Detroit’s Very Own DeMaris Harvey: A Familiar Face in FIlm

Contributor: @MiddleEastSideTmo | Publisher: @DenisaDebocci

Getting involved in your career path at an early age is always the most ideal situation. For DeMaris Harvey it started in the first grade. He got started in acting, and by the age of 25 he began modeling.

After a model rehearsal, his life would be changed forever. DeMaris is an actor and director, but DeMaris’ journey began when he stumbled upon a production in Downtown Detroit where he found the producer and asked if any extras were needed.

The producer replied and told him yes and also asked if he had a white shirt, where DeMaris said yeah even though he didn’t. He then ran five blocks to buy a white shirt and came back and things have been going great for DeMaris since then.

On the set of First Lady 1. Demaris (Left) and K Deezy (right)

DeMaris has now been doing movies and plays for 11 years. He has two new movies being released very soon titled, Not Left in Vegas, directed by Kamal Smith, which will be released November 22, 2020, and Circumstances 2, directed by Swift to release November 28, 2020 on PrimeVideo. With these two movies slated to release in just a week or so, DeMaris is currently working on three other projects: Match Made, Trust Nobody, and Mia Mia.

What separates DeMaris from other actors is the favor of God, his extremely great work ethic, and his undeniable ambition. He lives by the slogan “work even when no one is looking, so when they do eventually look, they have something to see!”


To reach out to DeMaris Harvey you can contact him at his email

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Let Yolan Wallace Accelerate Your Business – Product Launch Accelerated

She provides a free consultation to new clients.

Contributor @MiddleEastSideTmo

Starting a successful business in your country, let alone your own city is difficult enough. Meet Yolan Wallace. Born and raised in Jamaica and moved to the U.S. six years ago, she has founded her own successful company, Product Launch Accelerated. Yolan is now married with one son, however, her journey began at the University of Technology, Jamaica, studying Business and Management, and proceeded to land her in Henry Ford College studying Liberal Arts. 

She completed a Personal Development course called Introduction Leaders Program and decided she would use her God-given talent to help others. While being business savvy herself, Yolan set out to celebrate other creative genius’, or as we call them, entrepreneurs.

Yolan states, “We are all geniuses in our own right, however taking that leap of faith into the unknown shows how unstoppable a person is and I wanted to be that constant support for them.” She operates under the title of International Business Coach, and offers two programs: The Product Launch Program& Post Launch Coaching/Business Coaching. The Product Launch Program is where Yolan and her design team bring the clients vision to life and fulfill their wishes. The process from beginning (logo) to end (launch) takes roughly 6 to 10 weeks. The Coaching Program focuses on a variety of topics including public speaking, finances, budgeting, hiring, outsourcing, etc.

Upcoming Opportunities @productlaucnhaccelerated

She guarantees that the Money-Making Daily Techniques used in this program will double sales weekly. Using her vast knowledge, Yolan has been able to more than double the sales of her clients by applying her techniques and formulas. She also invests in her client’s personal development by way of weekly activities. Yolan believes that technology has played a role in ruining the interpersonal relationship between business owners and customers. 

She combats this by focusing on building interpersonal skills in her Product Launch Accelerated program. Using the Follow Up Script and 10 Flyer 10 Conversation technique, Yolan states her clients will notice raised confidence and become more powerful within just a few weeks. This is what she enjoys the most, her client’s reaction to their growth while working with her. Yolan lives by the motto, “Give 10 times greater than they expect.”

Trust that she will provided results and contact her via IG here or email her at – You will not be disappointed.

Product Launch Accelerated is The Detroit Entrepreneur approved.

Thomas Göring – A Soul with a Love for Music

Contributor: @middleeastsidetmo

Saved by Music

Artists normally find their love for music later in life, but for Thomas Göring, he found it at a very early age. At the age of 7 Thomas was singing in his church choir. The influence from the late Michael Jackson is what kept Thomas interested in the craft. He realized that music can be an outlet to expose the things going on around the world and he could speak on anything he desired.

For example, Michael Jackson spoke on issues such as poverty and suffering animals, and this is what intrigued Thomas. He became a singer/songwriter whose music is inspired by the reflection of his own soul. He stated that he writes his music based on his personal worldview. In 2014, Thomas suffered a car accident, but through his recovery he found God and his life was changed forever. Thomas states, “music has pulled me out of some very dark places many times over the years, saving my life on numerous occasions.”


He has recently released a new E.P. titled Unstoppable, along with a brand-new song titled “I Wanna Fly”. Thomas plans to work with American Rap Artist/Producer Harimini in the country of Germany.

“I hope my music inspires those who hear it. I want to make people feel happy. I want to see people dance. I want to see faith birthed in the hearts of human beings again. This is my biggest dream.”

Thomas on his vision for his music.

You can stay up to date on all of Thomas’ future work by following him on social media:

Instagram @ThomasGoring21

Bekah Baby X Eastside RK Present ‘Cold World’ – Collaboration

Contributor: @MiddleEastSideTmo

Pictured above: Eastside RK and Bekah Baby, both Michigan-based artists.

Very rarely do we get a chance to see a collaboration project in music. It takes two selfless artists to put their creative minds together and come up with captivating music, giving up time that they would have had to work on their own project. Bekah Baby and Eastside RK are two versatile artists who did just that. Eastside RK is a rap artist, audio engineer, manager, and owner of his own label, Ride The Wave Records. Bekah Baby is an R&B singer. They released their collab project 10/30/2020, titled Cold World.

The two artists capture different styles of music, with a mixture of hip hop and R&B. After doing a couple features for each other, the sound was undeniable; they had to work on a collaborative EP. They began this project in the Fall of 2019. The production was done by various musicians throughout Detroit and all over the country, including Eujoe Cipher, Jerry Dodrill, Kid Flash, Don P, and DopeBoyzMuzic.

Official music video for “Cold Hearted” via 4everVisionz – prod. by Don P.

Bekah Baby has been recording music and songwriting for the past 5 years, while Eastside RK has been pursuing music for the last 4 years while being a manager to other artists, engineering at RK Studio, and owning Ride The Wave Records. The strong duo has released two visuals from their project, “Cold Hearted” and “Ride or Die”. They plan to release more videos soon from the Cold World EP soon. Eastside RK has a mixtape coming out to the public on November 28, and Bekah Baby is releasing her next album after the New Year.

To stay up to date with these two amazingly talented artists, follow their social media: @BekahBabyMusic and @Eastside_RK, and their Youtube channels: Bekah Baby Music and Eastside RK

Watered Flowers: a company that prides itself on self-love, self- care and growth

Unique Product, Unique Purpose

Watered Flowers, LLC launched its first product in May of 2019, and its signature journal that represents the brand name.

This journal immediately impacted customers who bought it, but its encouraging quotes, motivating exercises and signature poems.

“In order for a flower to blossom into its full potential it has to be watered often.”

This quote derived from the birth of the colony eluding to the growth of a flower if it is properly nourished and relating it to people.

“When you water a flower is grows, it flourishes, it thrives to its full potential.” As so it is with us. We can grow, and flourish and thrive to be our best selves as long as we are motivated, encouraged and driven mentally to do so. This company offers stationary products to do just that. Watered Flowers is expected to grow and enhance its line of of products by the end of year 2020 leading into year 2021.

All journals and other stationary products can be purchased at

30 Under 30 list To Be Announced This November


Inspired by Forbes, The Detroit Entrepreneur is currently recruiting individuals under 30 to be selected for the 30 under 30 roster. There are no official guidelines, but encouraging, impressing stories and achievements are what the team is looking for.

Current individuals already selected for the 2020 roster include: Malik Singleton, Bri Makaric of BRITE Bites, and Michael Willits.

group of people sitting indoors
Photo by fauxels on

The selection process is still on, and if you or anyone you know would like to apply for consideration, contact us at

Blu Lee Presents Trina Live in Concert – Resilient in the face of Adversity


Michigan’s music scene has been under heavy scrutiny this 2020 and there is no better time (Michigan COVID winter coming) than now to double up on the exposure Michiganders are bringing this way. Whether you’re an events host, musician, or music manager etc. it is important to be in the know that way you can utilize your teams assets and make an opportunity that’s already in motion your opportunity. 

With this much heat, features, showcases, cameo appearances could be utilized by investing in your neighborhood rising artist you invest in yourself – support.

One individual contributing to the momentum and recognized by No City Limit as a Detroit Entrepreneur remains resilient in the face of Adversity. 

“Every artist will have struggles however to my surprise my city has embraced me being different. I feel as long as you stay true to who you are, people will respect that. When people see you are about your business, they don’t pay attention to your sexuality.” 

25-year-old Event-Host/Artist Blu Lee has received continuous support this pandemic from both the local hip-hop community as well as small business owners looking to expand their branding/artistry. This year alone Blu has managed to level up his game every show from local musicians with a great buzz; Rocky Badd, to Nationwide artists on the come up, Saucy Santana to National Touring artist Trina, and he doesn’t plan on stopping there. 

“I will be doing a show with Neisha Neshae on November 14th. On November 26th (Thanksgiving) I have Rocky Badd, Neisha Neshae, and a few surprises for that one coming out. It will be huge. I also plan to bring out Kashdoll for New Years, so unless she is already booked I’m going to make it happen.

You can tell he’s very dedicated to the platform he has built and that includes delivering value to those that have paid to vend or perform. Unlike many other hosts we have all witnessed, Blu creates an experience that he finds critical to his brand image, scenery that goes beyond just strobe lights. – Truly an event you must be in attendance to experience. 

My Turn Now – Concert

Local Upcoming

“The agenda is to have everyone leaving saying they want to return. People want to be a part of events that people take pride in. These artists invest in these huge opportunities so I like to ensure it’s a memorable experience for all.” 

Blu’s words have held true so far and by the look of the lineup, the performing artists may share in Blu’s agenda.  With local entertainment from rising stars Biance Badd; she is fierce, relentless, sexy and she will leave a stage presence demanding your attention – Blu Lee

Rio Souma; the newly added mentee under John Legend currently competing in The Voice, and consistent role model in the LGBT community with a voice unmatched- Blu Lee

 The show is sure to leave the crowd wanting more before the mainstage performance.

“Still Da Baddest” in 2020

Since 1997, Trina has recorded 8 HOT 100 songs w/ 1 song peaking at #4

In 2019, Detroit’s own Kash Doll shared the mainstage alongside Trina. In August 2020, Mulatto Trina and Saweetie entered TOP 100 Billboards for “B***h From Da Souf”

In Other Words, Blu Lee bringing Trina to the D, he’s in his Music Money Bag!

If you want to know more about Blu Lee visit his Instagram 

Until then

Purchase your tickets at EventBrite for 

My Turn Now Concert w/ Trina Ft. Kai Rose, Icis The Goddess and Neisha Neshae

 *The event team has set up COVID-19 prevention precautions*

Due to whether concerns , we have had to relocate our event to 15400 Grandriver Ave. The My Turn Now Showcase teams wants to ensure the safety for others not only is the new location big enough to accommodate social distancing but we will also be providing temp checks , hand sanitizer and also making mask mandatory upon entry . The venue will have a full bar , seating , and also a variety of vendors to accommodate all needs.

How this videographer started a booming business in just 6 months – Zachary’s lab

Contributor @MiddleEastSideTmo

Videography is one of the best ways to bring art to life.

You have full creative control and direction of where you want the video to go or portray. Detroit has done an amazing job at breeding some of the industries top videographers. Hailing from the west side of Detroit, upcoming videographer Zach has been a hidden treasure for far too long.

He is popularly known as his videography business name Zachary’s Lab

Eye for Business

It is time for his talents to be noticed. He started shooting videos after being laid off from work because of the global crisis and novel Coronavirus pandemic. At the young age of 19, Zach has already worked with some heavy hitters such as Bandgang Javar, Baby Money, and Shai Coke. Zach has the outstanding “eye”, as some would call it, that can bring an artist’s image to life in a bigger fashion than they could have even hoped.

Photography by Zachary’s Lab.

Example of Zachary’s Lab work.

Other Ventures

Along with shooting videos, Zach has started up two businesses of his own, AWFULGOODTIMES, a streetwear brand,  and HI-CHEWZ cannabis, an exotic marijuana brand. With the dedication and hard work Zach has put in to reach his dreams, make no question about it that we will see him shooting for the stars soon. 

Shop HI-CHEWZ here | AWFULGOODTIMES here | Connect with Zachary’s Lab on Instagram here

Eddy Mack’s “Savanna” raises over $7,000 to lebanon disaster relief



Last month, Eddy Mack vowed to donate all streaming revenue from his hit single “Savanna” to a disaster relief charity in Lebanon. The explosion in Beirut affected hundreds of thousands of residents. Thankfully, the country received worldwide assistance.

“Savanna” | American Red Cross in Beirut, Lebanon (August, 2020)


“As an Arab influencer, it just wouldn’t be right not to do anything for my people. Originally, out of respect, I wasn’t going to release a song at the time. Due to some distribution issues, I couldn’t pull back the song. I thought about how I could turn a negative situation into a positive one.”

Eddy on why he decided to donate stream revenue.

Listeners worldwide assisted the success of the donation by their contribution: listening to his music.

Stream “Savanna” below. Follow Eddy Mack on IG here.

Experience the COMPLEXION difference

Complexion Spa

Founded in 2016.

COMPLEXION – Tanning and Beauty Spa – is a place where beauty, comfort, knowledge, and personalized attention is combined to create a memorable experience while achieving your desired goals that builds confidence.

That’s the mission of Steven and Chantal Bacall, founders of COMPLEXION Beauty Spa. When they purchased COMPLEXION as a tanning salon in 2016, they had a larger vision to incorporated beauty and skincare.

They renovated the facility to represent themselves and to radiate a positive vibe. In just 4 short years, they have grown to 4 treatment rooms, 6 estheticians, 2 laser hair removal specialists, 2 airbrush technicians, 2 teeth whitening specialists, with a nurse and doctor staffed.


Although their client favorite is the fully customized COMPLEXION hydrafacial, they offer a wide variety of services from all forms of tanning, vitamin IV drips, and teething whitening to hair removal services, chemical peels and facials. They also have a doctor who comes in monthly and offers Botox, fillers, PRP and more. COMPLEXION takes great pride in being one of the top hydrafacial service providers in all of Michigan, while maintaining an annual ‘Black Diamond’ status within the company. It is a goal they work at daily to achieve and maintain.

The Mission

Helping people gain confidence has always been the goal of COMPLEXION and  finding a highly talented team that shares the same passion was a blessing for the owners.

“At COMPLEXION, We take great pride in providing our clients with a team of licensed, certified and highly trained professionals for all of the services we offer,” shares the founder. “We are a team that share the common passion of building other’s confidence, spreading love, and creating an honest home for our clients to feel safe and comfortable at.”


COMPLEXION is located at 7423 Orchard Lake Rd, West Bloomfield, MI, but can be found online @complexion_beautyspa or

The multitalented $Lim – artist and business ent. entrepreneur

$Lim is an hip hop/rap artist based in Detroit that is notorious for his positive energy, music to vibe to, and entertaining performances. He is a natural entertainer.

In addition, he is a successful and skilled brand ambassador, business owner, and a natural leader, which compliments his entertainer self. $Lim has been featured on Desert Storm Radio and Medium Magazine, which have recognized his achievements. In 2020, “First Time” was distributed by Cinematic TV.

Stay in Touch

Be sure to look out for the rising star. You can read more about $Lim on Medium click here. To follow him on Instagram click here.

Bnkroll Benny Gives Back to the Community – Back 2 School Bash

Contributor: Denisa Debocci

The 1st Annual Bnkroll Benny’s Back 2 School Bash

With school beginning soon, Bnkroll Benny wanted to give back to the community, especially the youth. As a father himself, his goal was to assist students and families during this post-pandemic state in society. Held in Compton, California, the community had a great time.

From backpacks to cash prizes, the California artist and his team truly did something special.

“It’s a blessing to give back. Much love to the city.”

Bnkroll Benny via IG

The Artist

Bnkroll Benny, Los Angeles

The Los Angeles rap artist continues to record hit after hit. “Without It’ and “Glow” are a couple of our favorite singles. Featured on Itsbizkit, his music reaches listeners worldwide.

With a fanbase in Detroit, we felt his music, and his love for the community was something to be recognized.

Listen to Bnkroll Benny Below

Follow the artist on Instagram here.

Official music video for “Glow”

Jay CEO Looks to Add Style Into Detroit’s Music Culture

By Mayes Marketing Agency

Meet Jay CEO

Jay CEO is one of the newest artists out of Detroit, MI. He possesses a unique sound that’s different from the traditional Detroit style, which he aims to bring major recognition to the city’s rap game in many ways. Outside of rapping, Jay is also the CEO/Founder of X-Clusive Shoots Photography and TwistedXclusives, a video media company. Through his amazing capability Jay has worked with some of Detroit’s top artists and has created an impressive resume with names such as Snap Dogg, Neisha Neshae, Pablo Skywalkin, and DJBJ. 

A Versatile Business Professional

With all the things Jay CEO is involved in, he still allocates time to help his community by also giving back to it. YESORG was founded in 2018 on the bases of mentorship for youth in the city of Detroit. We have to say we are highly impressed with YESORG and Jay CEO for taking that major initiative at such a young age; we hope many others follow in his footsteps.

Building his name as a popular videographer, Jay CEO has always had a passion for rapping, stemming from his writing/poetry background; this acted as a major inspiration for leaping into the music industry under the artist category. 

The filming for his single “525 Mins”


Jay CEO is currently in album mode with the anticipation of his debut album Powerful Beyond Measure (inspired by the film Coach Carter) set to release in the fall of 2020.

He looks to build off his 2 debut singles “Only Human” & “525 mins Ft. JV & Fetti Fuego”, which both have been fairly successful. “525 mins” landed Jay on iHeartRadio and was also featured heavily on the MNTC Radio show The Power Hour

Official video for “525 Mins”

Icon in the Making

Jay CEO is definitely here to stay! We look forward to seeing him add a new sound to Detroit’s identity and love that he now has two footprints in the industry: one behind the camera and one in front of it. It’s safe to say Jay CEO’s career is very promising and we look forward to hearing more about him as he gets closer to his album release date. Stay tuned.

Stay connected with Jay CEO: Instagram |Twitter

Written by Mayes Marketing

With Glory to God: iamkevinrider Presents “Kastin Krownz”

Contributor: Denisa Debocci

Kastin Krownz

Faith can be shared in many forms–one of them being music. Hip hop and rap artist, iamkevinrider, uses his music as a form of preaching to the nations, as he describes. While the hip hop and rap industry is heavily influenced by violence, women, and money, iamkevinrider’s faith-based songs Glorify God, yet in a way many audiences can understand. “I believe music is my gift and that God has called me and chose me to use this gift to further his Kingdom, build the church, and speak to the nations,” the California native expressed.

Official video for Kastin Krownz

The Artist

Formerly known as K-Rider, iamkevinrider has a testimony and a past, as all Christians do. At 15, he was incarcerated for burglary and sentenced to five years. Back to the streets, he would get caught up and incarcerated once more. “I found God in jail,” he admits. His past fuels the drive to preach to hip hop and rap audience in hopes his testimony will speak to people. 

Featured on This is 50, “Kastin Krownz” is one of his singles that inspires the audience to refrain from conforming to the norm this lost society has set. Rap is lacking the Gospel, and it takes artists like iamkevinrider to fulfill what the industry needs. 

“I am a Christian who raps,” iamkevinrider shares. “I am not a rapper who is Christian.”

Follow the artist on Instagram here.

The BAUS Experience – The Grooming House

Like a BAUS

BAUS – The Grooming House started 5 years ago with the idea of making men’s grooming into a relaxing, luxury experience.

Their services range from haircuts, beard priming, waxing, and beyond, but they all aim to groom and maintain a certain look for each guest. While they intend to give men of all ages a relaxing service, BAUS is more than just a modern salon with the respected traditions of a barbershop.


The quality. The luxury treatment.

Men come to BAUS more than a haircut, the guests feel like friends and like they’re part of something special. As the Detroit culture started to notice their Birmingham location, the BAUS community started to grow.

Pictured: Pjetr Sinishtaj @pjetr_sinishtaj

Owners Daniella and Mike Djekovic, used travel as a form of inspiration, which is how another idea was born.

The BAUS Experience.

Along with expanding their staff at the Birmingham, BAUS opened a second location in Downtown Rochester that includes a cocktail lounge. (We love it.) This is a twist and special touch to their already unique barbershop experience.

While men’s grooming is their specialty, their passion and people are what truly makes the BAUS experience.

Sites and social media:

@bausgrooming (Instagram and Twitter)

‘Expect The Unexpected’ from the Uncensored Podcast

Laugh, relax, and get real with host and owner Tumbo on The Uncensored Podcast.

The podcast recently celebrated 10,000 plays on Anchor FM alone.

The Hosts and Entertainment

He is joined by co-hosts Black Moses, Karri, and Scoob da Hustla. They provide insight and comic relief on real topics and life experiences. There’s nothing like authenticity and the main purpose of the podcast is to get people to laugh and to get people to think. 18+ listeners can expect hours of entertainment with topics such as “childish relationship behaviors,” cheating, marriage, drinking, and other sensitive topics that aren’t off limits here!

Their newest episode is filled with must-listen-to content. Click play!

Already on their 4th season, The Uncensored Podcast can be found on Anchor FM, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, iHeartRadio, and Castbox. To get a preview and stay up to date on upcoming episodes, follow @uncensored_podcast on Instagram.

Earlier this year, they made the list on The Detroit Entrepreneur’s “10 Local Podcasts to Keep You Entertained” article. Click here to read.


Chántelle Adanna Agbro Releases My Soul Told On Me Everywhere Books Are Sold.

Chántelle Adanna is a literary artist, self-published author, spoken word poet, self-love/wellness enthusiast and publishing coach based out of Maryland. Since the age of 10, writing has subconsciously and consciously been her undying passion.

Chántelle writes for black women to feel their embedded emotions when they’re too busy carrying everyone else’s, which is what birthed her tagline “she carries”. Her debut memoir entitled: My Soul Told On Me, is a memoir collection of essays that address several topics speaking directly to the Black experience as it relates to young womanhood.


Dealing with issues such as: colorism, self-identity, mental health, family and ancestral history, My Soul Told On Me is a brave and honest perspective from a fresh voice.

She wrote this book as a main source of healing mentally and emotionally from the generational traumas and triggers she grew to know about herself and the black family dynamic.page1image3741360

In this truth, she birthed extensions of her debut memoir by launching personalized journals and a crash course teaching black authors step by step how to self-publish their book!

  • My Soul Told On Me- Audiobook – will be available this October on ALL platforms and will incorporate a variety of spoken word and musical selections from industry producers.
  •  The Rebel Journal (Pre-sale December 1, 2020) – is a personalized journal black women we aredouble minorities and rebels in our mere existence. It’s time we had space and freedom to exudeall we keep pent in.
  •  “How I Did IT” Coaching Course (Current Open Enrollment)– A 30-60-day personalized coaching course that lays out the blueprint from start to finish on how to successfully sell, format, edit, and market yourself published book!

Advance press for the book has included an interview with iHeartRadio’s WBLS midday host Patty Jackson, as well as Power 99 FM host Loraine Ballard Morrill.

Agbro is a 2018 graduate of Temple University. She currently resides in Philadelphia. My Soul Told On Me is her first full length book project and it is being released under her own imprint, Chantelle Adanna Publishing.

Today, “How I Did IT”My Soul Told On Me and more can all be found at

Stay in touch with her on Instagram here.

It’s the Duffy Season

Introducing Andrei Nichols

The Best Brand Consultant in the game comes from the West Side of Detroit, with Dexter roots and 6mile ties Andrei Nichols is all about Hussle. Andrei builds his hustler mind set from many rappers such as Payroll Giovanni, Babyface Ray, Sada Baby and many more. Although he looks up to those figures, he draws his main habits from his parents. 

He is the Founder/CEO of The Duffy Enterprise which he provides “The Best Branding Solutions”. Some noticeable things that lead him to founding this amazing business was graduating from the prestige Renaissance High School ‘16 and The Midnight Golf Program’16. 

The Duffy Enterprise

The Duffy Enterprise is more than just offering branding services. Andrei prides himself on being a positive role model and a pillar in his community. While giving the best branding knowledge around, he also founded The Suits for Success Youth Mentoring Program (EST’16) which mentors young kids directly from Detroit, MI. Andrei’s personality is fully powered from Detroit culture (which we love), from wanting a dance battle with popular Detroit rapper Sada Baby to having his own brand centered around the hard hustling spirit of a Detroiter.

Andrei is everything a CEO should strive to be, not only conducting business in the highest regard but also being a passionate caring individual.

“Whoever reads this, please take this into consideration: You’re human. Live your life for you. #DuffySzn” 


As a senior at Michigan State majoring in Marketing, Andrei will graduate in 2021and holds a wonderful presence at his college. He is also a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. at Michigan State University. 

We are excited to follow Andrei’s journey and wish Andrei and The Duffy Enterprise the best of luck.

Stay in touch with him online! (click to open) | Twitter | IG

Sabin Mulamba Collabs w/ Several Talented Artists to Create “Everything Is Subject To Jesus” (Official Music Video)

Sabin Mulamba currently resides in Seattle, Washington

Born in Congo, Sabin Mulamba has a passion for the Lord. With an ear for His Word and good music, he collaborated with a team of talents to create “Everything Is Subject To Jesus”.

As devoted servants of our Lord Jesus Christ, the people involved in the remarkable project had one goal: to give total Glory and worship to God.

Producer: Dominic “HARMINI” Bonsignore | Director: Matt Dawson | Editor: William Thomas

The song begins with a gospel message given by Dominic “HARMINI” Bonsignore, the producer and featured artist.

“…I want to remind you that God loves you. That God cares about you…”

Snippet of the beginning of HARMINI’s Gospel message to
the audience in “Everything Is Subject To Jesus”

Special thanks to Dr. Francine Lobho, President of QueenLo Holding.

Featured Artists

  • (In order of appearance)
  • Dominic “HARMINI” Bonsignore
  • Kyndal Gude
  • Jermaine “Jwill” Williams
  • Roshawn Eve
  • Clint Cole Cory
  • Lacy Isaac
  • Nyengele David
  • Providence Kamana

Special Appearances

  • Josh Heart
  • Vonzell Washington
  • David Gude
  • Jeff Hall
  • Nakye Serna
  • Isaiah Rodriguez
  • Jayden Michler

Follow Sabin in IG here |

Eddy Mack Donates Streaming Revenue to Lebanon – “Savanna” (New Music)



Bierut – August 4th, 2020

On the evening of 4 August 2020, a series of explosions occurred in the city of Beirut, the capital of Lebanon. The number of deaths and injuries continue to climb.

Using Music to Donate to Disaster Relief

Eddy Mack released a new single titled, “Savanna”. But this is more than just an ordinary release. On Instagram, Eddy announced that he will be donating all streaming revenue to a disaster relief program in Lebanon. As an Arab-American, the artist has a deeper understanding of these tragedies.

Currently based in Los Angeles, Eddy is a Michigan native.

Support the victims of the Beirut explosions by streaming “Savanna” below.

“Savanna” released on August 7th, 2020 just days after the events in Lebanon.

Follow Eddy Mack on Instagram here