Why do people choose to do bad things? Is there really an evil entity constantly trying to get us to do wrong? And if so, what is the entity that is trying to convince us to do what’s right? So many great questions, and we are ready to talk about them. Like a rose that has sprung up from the concrete, rap artist DIMI D has overcome many odds in his own life and has fought his way through the trials and temptations that have tried to take him out. Sometimes things happen in our lives that are out of our control, and the only thing we can do is try our best to move past them. Sadly, in many cases, the hardships that people face in this life have a hardening effect on the way they view the world and those living in it. We often times spiral in a downward direction due to the hardships in our life because hardships often leave a negative impact on the way we think and the way we feel. DIMI D has encountered many experiences throughout his life that could have killed him in the blink of an eye. He understands the mindset of living life on a path to self destruction. The pain in DIMI D’s life caused him to become a rebel who wanted nothing more to live life on his own terms without any rules or regulations from those in a position of higher authority. Sadly, being a rebel has a way of disconnecting us from both God and the people God has sent to be helpful to us in our lives. 

DIMI D is a name we have seen in headlines a lot in the past year. His gift in music and passion for God continues to make room for him in the music world. And just like DIMI D, we all have questions pertaining to our existence. What is life? Why I am I here? Is there life after death? Why do bad things happen to good people? Does God really exist? These are some of the most prominent questions being talked about in our world today, and if we’re not careful, we might find ourselves listening to the wrong people telling us the wrong answers. The truth is, people all over the world are in great distress and they are looking for answers that can help ease their troubled minds. 

The Project “Rebel Turned Angel” is based on the true story of how DIMI D went from being a very lost and troubled youth to becoming a much more productive individual whose mind and heart began to heal as he shifted his focus to follow God instead of the ways of this world. The record is filled with relatable stories and life lessons that are geared towards helping others understand that they are not alone. DIMI D wanted to unveil his personal hardships in lyrical format so that someone might be able to hear his story and find hope for their own life situations.

“Rebel Turned Angel” has a Boom Bap east coast style that is smothered with a West Coast vibe. As you listen to the project through your headphones, you will quickly see that everything DIMI D had to go through was a stepping stone to increase his faith and to draw him closer to the God who called him out of darkness into His marvelous Light. DIMI D credits every good thing in his life to the God who bled and died for his sins and for ours. Just like everyone else, the rapper had choices he had to make along his journey. It was up to him to decide whether or not he was going to allow the bad things that happened dictate the direction he was going to travel throughout the rest of his life. Unfortunately, DIMI D chose the wrong path for many years and ended up paying a hard price for his decisions. However, when he finally came to himself and realized that he needed to give his life and all the issues in it over to God, he was finally able to begin picking up the pieces and allowing God to heal the pain he endured as a young boy growing up on the streets of California.  

What is life? “Life is a God given gift that each of us have been blessed to experience.” Why are we here? “We are here to learn the truth, and by learning that truth we can be set free and forgiven of our wrong doings. Then, we can allow God to use our lives so that He can reach others with the same truth that has the power to save them as forgive their wrong doings as well.” Is there life after death? “Yes! Absolutely. There is life after death, and God refers to it as eternity, a life that is without end. However, the issue is that there are only two destinations we can go to after we die. We can either put our faith and trust in the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ which gives us the right to be forgiven of all of our sins, or we can choose to forfeit our opportunity to be saved and spend eternity in the Lake of Fire with the Devil and his angels. It is completely up to us and we have the power to make our and utterly our choice to choose which end we want to inherit.” Why do bad things happen to good people? “Simple. We live in a broken world that is full of sin and people that are disobedient to God’s will. Since sin is a destructive demonic nature, there isn’t really a way to find eternal hope, peace, or protection outside of the covering of God Almighty.” Why do people choose to do bad things? “Well, the reason people choose to do bad things is because sin lives in the members of their body. This causes people to lean towards disobedience to God, which ultimately causes consequences that can cause us to experience extreme hardships and various types of physical and emotional pain. This is why God wants us to trust and obey Him, so that we can avoid many hardships and learn to thrive in both this life and throughout eternity.” Is there really an evil entity that is constantly trying to get us to do wrong? “Yes, the Bible calls that entity Satan. God says that Satan roams around like a roaring Lion seeking whom he may devour. Satan cannot devour us unless we choose to let him. The problem is people are constantly making decisions, that by default, give Satan legal grounds to harass them and wreak havoc in their lives.” What is the entity that is trying to convince us to do what’s right? “God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son, and the Holy Spirit of the living God. The Holy Trinity. These 3 persons who exist as the Godhead that make up the fulness of who God actually is. When we feel the nudge or we feel the thoughts to do what is right, that’s God’s voice speaking to us. The more we choose to trust and obey God’s word, the more His favor and grace will shine in and through our lives for the whole world to see. This heavenly light inside of us will produce good deeds that are done on the outside through out behaviors and choices, which then cause people to see those good deeds and give thanks to the one true God for His goodness and mercy. Amen!”

Make sure you guys check out “REBEL TURNED ANGEL” and be sure to follow DIMI D on his Social Media below!

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Amer Bally & Troy Mayor Ethan Baker Cut the Ribbon to the New Bally Team Location 

A lavender ribbon to be exact.

The Detroit Entrepreneur selected Amer Bally as a recipient of the 30 Under 30 in 2020, knowing fully what the dedicated individual was capable of. Today, he hosted the grand opening of The Bally Team powered by UMortgage in Troy, MI. 

We had the pleasure of attending the event, and it was full of supporters. We were happily a part of the crowd. 

Side by side with the Mayor of Troy, Ethan Baker, they cut the ribbon with the iconic giant grand opening scissors, officially announcing the new office. 

“My team is the best team in America,” Bally announced.

Amer Bally speaks to crowd at the grand opening event.

Always giving back to the community, Bally generously donated $25 per attendee to Gleaner’s Food Bank. 

Currently the #1 mortgage broker / loan officer in the State of Michigan, his drive and integrity is leading him towards #1 in the country. 

Ethan Baker, Mayor of the city of Troy, MI, reads and hands Amer Bally an honorable plaque.


It’s always nice to have good music you can vibe with. But it’s even better when you find great music you can vibe with! Wouldn’t you agree?

Introducing DIMI D, an upcoming CHH Artist based in the heart of Fontana, CA. Ever since DIMI D was a young boy, his heart was always filled with a love for music. Everywhere he went, he would always sing the lyrics to his favorite songs. Once the young rapper reached the age of middle school, he developed a passion for free styling. This was the chapter in his life when he realized music was the path he wanted to pursue.

Although DIMI D had a passion for music, he struggled with the thought of people looking down on him for being a Christian Rapper. He didn’t want people to think that his music was weak just because it reflected his faith in the God. Unfortunately, most Christian content over the years has caught a bad wrap. This is primarily do to the fact that Christians haven’t really had a strong budget to work with. However, a lot has changed over the years, and now Christians are investing thousands and even millions into entertainment projects. PSYCHO is simply one of those songs that proves you can still go hard as a Christian without using any profanity or forms of vulgar language.

We decided to reach out to DIMI D and asked him why he chose to do music? This was his response: “I do music for the people who feel like they don’t belong. I also do it for the people who love West Coast music and R&B. I want my music to relate to people who might have a similar story as me. If my music can relate to someone else’s life, than i’ve reached my goal. If it doesn’t, then I guess my songs will simply be normal tracks like everyone else.”

DIMI D was introduced to God when he was just a little boy. The concept of God and the truth of the Bible always seemed to just make sense to him. However, there were many times along the way when his adversary the Devil tried to attack him in hopes of destroying his life. But praise to be God the Devils plans never succeeded! DIMI D wants the world to know that he is grateful to God for saving his life and blessing him with a family that truly cares about his walk with the Lord. Music and Jesus mean so much to him. As a matter of fact, the rising rap artist emphatically credits his musical abilities to the Lord Jesus Christ. “Without God, I would not be able to make music that has a positive impact on people’s lives.”

So, what it the song PSYCHO actually about? The rapper told us that: “My song PSYCHO speaks to the idea that once I step into the booth and approach the mic, I spit the craziest lyrics and hottest bars I can come up with. So in that sense, you can kind of say that my music is somewhat Psychotic in that way. I really enjoyed producing the music to this song. It kinda has a scary vibe to it, but the other elements I mixed in really makes the track go hard.”

Make sure you guys check out PSYCHO and be sure to follow DIMI D on his Social Media below!

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Most people who vibe with the CHH music genre know that it is very uncommon for Christian Rap Artists to land movie placements. And the artists who have landed movie placements, are most always signed to record deals with semi to well-known recording labels. But, every now and then the world gets to witness a few rare individuals who rise up from the ashes, miraculously beat the odds, and blaze a trail of eye capturing victory right in front of the people who hoped they wouldn’t succeed. Well, today we are beyond excited to talk about two extraordinary individuals that fall directly into that category.

Many of you may already know this particular powerhouse. It is no secret that his career has been a pretty inspiring phenomenon within the CHH industry for nearly a decade. Shockingly, even major secular music execs have complimented his work and praised his astounding achievements. Dominic Bonsignore, more commonly known as the rap artist “Harmini”, is a professional independent rap artist, songwriter, actor, model, and film producer. His humility, hard work, dedication, and faith have not only caused him to acquire top tier skills as an international recording artist, but have also made him an extremely high profile contact within the music business. Out of all the numbers in your phone that get deleted, if you are fortunate enough to have Harmini’s, guard it with your life!

As fate would have it, living on the other side of the United States of America another dynamic gem piece in the music industry was discovered. His talent was often overlooked and discredited by the people around him, especially to the well known artists within the CHH music genre. That is, until he met Harmini. We would like to introduce to you a rising voice in the CHH music community who goes by the name “P.O.G. The MC For Christ”. At the time Harmini connected with this humble, gifted, God loving Buffalo, NY rapper, P.O.G. was weary and struggling to keep hope alive. Which is understandable when your constantly overlooked by the same people who yell “Lets unify! We support you! Lets unify! We support you!” at their shows, but then completely neglect you as soon as they walk off stage. Sadly, most of the prominent names you know in CHH are just that – a two-faced show. But Harmini took the time to both encourage and call out the gifts inside of “P.O.G. The MC For Christ”. And when the opportunity came up for Harmini to write another movie track, he teamed up with the Buffalo artist and they co-wrote an amazing single titled “BAD FOLKS.

So, what is the synopsis of this feature film titled “BAD FOLKS”? And how does the song “BAD FOLKS” tie into the movie? Well, the film is a murder mystery by MGI films and the story takes place inside of a city bar room. There are a total of eight people in this bar. All of which are considered to be “Bad Folk”. One of the individuals at the bar managed to commit a murder without being seen. Now, none of them are able to leave until the real killer is uncovered and the murder mystery is solved. Everyone inside the bar is a suspect, and none of them want to fess up to the killing. The song “BAD FOLKS” ties in very well, and quite honestly in our opinion, is really genius. The song has an intriguing intro that sets up the mood for the record. Harmini starts off the song by saying: “8 Bad Folk. 1 bar. 1 murder. Everyone’s a suspect”. Then the chorus drops addressing the topic of prayer, as a form of direction and encouragement to the innocent who are being interrogated as suspects. The song is also clearly addressing all people everywhere all around the world who have fallen on hard times.

Chorus lyrics: “PRAY! When you feel alone and nobody understands what you’re going through PRAY! When the walls close in and you got nowhere to go, boy you know you better PRAY! When the world starts trippin and nobody seems to listen that’s when you gotta PRAY! You gotta PRAY! You gotta PRAY!”. This was actually a very clever approach, especially since the song doesn’t feel “preachy” at all, even though in a lot of ways – it’s PREACHING! The song highlights the life of godless people in society, classifying them within the category of being “Bad Folk”. These are the people in society who choose to live in a way that both violates (and breaks) the law, puts the lives of innocent people in harms way, and causes drama and discord within our communities. The entire song, although wrapped in the story of a murder mystery, is clearly teaching people to “seek God” and “Pray” when life gets hard. And it also highlights the fact that living life as a rebel isn’t the way to go, even though the culture continues to teach society that it is. So yeah, like we said, pure Genius! Harmini and P.O.G The MC for Christ definitely “murdered” that track!

The song was well received by the public, and has went on to encourage tens of thousands of people who absolutely love the dynamics of the newly released single and the positive message that it delivers. The ONLY negative review we could find searching the web, came from one group of individuals on the Guerilla Cross “SPEAK LIFE” Radio Show. Which is ironic, because their very name suggests that they would be first in line to “Speak Life” over the record. Go figure. Nevertheless, their opinion crashed and burned as the “BAD FOLKS” movie track was praised by the masses and went on to produce over 80,000 streams in the first nine months of it’s release. WOW!!

Follow HARMINI and P.O.G The MC For Christ on social media below!

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Instagram: @Pogmcforchrist1

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How Luke Hyde is Opening Doors with Drive Digital Advertising

Building Companies, Brands, and People.

At just 19, Luke Hyde started Drive Digital Advertising that guides companies, brands, and entrepreneurs through the world of digital ads and more. Currently, the internet has never been more useful. With many employees and workers now working from home, the “remote” life is becoming familiar for people in all fields. (Side note: The Detroit Entrepreneur launched at the peak of quarantine this April!)

Photo courtesy of Luke.

Why not start an online business?

Everything is online now. Malls are going out of business. Stores are going bankrupt. Do not be surprised if a majority of businesses operate online-only in the future.

Luke’s services range from advertising to online marketing tools and strategies. The greatest value, however, is getting professional guidance from a successful online business that has already been through the process.

Drive Digital Advertising was founded in October of 2019. Through trial and error and skillful strategies, Drive Digital Advertising hit $10k in monthly revenue just recently. Luke’s motto?

Luke is a graduate of Lakeview High School.

I used to be a janitor and to pass the time I would listen to podcasts. Eventually, I found some about online marketing, and it really sparked my interest. After diving deep into it, I found out that there were individuals who were willing to pay for my services. I also found out that there were other young people doing similar things, so I thought, ‘Hey, if they can do it, I can too!’ Now that I have been successful, I want to inspire others with my story and show them how they can do it too.

Luke Hyde, founder of Drive Digital Advertising

Read his testimonials here.

Two demographics Drive Digital Advertising is currently focusing on are individuals seeking to shift to online businesses AND those that need assistance in the online business world.

Luke’s clients vary from lawyers, businesses, stores, politicians, and more. He is open and welcome to serving you as well.

Click here to browse through the Drive Digital Advertising website.

Email: luke@drivedigitalads.com

It’s Going to Be Mayes (Marketing Agency) – CEO Derrick Mayes Presents Top Marketing Essentials

Marketing essentials.

Are you ready to take your business and career to the next level? Mayes Marketing Agency sure is.

Mayes Marketing Agency, LLC was founded in August of 2019.

Providing marketing services for small businesses and entertainment, Mayes Marketing Agency strives to take clients to the next level. The focus and drive of Derrick Mayes, The Founder/CEO, is what The Detroit Entrepreneur recognizes.

Meet Derrick Mayes Jr.

Currently residing in Chicago, Derrick is from Detroit, which explains his well-respected hustle. Along with Mayes Marketing Agency, he plans on opening a second business: Official D Mayes.

Marketing is key to the success of any business, therefore, Derrick presents the best marketing essentials through his business. For those that may be new to the marketing world, examples of these tools are: press releases, promotion, outreach, and more.

Before Derrick entered the business world, he played football for ten years. After he stopped playing due to a health condition, he spent time to think about his purpose. It just so happened to be marketing.

“I hope to achieve great success not only for myself but also for the city of Detroit, I plan to open multiple charities that cover all demographics and all walks of life. With me being so versatile I want to implement that into everything that I do.”

Derrick explaining his purpose.

A Billionaire Mentality.

A true entrepreneur has their foot in every door possible. This is a billionaire mentality. Complimenting his business ventures, Derrick is heavily involved in entertainment. He recently joined Billionaire Minds Build Brands, a Chicago-based record label. Derrick has taken his music media skills to MNTC Radio, an iHeartRadio radio station, as a music director for “Power Hour” that is dedicated to up and coming artists. (We love the support.)

Currently a junior at Northern Illinois University, he will soon graduate with a double major in Business Management and Marketing. He builds himself as he builds others. This is exactly what The Detroit Entrepreneur believes in. Building one another.

True leaders create more leaders, and Derrick continues to do just that.

Stay in touch on social media (Click to open) Instagram | Website

5 Tips for Future Young Entrepreneurs from Anthony Danno and Nicholas Shammo

Tips for Aspiring Entrepreneurs: Anthony Danno and Nicholas Shammo Share Their Lessons Learned

‘The Different Brand’

At just 17 and 16 years old, Anthony Danno and Nicholas Shammo teamed up to present The Different Brand, a clothing line with an encouraging message to aspire to be different.

There are many aspiring young entrepreneurs, but unfortunately, there is minimal guidance catered to the youth. Aside from influencers like GaryVee, the youth in business turn to social media, or sources on the internet for guidance. This article is one of them. Here are 5 tips presented by young-trepreneurs of ‘The Different Brand’.

Tip #1: Take the Risk

“Never be afraid to follow something that you put your mind to. Always try your hardest to succeed.”

This is true. As a young entrepreneur, you can afford to make mistakes. Take the risk. You have many years ahead of you to rebuild in case that it falls through. It may just work out! In the event that your idea brings you success at such a young age, the sky is the limit. (It always is.)

Tip #2: Put in the Hard Work

“You should always be doing something dedicated to your business. It is never easy at first, but you will grow with time. Don’t become discouraged! Obstacles will come, but you need to work past it, and overcome it.”

We at The Detroit Entrepreneur, preach this same message. People underestimate the dedication, time, and responsibilities a business requires. The start-up phase is the most difficult. Be prepared to work an unpaid full time job at the start of your business.

Tip #3: The Customers Come First

“Always be sure to check on your customers, and ensure their satisfaction of your product. Never allow it to be just a business transaction. Build a relationship.”

Although there are situations where it should be business only, proving customers that you care about their satisfaction will have you stand out from other businesses. Chances are that customers/clients that have a positive experience will continue to come back. The goal is a long term customer.

Tip #4: Never Stop Learning

“When you start a business, it will be a constant process of growth and learning. You will know more tomorrow than you will today.”

By this tip, they do not mean learning-learning. There is no book that can totally prepare you for your first business. Day to day operations will be your greatest teacher. Experiences, both great and poor, will teach you many lessons you will appreciate in the future.

Tip #5: Build Your Dynasty

“Work with others. Have a trustworthy partner with the same vision as you. One that doesn’t slack, continues to strive, and helps grow your business.”

As a team of 10 people, The Detroit Entrepreneur staff is always on the same page. Tip #5 is one that we abide by on the daily. Your business is only as strong as the weakest link.

Major thank you to Anthony Danno and Nicholas Shammo for their tips to other young entrepreneurs.

Stay in touch on Instagram: The Different Brand | Anthony | Nicholas

Shop with The Different Brand here to support the duo.

How Jae Davis Impacted the Experiential Marketing Industry

The most difficult responsibility a self-employed brand ambassador has is to continuously seek gigs and be up to date in the Experiential Marketing industry. Also known as event marketing and engagement marketing, the competition within the industry is fierce. Jae Davis founded EXP Elite, a Facebook group uniting individuals in the industry worldwide. From upcoming events, tips, and job opportunities, EXP Elite has been the bridge between opportunities and the people. I happen to be one of those individuals that have been impacted by their great efforts, and many Michigan-based brand ambassadors feel the same. Jae’s contributions do not stop here.

“Davis is an author, influencer, and pioneer in the world of Experiential Marketing. With Fortune 500 clients and EXP Elite members, Jae has successfully launched, executed, and managed dozens of multi-million dollar programs. You Do What?, a book on mentoring and building industry professionals, is another one of her great achievements.”

via Facebook

Jae has lived and breathed all areas of the Experiential Marketing industry for more than a decade. As a result, she has built a reputable brand as well as mentored other industry professionals in excelling and obtaining consistent opportunities at every position. From division one athlete, to corporate America, to now successfully executing multi-million dollars programs, and serving as a client liaison, Jae has earned the credibility to become the trusted guide to navigating the new and challenging economic environment we now have to evolve within. 

The new world of social distancing is guiding the Experiential Marketing industry to a different direction and forcing people to reinvent themselves.  Jae is the guide that will help people transition to a different career and design a purpose-filled life. She inspires by sharing her own story, building a loyal community of followers who seek guidance and direction.

She also has a YouTube channel [JaeDavis] dedicated to navigating the world of Experiential Marketing. (Let’s get her to 300 subscribers!)

If you are new to the industry, allow her to be your guide. I can confidently say that she has played a major role in my success as a brand ambassador for the NBA, U.S. Army, and the many other brands I proudly represent. As for us, The Detroit Entrepreneur, we love-love-love those that dedicate time and effort to build others, as we are doing the same.

Stay in touch with “The Jae Davis Experience” on Instagram and Twitter.


Former Active Duty Air Force Officer Revitalizes Detroit Through Invest MotorCity

After serving our country, Even Fay is bringing his hard work and determination to create a brighter future for Detroit. Evan is an investor, realtor and owner of Invest MotorCity. Invest MotorCity encourages real estate development, investments in small businesses, and aiding entrepreneurship.  

Many entrepreneurs, especially entrepreneurs of color, have issues gaining funding to build their companies. This is where Invest MotorCity stepped up to help. Invest MotorCity’s mission is to first develop high quality real estate options for young professionals so they may live and thrive within the city. However, Evan and Invest MotorCity also invested an assortment of small businesses. 

Evan said, “My plan is to offer attractive residential and commercial property options for young professionals to thrive within the city.” He plans to close on 3 duplexes in Detroit’s north end soon. Invest MotorCity hopes to develop commercial real estate spaces for entrepreneurs to explore creative business solutions. Eventually the goal is to develop a crowd-funding investment platform for Detroit’s young professionals.

Now an Air Force Reserves member, Evan Fay has been a real estate and small business investor since 2012. He started in California, Wyoming and Alaska, and always dreamed of investing in Detroit. Invest MotorCity is truly a dream come true for Evan, but he is not finished yet. To connect with Evan and keep up with his most recent developments and initiatives, follow @ev_ryzes on Instagram or on the Invest MotorCity website, investmotorcity.com.