Malik Devonte: Detroit’s Award Winning Young Entrepreneur (You’ll be impressed.)

Introducing Malik De’Vonte.

This entrepreneur has defied all odds. From making history to overcoming a tumor, nothing is impossible for this young man. His name is Malik Singleton, also known as Malik De’Vonte. At 20 years old, Malik has accomplished much more than his peers could ever dream of, and he’s just getting started. He wrote to us a couple weeks ago, and I was stunned by his story. In this article, I will share a glimpse of Malik’s journey, as he enters his 20s with high hopes. [He just recently won an “Entrepreneurial Excellence” award from us!]

“Keep your head up- don’t let your crown slip. You have so much purpose to fulfill, so please don’t let this ghetto earth get caught up in that..” 

Malik on tips for success and motivation.
Malik is a Detroit native.

How he is making history.

With a drive like no other, it’s only natural to wonder where he got his motivation from. “Growing up with ADHD, I was already counted out,” he shares. “I had to find strength to count myself in, and allow God to speak for me.” Although born in Detroit, Malik currently resides in St. Louis, as he attends Harris-Stowe State University. He is also HBCU King at the HBCU he attends.  “I was Mister Sophomore, now Mister Junior, and I’m next to be Mister Harris-Stowe State University,” Malik announced.

Malik From State Farm.

In current news, Malik just became the youngest State Farm insurance agent at his branch at 20 years old! (See edit below.) I suggest we make this accomplishment known. Actually, “Malik From State Farm” has a nice ring to it. Considering he’s an award winning radio host, I believe he would make a great media brand ambassador, don’t you? Let’s make “Malik From State Farm” happen!

*Edit: Interview was conducted before an 18 year old was recently hired at State Farm, but this still doesn’t change a thing for Malik. He is well equipped to be an ambassador!

Media Personality and More.

I asked Malik to list his accomplishments, awards, and titles. Brace yourselves for this.

“In 2018, I won my first Radio Show Award, while I was a senior at Detroit School of Arts (THEE only performing arts high school and high school of Aaliyah.) I won the award for 2nd place Best on Air personality and team. We were 2 black males hosting the only male mentoring talk show in the state ( M.O.M.E.N.T.U.M) which stands for moving our males towards upward mobility.

I became a Cintophia Film Festival finalist for producing Grammy award winner David Byrne’s Music Video for “Everybody is Coming to My House”. In 2019, I was also honored with The Pillar of the Community Award by my university and the Spirit of Detroit award for my work in the community. I am honored to hold titles as Mister Detroit School of Arts and to serve on my University Royal Court as Mister Sophomore and Junior.”

Spirit of Detroit.

As a Spirit of Detroit award recipient, Malik has been recognized for his philanthropy work in the city. In addition, he has worked with the Mayor of Detroit and David Bryne. His media personality skills have given him the opportunity to interview stars like Big Sean, Kash Doll, and Jack White.

His greatest spirit, however, is the positive one he possesses himself. In May, Malik just beat a blood vessel tumor. Despite the obstacles, he managed to finish with a strong 3.2 GPA.

“I would love to empower people, guide them through facing adversity, and win at the end.”

Malik on motivation.

I invited him to list anybody he would like to thank. If you are listed below, this is a warm thank you from Malik.

I would like to thank:

My parents, Valerie, Andre and Australia. My Siblings and family, because with out them I would be nothing. My bonus parents: Auntie and Uncles. My friends who show me what love is. The Detroit School of Arts for being my family and believing in me, especially Beverly Morrison Greene. Thanks to Renee Fluker and the rest of my Midnight Golf mentors. I’m thankful for my bosses: Veronica Todd, Bobby Branch and Leonard Crosby.

Last but not but least, thank you to my HBCU Thee illustrious Harris-Stowe State University! For helping me birth more of my purpose.

Contact Malik below:

Twitter and Instagram @Dev0nte_

State Farm email: 

Influencer Olivia Marcarelli Challenges You to the ‘Slim Thic Challenge’ [Interview]

Meet Olivia.

Originally from the east coast, Olivia Marcarelli has emerged into a fitness and health influencer, and her newest achievement has reached a worldwide audience. If you haven’t heard of her ‘Slim Thic Challenge’, get hip to the next best thing in fitness. Click here to see her plans.

Based in Novi, Michigan, Olivia comes from a big Puerto Rican – Italian family. She has an identical twin.

Olivia works hard to maintain her slim-thick figure, and supporters can’t help but to know how she does it. This is where the ‘Slim Thic Challenge’ started.

“When I started my YouTube channel and started posting about my workouts and sharing my journey, I started to get an influx of comments, questions, and messages about my process. So many girls wanted to know how I transformed my body and got this “slim thick” look that’s so in right now.” 

Olivia provides a full routine and favorite workouts. Mainly a lower body program that focuses on glutes, a full workout split is also provided. Her techniques and tips reflect what works to achieve the slim-thick figure. Results will vary person to person.

Our Feedback

What I myself noticed is how Olivia doesn’t encourage/expect women to have the goal of looking just like her. (Bodies come in all different shapes and sizes!) What the audience should understand is that the goal of the ‘Slim Thic Challenge’ is to guide others through the journey Olivia is taking as well. The results will differ, but it is a great feeling to know that an influencer is spending her time and focus on supporting and guiding those that were brave enough to take on the challenge.

“Your goal should never be to look like someone else, your goal should be to look like the best version of you.” 


Stay in touch on social media (click to open) : Instagram | TikTok | YouTube

Bucky Rogerz- “The Definition of an Entrepreneur”

Bucky Rogerz, one of our recipients of the Entrepreneurial Excellence awards, gave a lesson on what an entrepreneur really is. In other words, he describes the definition of an entrepreneur. We feel that an Instagram post did not do justice, and we wanted to share Bucky Rogerz’ words on entrepreneurship on a our platform.

We throw the term “entrepreneur” around quite a lot! I’m an entrepreneur. I’m an entrepreneur. BUT what does it truly mean to be an entrepreneur?!! There’s definitely an association with the concept of being an entrepreneur and being a startup. If you think about it, most household brand names they were all founded and started by someone who started out as an entrepreneur.

So, what is an entrepreneur? An entrepreneur is someone who identifies a need that no existing businesses address and determines a solution for that need. An entrepreneur who regularly launches new businesses, sells them and then starts new businesses is a serial entrepreneur. Examples of household business men who exemplify entrepreneurial success are; Elon Musk, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.”

He is quite a personality, and although he is a businessman, he is also a music artist.

Stay in touch with Bucky, as he will be a familiar face of The Detroit Entrepreneur! Follow him on Instagram here. Also, a major congratulations to his Entrepreneurial Excellence award acceptance.

Golden Events Celebrates Its 3rd Year in the Wedding Business

The Golden Vision

At an early age, almost every little girl dreams about her big day. The day she gets to say “I do” to the love of her life…Who am I kidding? They picture the cake, the dress, decor, scenery, and all of the details to create the perfect wedding. (I had my wedding planned at 13, FYI.)

Founded in 2017, Golden Events brings dream weddings to life with their event services. Founded and ran by Miga Melakuqi, the business provides florals, decor, and just about everything every bridezilla wants perfect. Miga’s “golden vision” is a client favorite, and while nothing can be done about how “in style” a bride’s dress will be in 20 years, be rest assured that the wedding decor will be timeless.

Founder Celebrates 3 Years in Business

Miga had a passion for decor, as she began organizing, planning and decorating events for friends and family. She was encouraged to pursue her skills, and Golden Events was open for business in 2017.

She is self-taught, and learned florals and decor through videos, hands on practice, and her own determination. The greatest challenge, however, was building an event business from the ground up in an industry flooded with competition. Three years later, Golden Events became a common name in Michigan.

Although 2020 has been an obstacle for special occasions, Golden Events is now accepting new bookings. To book, contact them on social media here to schedule a consultation. Be sure to check out all of the decor photos and event content. Below are some of our favorite designs and photos.

Remember, Golden Events also can bring visions for all special occasions to life. They’re best known for creative displays and decor, both simple and extravagant.

Zsa Zsa Hubbard – Yes, She Said It.

Biography Contributor: Zsa Zsa C. Hubbard


Zsa Zsa C. Hubbard is a different breed. Yes, I said it. As a female entrepreneur, she inspired me from the start. But I have not come across a woman that has accomplished and overcome the impossible. She is a podcast host, brand ambassador, wedding officiant, international keynote speaker, actress, founder, business consultant, mentor, and featured in Speakers Magazine. As a role model to her fans, Zsa Zsa has a lot to say.

In the form of a true self-made business woman, Zsa Zsa used her immense persona to meet a need and edify the community in her own way. As a born and raised Detroit native, her natural inclination to hustle has earned her the marque of an entrepreneur at-large, owning and operating as a CEO of multiple businesses. Zsa Zsa is currently using her voice and Specs Howard degree in broadcast media to engage and educate as a radio talk show host on an internet-radio platform. Zsa Zsa sparks candid conversations about all things Detroit every Thursday at 12:30pm EST on “Yeah, I Said It!”, a weekly internet radio show.

One of my favorite episodes. @YouKnowZsaZsaHubbard


Zsa Zsa has used her innate business savvy and connectivity to form The Hubbard Resource Group, a business hub that offers consulting and non-profit development resources. She then became deputized by the city of Detroit clerk as a wedding Officiant and opened a private wedding officiating and vow renewal service called United Vows.

due to unforeseen tragedy, she witnessed the lack of information and resources available for families of loved ones with incapacitating diseases and health challenges. Zsa Zsa started Kelly’s Kids Foundation, a resource, advocacy, and events program for families with debilitated loved ones, in honor of her late mother, Kelly Hubbard. The foundation hosts “Hustle for your Heart Hustle-Thon”, an annual fundraiser for low income families with disabled family members.

Zsa Zsa at the Detroit American Idol auditions in 2019.

Now, as an event moderator, Zsa Zsa uses her gift of engagement to host social, corporate, and networking events, commissioning her infectious personality to harvest a one-of-a-kind experience in the community.

Stay connected with Zsa Zsa on Instagram

How to contact Zsa Zsa.

Meet the 8 Year Old CEO (Yes, you read that right.)

The 8 year old CEO that founded Detroit-made cosmetic line: Christine Devani

Christine and Latoya

With support from mom, 8 year old Christine Devani began a natural lip balm line in 2016. Latoya Latham (mom) wanted to find a way to care for her daughter’s severe chapped lips, as other products did not seem to work. Giving Glory to God, the mother-daughter duo took this into their own hands and decided on starting their own natural lip balm line to combat dry, chapped lips for all to use. This was just the beginning of Polished Puckers, LLC. Now nearing 12 years old, Christine has big plans for the line.

“Sell the problem we solve and the product sells itself.” – Polished Puckers motto.

Polished Puckers has expanded to lip gloss, lip scrubs, and merchandise. (Sidenote: I have recently purchased several lip balms. I absolutely love them!) Although the business has been semi-affected from the current pandemic, Christine has not allowed it to stop her business. Polished Puckers is The Detroit Entrepreneur approved.

Shop on their website here and check out their Instagram below.

The Vision of CT Films: Detroit Director

CT Films Productions: An Eye For Visuals

The Vision

With over 71 million channel views and 124,000 subscribers, CT Films is one of the most notable directors based in Detroit. Corey Watts, founder and director of CT Films Productions, has been featured on Hypebeast and Thisis50 for his achievements and eye for visuals.

We had a chance to speak to him and get a preview of his journey to such success as a young entrepreneur. “I picked up my first camera around the age of 12,” he shared. CT Films’ high-profile artists he has filmed include, Chief Keef, Sada Baby, Snap Dogg, Gucci Mane, and the list goes on. He is a favorite of major Detroit artists, as he’s filmed popular music videos, such as “Stacy” by Sada Baby, which racked up 13 million views on his channel alone.

“We create our reality.”

Corey Watts, CT Films

Interview on Worldwide Core Radio, 2015 via YouTube [Corey Watts]

As a director, he is not limited to music videos alone. CT Films Productions covers events, weddings, listening parties, receptions, and more. With top industry level equipment and the “CT vision” he possesses, he will bring what’s through the lens to life.

Stay in touch with him on Instagram + YouTube + Twitter

To book CT Films email

How Jae Davis Impacted the Experiential Marketing Industry

The most difficult responsibility a self-employed brand ambassador has is to continuously seek gigs and be up to date in the Experiential Marketing industry. Also known as event marketing and engagement marketing, the competition within the industry is fierce. Jae Davis founded EXP Elite, a Facebook group uniting individuals in the industry worldwide. From upcoming events, tips, and job opportunities, EXP Elite has been the bridge between opportunities and the people. I happen to be one of those individuals that have been impacted by their great efforts, and many Michigan-based brand ambassadors feel the same. Jae’s contributions do not stop here.

“Davis is an author, influencer, and pioneer in the world of Experiential Marketing. With Fortune 500 clients and EXP Elite members, Jae has successfully launched, executed, and managed dozens of multi-million dollar programs. You Do What?, a book on mentoring and building industry professionals, is another one of her great achievements.”

via Facebook

Jae has lived and breathed all areas of the Experiential Marketing industry for more than a decade. As a result, she has built a reputable brand as well as mentored other industry professionals in excelling and obtaining consistent opportunities at every position. From division one athlete, to corporate America, to now successfully executing multi-million dollars programs, and serving as a client liaison, Jae has earned the credibility to become the trusted guide to navigating the new and challenging economic environment we now have to evolve within. 

The new world of social distancing is guiding the Experiential Marketing industry to a different direction and forcing people to reinvent themselves.  Jae is the guide that will help people transition to a different career and design a purpose-filled life. She inspires by sharing her own story, building a loyal community of followers who seek guidance and direction.

She also has a YouTube channel [JaeDavis] dedicated to navigating the world of Experiential Marketing. (Let’s get her to 300 subscribers!)

If you are new to the industry, allow her to be your guide. I can confidently say that she has played a major role in my success as a brand ambassador for the NBA, U.S. Army, and the many other brands I proudly represent. As for us, The Detroit Entrepreneur, we love-love-love those that dedicate time and effort to build others, as we are doing the same.

Stay in touch with “The Jae Davis Experience” on Instagram and Twitter.


Kim: The Multitalented Founder of ‘Electric Elevation’

One of the greatest female entrepreneurs I have met is Kim, founder of ‘Electric Elevation‘, and many other businesses ventures. The multi-talented businesswomen wears many hats and she rocks them all.

Both a clothing brand and podcast, ‘Electric Elevation’ symbolizes positive energy and uplifting others. The podcast focuses on entertainment, upcoming events, highlighting entrepreneurs, businesses, restaurants and artists. The podcast has been nominated for several podcast contests in Detroit. On a side note, The Detroit Entrepreneur is proud partner, as we share similar visions and mission.

Along with the brand and podcast, Kim manages Detroit rap artists Choir Boi, Cartier Cash and Tone Loot.

“I love to showcase people’s talents and inspire others.”

Kim, Electric Elevation

Entrepreneurs are known to be versatile and skilled in many different fields. Kim takes this to another level with Kim’s Tasty Treasures, a pastry and mobile bartending business. (Yes, you read that right.) From birthday parties to gatherings, she can cater to any event.

It takes pure dedication to be able to achieve what Kim has so far, but as a female entrepreneur, it requires much more bravery. Female entrepreneurs overcome obstacles the opposite gender may not, such as sexism and lower pay, but it cannot stop us.

“As an entrepreneur and independent woman, I want to show that women can be successful too. A lot of younger ladies look up to me. I love teaching and showing them how to start a business and/or a brand.”

Kim, Electric Elevation

Top Notch NME Luxury Street Clothing in the D

Detroit’s Top Notch NME is a high-end streetwear brand that bridges the gap between streetwear and high end fashion. Their mission is to create a brand that also resonates through all cultures and hints the new culture.

Entrepreneur and founder of Top Notch NME, Craig Washington, had an eye for fashion since he was 13 years old. He would clean offices with his grandma to save money to buy the high end fashion he loved.

I started cutting up old clothes and putting my own twist on it. I started charging friends at school to lace their shoes in crazy designs. I also have a big passion for shoes and quite the collection of Jordan’s number 11s.

The designer’s mind is focused on making a high-end streetwear brand that delivers great quality with a timeless look.

Top Notch NME is not just a brand… it is a lifestyle.

Top Notch NME also plans to release its signature belt, sunglasses and even purses.

You can also find Top Notch NME below!



Twitter: Check out Top Notch NME (@TopNotchNME):


Top Notch NME King Cobra Shoes:…

From Youtube Star to Music Artist: The Multi-talented Abu Batata

The dynamic Wessam Aljundi, professionally known as Abu Batata, has taken entertainment by storm. With over 100+ million accumulated views, his comedy has become a home favorite within the Arab community. In the “Arab Driving School” series, he plays the hilarious character, Abu Batata. He has since branched off from YouTube to professionally pursue music, yet his name and humor remains. Imagine being blessed with both comedic and musical talent. (Us normal people can’t relate.)

Sidenote: There have been “music” attempts from other YouTube comedians, but the outcome has been comedic in and of itself. (No shade, just my opinion.)

As an “OG” fan, I’ve been watching his comedy since “Arab Driving School Part 1” had about 30,000 views —literally. Who knew that he would become an Palestinian-American superstar on his way to music stardom?

“Arab Driving School Part 1” featuring Wessam Aljundi (Abu Batata) and Shareef Allman. Released 2011. YouTube: Batata

Put za PRNDL in za D.

-Abu Batata, Driving Instructor

Almost 10 years later, here I am completing an article about the guy my friends swear granted me my driver’s license: Abu Batata, aka Batata.

He was kind enough to answer questions about his new career venture.

Was it difficult to transition from YouTube to music?

Batata: Wasn’t difficult at all. It was actually easier because I’ve briefly introduced music to my career and fan base over months. It just clicked perfectly with who I am, what I am, and my never ending passion for it.

How long have you been creating music?

Batata: I’ve been writing music for 5 years now, but it’s been 2 years of truly focusing on music, recording, and adding songs to my unreleased vault. In just a short time, I’ve gotten co-signs from major artists around the world because of my unique, different style and sound.

Batata’s current released songs include, “Safe Not Sorry”, “Let Go”, “2 Suave”, and “Buss Down Ting”.

Along with R&B artist Eddy Mack, they’ve managed to create the summer anthem for two years in a row. Last year, we were all blasting “Safe Not Sorry”, but this year “Buss Down Ting” was released and claimed its spotlight. The duo included Bermuda native artist Matthew Bento on the hit to bring the Jamaican vibes to life. “Buss Down Ting” was recently featured on Thisis50, one of the world’s top music sites. Click here to read.

I have asked him this before, but I asked once more for the sake of this article. This answer is for fans and haters alike to read.

Why do you do what you do?

Cause I know what it feels like to be unhappy in this world and feel alone. Through my music and who I am, I’ve been able to bring laughter and music to the hearts of millions of people over the years. I do it to see others smile.

Batata has indeed brought joy to the lives of many, including myself. And for that, we thank him with our endless support. Without the lights and cameras, he is a genuine human being with love for this world. Us supports can only reciprocate. Stay connected with Batata and follow him throughout his journey. Being multi-talented, we never know what he may dominate next.

Instagram: @itstherealbatata | YouTube: Batata | Bookings and Collabs:

Teen Entrepreneurs Present ‘The Different Brand’ Clothing Line

The 16-year-old Nicholas Shammo and 17-year-old Anthony Danno launched their clothing line, ‘The Different Brand’, earlier this year. The young-trepreneurs share their vision and how they are, well, different.

Inspired by basketball legend Kobe Bryant, Danno strives to go the extra mile and “outwork others,” he explains. “I started going to the gym at 4 a.m. like Kobe to become as good as he was. I labeled myself as different from others because I knew I was the only person waking up that early to put in the work,” Danno shares.

“The first day I went to the gym I wrote the word “different” on my shoes. It inspired me to work harder than my opponents every time I stepped onto the court.”

Anthony Danno

As co-founder, Shammo plans to expand and create the brand’s very own website. Collaborations with other brands are up and coming. “This summer we will have a new collection with products that have never been seen before,” Shammo shared. This October, the duo plans to give back to the community and support the National Breast Cancer Foundation. In business, charitable giving is much appreciated.

As if they aren’t giving enough, they hold giveaways for friends and fans alike to enter. Andre Drummond, former basketball player for the Detroit Pistons, chose the winner of their first giveaway. (How cool!)

We are super excited for the future […] We could not do it without all of our support from our family and God.

Nicholas Shammo

You can check out their shop here and find your favorite item to rock. Follow on Instagram to follow their journey.

Jordanian Luxe Beauty: Leyali Haddad’s Newest Beauty Line [Interview]

As an Arab-American, Leyali Haddad has exceeded cultural norms and began her career as female entrepreneur.

Her achievements thus far radiate bravery, while her determination to reach success is evidence of her strong-mindedness.

With beauty, brains, and a bold mind, Leyali has founded multiple businesses. Prior to her line, she owned a Middle Eastern restaurant. Her newest business, however, is what I want to present within this article. I had the honor to interview one of the most valiant women I know.

“I come from a bloodline of hustlers. I have to get it,” Leyali stated.

She is a Detroit native, but moved to Austin, Texas at a young 17 years of age. As she watched her dad succeed as a business man, inspiration and a “hustler” mentality was building within.

Jordanian Luxe Beauty consists of several products, such as the Vitamin C serum, illuminating primer, wrinkle recovery serum, and more.

The products are vegan, cruelty-free, and clinical grade. The secret ingredients? Well, Leyali incorporated Arabian skin care remedy ingredients she learned from her Middle Eastern culture.

“I put a lot of hard work and thought into creating the best skincare for all ethnicities with some Arabian secrets. I wanted to add a touch of Mediterranean secret ingredients that truly work for every skin type. “

Leyali Haddad

The beauty industry is competitive, but she is confident that her line will stand out, as her motivation to begin a skin care and beauty line stemmed from her issue of finding the right products for her skin type. There are no “one size fits all” skin care products.

Similar to Rihanna’s ‘Fenty’ line, her goal was to create a line catering to all skin types, especially those that find it difficult to find products fit for ethnic and darker skin tones. (We love diversity.)

“I wanted to design a line of cosmetics welcoming women of mixed ethnicity because I  had trouble finding the right products for my medium-brown skin,” Leyali shared.

My skin type, for example, is both dry and oily. (Is that even a thing?) I am Albanian, but my skin tone is neither light or olive toned, so finding the right products is like finding kryptonite. Jordanian Luxe Beauty welcomes my skin type and the vegan, cruelty-free, and medical grade ingredients make it even better.

As a Mediterranean woman, I’m excited to try this exotic skin care line dashed with Mediterranean secret ingredients. They say secrets do not make friends, but in this case, they make the best of friends. Glowing skin, here I come.

Jordanian Luxe Beauty is The Detroit Entrepreneur approved.

Stay connected on Instagram. @JORDANIANLUXEBEAUTY

R&B Artist Bekah Baby Releases New Album “Good Love” [Interview]

Influenced by Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston, Bekah, professionally known as Bekah Baby, was gifted a voice of her own. Her story is remarkable, inspiring, and most importantly, deserving of recognition.

Bekah was first introduced to music by her father and cousin Sabrina when she was 8 years old, motivating Bekah to learn the piano. Prior to her father’s illness, she made it a goal to learn and play an opera before his passing.

Her love for R&B music developed while she was studying classical piano, organ, and voice throughout high school.

Just recently, Bekah Baby released her album, Good Love, that consists of 10 songs to vibe, smile, and cry to. (Or all at the same time.) I always say that love is best expressed through music, since love songs remind us of feelings that are no longer felt. “Extraordinary” is my personal favorite on Good Love.

When did you start to pursue music as a career?

After teaching overseas, I moved to Atlanta, where I began singing demos for a producer, eventually leading me to begin songwriting on my own. Since moving back to Michigan in 2016 and finishing my Master’s, I got more serious about pursuing it as a career after I did a feature for Poetic Killa in Boston that gained a huge following. Since then I released my freshman album, Moving On, followed by. He Said She Said, which was a collaboration about relationship problems, featuring different rap artists on each track. In the past year, things have really taken off- being booked for several shows, interviews abroad, working on features with hip hop artists in Detroit and throughout the country, and putting out 3 albums – the latest, Good Love released on April 17th and is a completely solo R&B album with a true 90’s vibe.

If you could compare yourself to any past or current artist, who would it be?

I would compare my sound to a combination of Rihanna, Alanis Morisette, Jewel, Jhene Aikotype vibe honestly. It’s like chill but still urban and soulful.

Any influences?

I have huge influences in music…when I was younger, obviously the big ones -Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey- my aim is to create some powerful strong ballads like they used to. But nowadays, I am loving any artist that is brave and bold enough to get out here and unapologetically go after their dream.


Where can people find you?
IG – bekahbabymusic
FB – @bekahbabymusic
Website –
Youtube – bekahbabymusic
Snap – bexahbaby

Recording Artist Harmini Placed In Hollywood Movies [Interview]

Harmini is a recording artist based in Dallas, Texas. His powerful music is faith based, focusing on God’s blessings and triumph over his tribulations.

With all Glory to God, Harmini announces his newest movie placements this year. He is the only independent Christian artist to have music place in 11 movies so far.

The artist has an incredible testimony, inspiring both fans and strangers alike. His interview tells all.

Sidenote: He was recently verified on Instagram. So proud of you, Harmini!

What is the story behind Harmini?

The name “Harmini” actually derives from my sincere love for vocal harmony. Ever since I was a young boy, the sound of human voices singing together always had a major effect on my soul . When I was incarcerated, I would alway encourage the inmates on my cell block to sing along with me. The sound of our voices blending in perfect harmony would ring throughout the halls of the prison. It was one of the ways God gave us freedom while we were locked behind bars. 

Describe your music. 

My music is like a compound of lyrical antioxidants. As a storyteller lyricist, I choose to write songs that are filled with layers of life-giving messages. This means my music can truly benefit people who are willing to apply the principles given to them on each record I write.

Is your music influenced by personal experiences? 

Oh, most definitely. However, I don’t just write songs that are solely focused on my own life experiences. I also write music that represents the voices of other people’s life experiences as well. Such as my song “Against The Ropes” and “Memory Lane”.

Is there anything your fans can be looking forward to in the future? 

Yes! I am working on brand new music that will be released over the next year. I am also working on several new music videos that will also be dropping over the next year. And of course several of the movies I wrote soundtracks for will also be releasing over the next year as well! Such as the movie Brother’s Keeper, starring Laurence Fishburne, Milo Gibson, and Noel G, the movie Smokers, starring Costas Mandylor, Louis Mandylor, and Peter Organ, and the Zombie movie Outbreak Z starring Wesley Snipes. 

As a Christian myself, it is truly wonderful to see artists incorporate their faith and testimony into their music. There are many ways to spread the Gospel. Harmini has chosen to use music as his tool. His purpose is to change lives, save souls, and serve Christ, which he has accomplished.

Can Trust Be Restored After Betrayal? 3 Questions To Ask Yourself

There is something about trust that is universally known. Once it is broken, it will never be the same. Is that myth? A fact?

There is no right or wrong answer.

Personally, I have never restored my trust in a person after a betrayal. Trust me, I tried to do so, but rebuilding trust felt nearly impossible. Here are 3 questions to ask yourself when considering giving someone a second chance.

  1. Are they genuinely sorry? As in, will they never repeat the same offense again? It is hard to judge without giving someone another chance to prove themselves. I believe that the best apology is changed behavior.
  2. Was it intentional or non-intentional? There are cases when a betrayal happens unintentionally. For example, saying hurtful things out of anger, pushing you away when they were depressed, or breaking up with you since they were at a bad point in life. Not too sure about an “I was drunk” scenario. For one, cheating is almost always intentional. Cheaters know what they are doing when committing such actions.
  3. Am I willing to put in the work to build the trust? Rebuilding will take lots of effort. This means controlling a bad habit of bringing up the past and “beating up” the person over and over. You must also control your anger. Anger will always be in the way of forgiveness.

Please note, this is not professional advice, but rather my own experiences. One hard lesson I learned is that forgiveness is a choice.

So, are you willing to forgive?

Our #StayInside Survival Guide

Currently, Michigan is under a quarantine to combat the spread of COVID-19. Think of it this way. Stay at home = Safe at home. How can we be entertained at home? Well, below are 5 ways to keep ourselves busy during this time.

  1. Avoid the pantry. (I say this as I snack on pretzels.) There is such a thing as bored eating. At least, now there is. It seems like the pantry is a popular place to visit. I mean, it is the closest thing to going out to eat, right?
  2. Read a book. Matter of fact, write a book if you’d like. This will keep your mind focused on other forms of entertainment aside from Netflix and social media. Staring at the television for 8+ hours does us no good.
  3. Go on a walk. Yes, going on a walk is perfectly acceptable! We have to work off the extra calories we are consuming somehow.
  4. Start a new hobby. Now is the time to begin that hobby you promised yourself you would start one day. Appreciate this time at home.
  5. Spend time around loves ones. If you do not live with family, Zoom ad FaceTime are alternatives. Our busy lives have kept us distracted from the most important and valuable things in life.

We are all in this together. If this pandemic has taught us one thing, it is the realization that we took things for granted. Please remember, stay at home = safe at home. Hopefully, our #stayinside survival guide has inspired you in some way.

Back to the pantry I go.

Instagram: @DenisaDebocci

Stay Entertained With Clear Colour Media [Interview]

We love good content. I mean, really good content.

Clear Colour Media, founded by Michigan native Alec Sobh, never fails to keep the audience engaged. From their popular Sitch Podcast to live events, the founder has a passion for entertainment.

Rarely would one bother to watch a 40 minute YouTube video, but Clear Colour Media’s The Sitch Podcast will tempt viewers to binge watch episodes. (I am guilty of this.)

One year anniversary episode.

The Sitch Podcast one of the forms of entertainment Clear Colour Media branches off to. Episodes are known for guest interviews, interesting topics, and hilarious pranks. Co-host Jack Cronin’s humor and sarcastic side comments are our favorite.

Live events consist of local artist performances, good music, and overall fun for attendees to experience.

I truly care about the talent we have in our area… Clear Colour Media isn’t just here for the present, it is here for the future.

Alec, Clear Colour Media

The driven entrepreneur had plenty to say to the public. Alec said: “When I created the Sitch Podcast, it was just for fun. It is something I always talked about doing. I quickly realized that it was something more than just a podcast. It was a platform for local talents to gain the recognition they deserve. I’d really like to thank Jack, Griff and all the amazing guests I have had on the show. It is a blessing. Some have tried to imitate what I do, but those who steal ideas are cowards and uncreative. After a trip to Miami, I got heavily inspired. I saw the culture there; the culture of everyone wanting to work together to make it. The “if I make it, we all make it” mentality. I wasn’t even back from my trip and I started to plan live events for local artists to perform, have fun, and connect with other artists. I took a big risk to do the first couple shows, but it paid off. I truly care about the talent we have in our area. I listen to local music more than anything on my playlists. Clear Colour Media isn’t just here for the present. It is here for the future.”

Clear Colour Media is doing things differently, and other similar media outlets cannot help but to be inspired by the level of creativity.

The Detroit Entrepreneur Media is a proud partner.

Stay tuned for new episodes and live events on social media.

Instagram: @ClearColourMedia

YouTube: Clear Colour Media

Introducing Detroit’s Rising Media Personality

Mary is a Michigan State University graduate, influencer, and plans on pursuing media journalism. She will be a familiar face, as she is also one of The Detroit Entrepreneur’s journalists! Also taking on the role of the sole media broadcaster, she is passionate about her skills.

Along with work and school, Mary is a proud Pistons dancer. She has been dancing with the noble sports team for three seasons now.

I am very involved in the community because of the Detroit Pistons, but I also love volunteering on my own time. I provide digital marketing and branding support to 1Flame Festivals and have mentored young children, specifically young women.

Mary Colon

Top Notch NME Luxury Street Clothing in the D

Detroit’s Top Notch NME is a high-end streetwear brand that bridges the gap between streetwear and high end fashion. Their mission is to create a brand that also resonates through all cultures and hints the new culture.

Entrepreneur and founder of Top Notch NME, Craig Washington, had an eye for fashion since he was 13 years old. He would clean offices with his grandma to save money to buy the high end fashion he loved.

I started cutting up old clothes and putting my own twist on it. I started charging friends at school to lace their shoes in crazy designs. I also have a big passion for shoes and quite the collection of Jordan number 11s.

The designer’s mind is focused on making a high-end streetwear brand that delivers great quality with a timeless look.

Top Notch NME is not just a brand… it is a lifestyle.

Top Notch NME also plans to release its signature belt, sunglasses and even purses.

You can also find Top Notch NME below!



Twitter: Check out Top Notch NME (@TopNotchNME):


Top Notch NME King Cobra Shoes:…