 12am ⌚

Jamar has setup precautions to prevent the spread of COVID -19: 

• “Bring your Mask” 

•Inside/Outdoor spacious event

•Hand Sanitizer at the door

Get a feel for tonight’s show below.

Need a Post-Quarantine Glow-Up? Visit Glow Beauty Bar.

You Glow, girl!

Whether it’s a facial, eyebrows, body waxing, eyelash extensions, skin care products, a lash lift and tint, or a spa party, Glow Beauty Bar prides themselves on using quality products and providing an atmosphere where women from many different backgrounds can come to relax and have a peace of mind.

The story.

Glow Beauty Bar started a few years ago out of a 1 bedroom apartment, then quickly grew to a Clinton Township storefront with all licensed professionals!

The founder, Shelby, says she, “would like to inspire other women…no matter their age to go after what they see fit for their lives.”

Glow Beauty Bar hopes to expand to offering manicures, pedicures, make-up, and mentoring other beauty professionals. This is a salon you will not want to miss after quarantine.

After months without the little self-care things that kept us glowing, where else should one get their “glow up” at?

As an entrepreneur, Shelby has quite a story on her come up in the beauty industry, especially opening her dream spa.

 “It’s never too late.  If I can do it, so can you.”

Shelby, Founder of Glow Beauty Bar

Social Media Handles 


Instagram: glowbeautybar._


Meet Rockim – Award Winning Music Artist [He’s the real deal]

Hip Hop is not dead.

From university talent shows to Coast2Coast Live, Michigan’s Rockim is taking home trophies, while reminding hip hop fans that real hip hop is not dead. Read his Medium article here that shares his story.

With several performances coming up, he seems to always win the audience over first. Coincidently, I was at a talent show Rockim performed at, and I was blown away at the performance and how the audience reacted to his song “Confidence” and the unmatched (clean) lyricism the artist is skilled with.

In an era where hip hop/rap music consists of all things negative for the soul and damaging to society, Rockim’s music is good for the soul and brings people together. But before he labels himself an artist, he is a college graduate, advocate for the community, and a child of God.

His most recent accomplishment is his feature on Dave East’s East Side Raps, a mixtape dedicated to the “hidden gems” of hip hop/rap music. “Accessory Freestyle” is on the series’ Volume 6. Click below to stream.

“Accessory Freestyle” is #44 on the list.

Recognized by, also known as The Biggest Blogger in the World, “Accessory Freestyle” is one of Rockim’s newest hits. Click here to read his feature on ItsBitKit.

To stay connected with Rockim, follow his Instagram here or browse through his website here. No matter what, he is worth paying attention to. He might just have some surprises up his sleeve.

ForHer Cosmetics – the Beauty and Brains Behind the Brand: Alyssa Space

Written by EIC: Brittani Brisker

Meet Alyssa Space.

Beauty & Brains. What tagline has been more semantically satiated than that?! Very few. However, that tagline just isn’t enough to sum up all that Miss Alyssa Space, Founder/CEO of ForHer Cosmetics, is. She is a modern day visionary. Her attraction & obsession to the beauty world developed as a little girl, and she has stayed attended to solely that, graduating from Michigan State University with a Bachelors in Chemistry. How cool is that?!

It’s safe to say she knows her stuff, literally. Chemistry in Cosmetics is how she often defines her expertise. Setting herself apart from her competition has been a breeze, as few of her competitors have been equipped with the scholastic preparation that this melanin queen has. She has been grooming herself for an accomplished beauty career for decades, and things are taking off just as she envisioned, but she’s just getting started.

ForHer Cosmetics is a vegan, cruelty free, natural cosmetic line that has been so successful that she’s even managed to develop a spin off brand of ForHer lashes. It’s safe to say she has this beauty game on lock. Her company offers an array of products, including: lip sticks, glosses, body shimmers, eyeshadows, and of course, lashes. I was most impressed by was the range of colors & shades offered. There is something for every woman, regardless of your skin tone or shade.

In addition to all that she does with her company, would you believe that she has had the time to start a nonprofit organization? Somehow, someway. Alyssa is heavily invested in the uplift of the Detroit community & its future in the most significant way possible…its youth. She has developed a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) program which helps to spark, maintain, and strengthen the interest of these career fields for young women. The STEM program encourages exploration through creation & connections, according to its founder. I managed to speak with Alyssa regarding her inspiration behind beginning this program, and she humbly expressed wanting to help eliminate the disproportionate gap of careers of women in chemistry, and certain male dominated industries. Her STEM initiative is certainly bridging that gap.

All women struggle with physicality insecurities, big, small, short, and tall. It’s enlightening, empowering, and endearing to have a woman create an entire brand designed just for us to make us feel good about ourselves. How thoughtful? Her brand is helping women to see their inner beauty & while projecting their outer beauty. This is something that all women need to stand behind! Her brand is the wakeup call that we are all beautiful.

Going forward, use that Beauty & Brains tagline sparingly, and it apply it when truly earned. With that being said, it’s safe to utilizing it when speaking of Miss Alyssa Space, as she is that, and a whole lot more, however, Chemistry in Cosmetics is more precise. One should remember that she has been specifically trained & perfectly tailored to be a beauty trailblazer. Support her brand & all her incredible initiatives by visiting & IG: @ForHerCosmetics. Products are sold online at, as well as at their Flagship location in Downtown Detroit.

Visit her storefront at:

5203 Loraine St.

Detroit, Michigan 48208

Open 9am-9pm

By: Editor in Chief / Brittani Brisker: Follow my business Whiff n Sniff on Instagram here or shop my homemade vegan candles here!

Bucky Rogerz- “The Definition of an Entrepreneur”

Bucky Rogerz, one of our recipients of the Entrepreneurial Excellence awards, gave a lesson on what an entrepreneur really is. In other words, he describes the definition of an entrepreneur. We feel that an Instagram post did not do justice, and we wanted to share Bucky Rogerz’ words on entrepreneurship on a our platform.

We throw the term “entrepreneur” around quite a lot! I’m an entrepreneur. I’m an entrepreneur. BUT what does it truly mean to be an entrepreneur?!! There’s definitely an association with the concept of being an entrepreneur and being a startup. If you think about it, most household brand names they were all founded and started by someone who started out as an entrepreneur.

So, what is an entrepreneur? An entrepreneur is someone who identifies a need that no existing businesses address and determines a solution for that need. An entrepreneur who regularly launches new businesses, sells them and then starts new businesses is a serial entrepreneur. Examples of household business men who exemplify entrepreneurial success are; Elon Musk, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.”

He is quite a personality, and although he is a businessman, he is also a music artist.

Stay in touch with Bucky, as he will be a familiar face of The Detroit Entrepreneur! Follow him on Instagram here. Also, a major congratulations to his Entrepreneurial Excellence award acceptance.