The New Must Have Shoe Accessory: Pattens

Gone are the days of tip toeing through snow in our platform heels, ladies and gents. A new fashion trend is on the way. Introducing Pattens, sleek shoe covers for any weather. 
The idea is just about genius and its fabulous design compliments this bold new fashion item. 

Sara Gillespie and Leigh Ann Warner, founders of Patten Place, wanted to allow individuals to wear any shoes they wanted without having to compromise outfits due to weather. [Nothing says sexy like a little black dress and Uggs.]

It is believed that April showers bring May flowers and thankfully Pattens are made of material to handle rain. Bring it, Mother Nature. The fashion company has plans of shipping out its Pattens to customers in April. It is time for Michigan brands to impact fashion and Pattens Place takes the lead. 

Check out their website and preorder your pair of Pattens. 

Use coupon code STANDOUT for 10% off and save.

Kid L: The Man Behind the Camera

Detroit entrepreneur, Kid L,  is a videographer, podcast host, consultant and most importantly, a businessman. His eye for visuals and ever so popular humor sets him apart from the many others behind the camera. At a young 12 years of age, he picked up his first camera. It was during this time that he knew what he was made to do.  After 10 years of professional videography, he has established a name for himself and his other comedic characters he plays in his viral skits on social media. 


“In the future, I see myself in film. I want to create the type of content I want. I also vow to never work for anyone else ever again.

 Other ventures include a podcast and surprise projects yet to be announced. Once the man behind the camera, Kid L is now front and center.  

Keep up with him on social media.