If you Haven’t Listen to Nick Ryan’s “Superstar” feat. Tee Grizzley, you’re Missing Out

Nick Ryan is a Michigan based hip hop artist and entrepreneur. Nick was born in California and moved to the Detroit area at a young age. He began to get involved with hip hop music at the early age of 10 years old when he began recording on his 4 track recorder and battle rapping with friends. During his teenage years Nick Ryan continued to record music while starting a business.

After taking some time to focus on his entrepreneurial goals and establishing multiple businesses he was able to take time to record multiple singles in 2021. He will be releasing those singles on the first Friday of every month in 2022 while recording a full length album.

Watch his popular single with Detroit’s Tee Grizzley below:

Stream on Spotify

Fox 2 Interview: How Barber Teef Found Triumph Through Trials

With the beauty industry growing at such a fast pace, there is no doubt that there will be countless talented barbers popping up as well, especially in men’s care. Nevertheless, one who stands out from the rest of them is known as Michigan’s own, Barber Teef. Seamless styles never looked so good.

Located in the emerging place of Garden City, TeamStar Barbershop, founded by the celebrity barber, is home to satisfied customers, with most returning to keep up their fresh fade. The quality, service, and skill does his “star” label justice.

This talented individual has also had the fortunate opportunities to work with all sorts of major clients with big names, some you might just know, such as: Ali Gatie, Sal (XO) Elijah Conner, Piston’s entire basketball team, and his portfolio just keeps growing.

Labeled as a “golden hand” in his industry, his skill is unmatched. It’s no wonder that sources reveal that Barber Teef is the official barber of major label, XO.

Rodney Woodland’s Rising Empire ‘Ballin Detroit’ to Take Over in 2022

Home to intriguing brands, Detroit is a city that many rising and successful entrepreneurs call home. Rodney Woodland happens to be one of the most promising businessmen that the past couple years has to offer. Despite the obstacles. Rodney has established Ballin Detroit, after many closed doors, a challenging journey, and a resilient entrepreneurial spirit.

CEO Rodney Woodland

Unique in a multitude of ways, Ballin Detroit is more than a clothing brand, which is evident through their familiar apparel. There is an ecosystem involving community service, financial literacy, and the growth has no limits. Founded in 2016, with headquarters at his personal apartment, Ballin Detroit started small, but with a big vision. Inspired by the late Nipsey Hussle, Rodney strives to do business directly to the consumer. By eliminating the middlemen, Ballin Detroit is able to provide a personal relationship, friendlier rates, and an overall better experience.

Although the target market includes everyone between the age of 18 to 60 years old, the first supporter was the CEO himself. There is no greater feeling than wearing your own brand company. Their signature apparel get great reactions from audiences, and the distinct styles and stylish logo make the look a must-have. Side note: collaborations are a huge request at the moment!

What’s new for Ballin Detroit? Sources say that the first capsule will release June-July, it is rumored. We can expect nothing but stellar quality, exactly what the CEO aims for and has been providing since 2016.

“I’m really excited about the future and really just how far I came,” says Rodney. “this all just really started from a thought and a lot of ambition.”

How Floss alot Opened Doors Within The Detroit Music Scene

Source: Detroit Rap

The city of Detroit has a music scene rich of talent and passion for music. Amongst them are a handful of influential people in the music business, and one of them is a name known to many: Floss alot. For over 20 years, he has impacted the music business in several forms, and has opened doors for the city’s talents to thrive. It all started when he entered the music game as an artist himself.

For those who may not know, Floss alot is a former artist and founder of Young Boys Intertainment in the mid 90’s. By the year 2000, Floss alot had released two albums and features from the likes of The GAME, Styles P and Jada Kiss along with Royce da 5’9”.

Aiming for an even greater impact, in 2009, Floss alot started the Rosay Boyz where 300 + artists grouped together to represent the brand. Overseeing the movement of that magnitude taught Floss how to work with and guide multiple people with different goals, work ethics, and personalities. This gave him the experience to do business at a high level.

It was 2015 when Floss alot decided to form what would be the foundation for the future Federation Music Group. FMG would go on to mentor, manage, and advise artist, and other music professionals both in and out of Detroit, Michigan. Securing deals with iconic brands such as Apple Music, Roc Nation/Def Jam, 300 Entertainment, Puma, Beats By Dre, as well as the NBA Detroit Pistons franchise. Floss alot is no stranger to corporate boardrooms and getting things done.

Floss alot poses with Def Jam Record’s Big Heff in Detroit, MI

As of lately, Floss alot began forming greater opportunities for artists to be seen and heard, while simultaneously gaining insight from playmakers that artists need to know and network with. The Momma I Made It concert series has provided quality venues for artists to showcase abilities by performing live in front of fans, executives, and their peers, with a valuable prize package for winners. The Panel is a one-on-one performance in a conference room or studio, with special guest radio djs, label execs, and media professionals, all there to provide useful feedback, and build unity amongst the Detroit music industry.

Floss alot releases his official interview with Detroit Rap

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Detroit Artist Mazi Top Releases “Intro” w/ a Bang

Mazi Top is a familiar name in the city, and his 2644 ENT label is in the spotlight with him this year. This month, he released his single “Intro” produced by Vas. The cover art alone catches our attention. Known for his hard hitting bars, Mazi Top gave us only a glimpse of what he has coming this year.

This May, his anticipated EP Toptober will be introduced to audiences, and will include additional tracks to add to your favorite playlists. Out on all streaming platforms, you can find the artist and his diverse catalog.

“I’ve been doing music all my life,” says the rap artist. “Professionally, eight years.”

With many more years to come, since he just got started. Be sure to stream “Intro” below.

Stay tuned for his incoming summer projects with Streetz Luciano titled Str8 Thruz 2 and another EP titled 2644 Gorilla Gang Tha Foundation.

Disrupt Magazine Sheds Spotlight on the Jibawi Brothers – Introducing Bluemoon

Source: LA Weekly

A Los Angeles Empire

Disrupt Magazine is one of the most popular media outlets to shed light on emerging entrepreneurs. With great pride, the Jibawi brothers of a successful family business were able to tell their story. Bluemoon is a high end brand that has branched out into several avenues. Some of their most high-end clients, 6lack, Blueface, NLE Choppa, Lil Moset, CJ, and many others, are familiar with the five star Bluemoon brand the Jibawi brothers have built.

Bluemoon is multi-faceted and has branched out to multiple avenues: a luxe hookah lounge, kitchen apparel, successful five star jeweler, and more. It is a brand proving the family’s entrepreneurial skills, ideas, and combined efforts. The men behind the success are Anas, Omar, Wisam, Mohammed, and Malik Jibawi—all determined to leave a legacy. According to other sources, Omar was able to give the public insight on the Bluemoon mission and accolades. Get ready Los Angeles, because Bluemoon will become a household name.

Omar, one of the six brothers, gave public statements highlighting a glimpse of the rise of Bluemoon.

Let’s start from the beginning. What was the inspiration behind Bluemoon?

The hookah lounge was created based on our heritage. Smoking hookah was and is a tradition in our culture, and we wanted to open our own and bring out our friends. 

The jewelry business came from pawn shops. When I was 19, I ran 13 pawn shops around the Los Angeles area. Most of my brothers ran a pawn shop by themselves and the other shops were being run by various friends and other family members. When the shops started to slow down, I used the money I had to open a jewelry company where we can custom make every piece. At first it was hard, but now 100% of the parts that make up our jewelry pieces are made in house.

Anwar’s Kitchen was opened on the heels of his successful YouTube Career. Anwar first started with Vine and eventually rose to have millions of followers. Once the Vine era ended, he transitioned to YouTube and Instagram. Fast forward to today and he has more than 30 million followers across all platforms.”

That’s incredible. Highlight the main goal of Bluemoon, we’d love to know.

 “The goals of all our businesses is to expand and for them to become household names. Not just in Los Angeles, but the world.”

A support system is key to entrepreneurs. Is there anyone you’d like to credit?

“Our mother. She raised us all by herself in Los Angeles. We’ve all been in trouble more times than we can count and she kept us on our toes. We don’t know how we could ever repay her.”

What’s next for Bluemoon?

Their empire is just getting started, and it is their blend of culture, ideas, and dedication that has given power to the Bluemoon name.

To learn more about the fast-growing family business, visit bluemoonandco.com.

Edgar Chavira is Making a Name for Himself – #TheSpotlight

According to an exclusive recent release on the prestige Disrupt Magazine, Edgar Chavira, public figure and entrepreneur, states that his current prime goal is to make a name for himself. It’s time we introduce the west-coast success story to the east-coast. (We could learn a thing or two.)

Online sources confirm Chavira’s affiliations with Top Tier, Trap University, Ocean Grown Collective, and past work with stars like Fat Boy SSE, Trip Star, Swizzimatic, Raw Young’n, and others. We can also be confident in his abilities in the cannabis industry, as he has found great success at the age of 23 years old with his Ocean Grown Collective start-up.

Social media points to a strong business affiliation with Joshua “Mr. CA Plug” Tenove.

Medium, elite magazine, quotes Edgar Chavira on what drives his motivation.

Medium asked, “Entrepreneurship is difficult to navigate, so what keeps you motivated?” Chavira proudly states, “It’s the thrive off of helping others reach their goal.”

Be on the look out for more news on mister Top Tier, Edgar Chavira.

Motivation Monday: Joshua Tenove, the CA Plug Dominating in his Industry

Joshua Tenove, a.k.a. Mr. CA Plug, is a California-based entrepreneur, who has a diverse portfolio when it comes to business.

With a success story of his own, his passion to educate and influence communities on the same industries that are newly booming after being legal. Once landing Tenove in legal obstacles, the cannabis industry has now become an expertise of his. In 2016, the state of California legalized marijuana, unknowingly planting the seed of a blooming industry.

Like any skilled business-savvy individual, Tenove used that window of time to launch his own company, Highly Legal, which soared to top rated cannabis company in his county, according to Weedmaps, a delivery app. With 5,000 five star ratings, it’s safe to say that Highly Legal set the bar high for competing brands. In 2020, the entrepreneur landed the cannabis brand that earned him the nickname he carries to date: Mr. CA Plug. His partnership with the well-known Trap University boosted his portfolio even greater.

I received a hightimes cannabis cup medal for my product and opened 2 dispensary’s during my time in Oklahoma.

My goal now is to help people establish careers and companies within the industry legally, so that they can spare themselves all the trials and tribulations I had to endure coming from the streets.” – Mr. CA Plug

Motivational Milestones and Impact on U.S. Veterans

Intertwining his passion for impacting communities with his leadership abilities, Tenove partnered with the non-profit Operation 2nd Choice, and the purpose is moving. “Many veterans suffer from the long term use of synthetic psychoactive drugs like antidepressants,” shares Tenove. “This creates an even greater problem for many of these guys, and I offered an all natural alternative with cannabis.” The non-profit organization offers disabled combat veterans low income housing and employment opportunities, and with the help of Tenove, greater opportunities arose.

“I was able to provide many disabled veterans with employment opportunities within the legal cannabis industry, as well as offered them a 2nd choice when it came to medical treatment for their ailments.”

The Results

Ten years after battling an inditement he beat in 2012, the fearless leader has achieved and accomplished the unthinkable. While Tenove’s stories may be your motivation this Monday, the father has one source of motivation: his children.

To stay connected with Mr. CA Plug: Instagram

Amer Bally & Troy Mayor Ethan Baker Cut the Ribbon to the New Bally Team Location 

A lavender ribbon to be exact.

The Detroit Entrepreneur selected Amer Bally as a recipient of the 30 Under 30 in 2020, knowing fully what the dedicated individual was capable of. Today, he hosted the grand opening of The Bally Team powered by UMortgage in Troy, MI. 

We had the pleasure of attending the event, and it was full of supporters. We were happily a part of the crowd. 

Side by side with the Mayor of Troy, Ethan Baker, they cut the ribbon with the iconic giant grand opening scissors, officially announcing the new office. 

“My team is the best team in America,” Bally announced.

Amer Bally speaks to crowd at the grand opening event.

Always giving back to the community, Bally generously donated $25 per attendee to Gleaner’s Food Bank. 

Currently the #1 mortgage broker / loan officer in the State of Michigan, his drive and integrity is leading him towards #1 in the country. 

Ethan Baker, Mayor of the city of Troy, MI, reads and hands Amer Bally an honorable plaque.

Amer Bally, #1 Michigan Mortgage Broker Joins UMortgage

TROY, Mich., Jan. 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — UMortgage, a fast-growing national mortgage company, continues its nationwide expansion – today, announcing that Troy, Michigan-based mortgage brokerage The Bally Team has joined its corporate portfolio.

The Bally Team, founded in 2018, has become one of the mortgage industry’s biggest success stories – already the second-largest mortgage brokerage in Michigan, helping more than 2,000 families achieve the dream of homeownership. The company is spearheaded by 27-year-old Amer Bally, the top-ranked loan officer in Michigan and No. 83 overall loan officer in the country. In 2020, Bally was recognized as a “30 Under 30” winner by The Detroit Entrepreneur.

In addition to supporting homeownership and financial literacy throughout Michigan, The Bally Team has supported more than 15,000 Michigan families through charitable donations, as part of its “Bally Giveback” initiative with Detroit-based Gleaners Food Bank.

“Joining UMortgage is an exciting and humbling experience, and speaks to the importance of prioritizing your business around doing right by people,” said Amer Bally, Branch Manager of The Bally Team. “At The Bally Team, we’re passionate about going the extra mile to promote financial literacy and educate people on the affordable homeownership opportunities that exist. Knowing the UMortgage team operates on those same principles, this partnership will create even stronger, long-lasting benefits to Michigan residents.”

Philadelphia-based UMortgage, operated by mortgage industry veteran Anthony Casa, has a mission of providing financial literacy to more consumers throughout the country, with an emphasis on underserved communities.

“Amer is one of the hungriest loan officers in the mortgage industry and his passion, both for his team and his clients, have made him a leader in the broker channel,” said Anthony Casa, President of UMortgage. “His relentless drive for continued improvement and commitment to empowering people through financial literacy aligns perfectly with our goals at UMortgage.”

The Bally Team will host a ribbon-cutting ceremony to mark its official grand opening on Thursday, Jan. 27 at 5pm EST. The event will take place at 1050 Wilshire Dr., Suite 300, Troy, MI 48084.

About UMortgage

UMortgage is a purpose-driven mortgage company committed to serving their Loan Originators and community at large. Each Loan Originator offers consumers the personalized touch of working with a Broker in their backyard while maintaining the support and resources of a nationally licensed company. Licensed nationwide, they are trailblazing a path in the mortgage industry that is streamlined, modernized, and values-driven. For more information, visit umortgage.com or email media@umortgage.com.

Media Contact:
Corie Meredith

SOURCE UMortgage

Denisa Debocci Speaks on Female Entrepreneurs

Our Founder and CEO, Denisa Debocci, is an advocate for female entrepreneurs. Taking the courageous leap of faith into business ownership, she began to build foundations for both her own endeavors and others’.

We asked about her thoughts on modern day business, and why female entrepreneurs are on the rise.

Decades ago, you would seldom see women in positions that we see now. Along with the advancement of societal beliefs, it’s safe to say that women have evolved. We’re becoming greater and greater with each generation. That was the goal from the very start.

Denisa on her thought about the changes.

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Tez the Don Gives The Great Depression a Whole New Meaning w/ the Release of his New Album

Michigan’s own Tez the Don dropped another quality project this week titled “The Great Depression”. However, he gives an entirely new meaning to these three words known for the collapse of American economy. After all, it’s the unmatched creative Tez we’re talking. The seven titles of each song give us a preview of what he’s presented. 

If you haven’t had the chance to hear it yet, stream the album on all your favorite streaming platforms. If you happen to live in the greater Detroit area, pay attention to the billboards. There you will see the icon in the making: Tez the Don. The billboard milestone is a grand one for the artist. 

Seven singles totaling 20 minutes and 20 seconds feed the soul. The Detroit Entrepreneur Media describes it as “time well spent.” Tez the Don is born and based in Michigan, yet strives  to reach audiences worldwide. With the drive and mastermind he possesses, that time is almost here. He does his “The Don” name justice indeed. 

Follow on Instagram here | Stream Below

The Zahara Red Brand: An Empowering Movement on the Rise

Written by: Denisa Debocci

If empowerment was a color, it would be red. Zahara Red that is. CEO, Entrepreneur and Author, Zahara Red, has a vision. The skills that endurance and ambition gives a woman are tastefully used by the emerging public figure. She made her debut as an author with the release of her novel A Dip Into the Forbidden. With goals of giving others a sense of confidence and power, Zahara is currently rebranding her cosmetics line Zahara Red Cosmetics (ZRC). Consisting of simplicity and boldness, the cosmetics line welcomes and compliments all facial features. The goal: build women up. “When a woman puts on a red lip, confidence enters the room,” shares the CEO.

“We wear a red lip because it’s OK to be BOLD.”

@zahararedcosmetics – message from the SHEo

Endorsed by The Detroit Entrepreneur this year, Zahara has proven that us females are capable of what we or society may deem impossible. We face our obstacles a day at a time, continuing to keep our eyes on the prize. And a ruby red lip wouldn’t hurt anybody. After all, bold is the goal.

She is a role model with many other achievements outside of her business endeavors. Personally, I support the Zahara Red movement by simply following rising public figure, Zahara, and wearing that signature lip. Adhering to the Detroit Entrepreneur beliefs, I prefer to support local brands and business. Major beauty brands all started with a vision at the starting line as well, so let’s get Zahara Red Cosmetics there as well by supporting her page here.

Any Kindle readers? Great news! The online version of her book just went live. We invite you to read A Dip Into the Forbidden on Kindle here.

Meet DPD’s 2021 Women in Blue Officer of the Year: Zahara Madahah


Holding her Spirit of Detroit award as well, Zahara Madaha proudly, yet humbly smiles for the press.

Held in June, the “Women in Blue Officer of the Year” award was proudly announced by the Detroit Police Department (DPD) and The Detroit Entrepreneur wants to congratulate our very own pubic figure: Zahara Madahah. As a company that has endorsed the powerful woman this summer as well, we can confidently say she earned every award and certificate held in her hand the day of the announcement. “I was shocked,” Madahah admits. But her courageous years of service and dedication lead her to this milestone.

Chief James Craig of DPD pictured with Madahah

Outside of her DPD role, she is a successful author and entrepreneur. It is clear that the true title she carries is leader. Watch media video release below:

Stay tuned for more updates.

Heat in the Street: “Would You Mind?” – Ruante x Dre Butterz

Emerging artist Ruante, who was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan grew up in the church and at an early age he developed a passion for music. As a teen he wrote songs and studied the art of making timeless records. Being influenced by Usher, Ne-Yo, Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones. This Detroit native was determined to make authentic and substantial music. Ruante’s sound has a 90s vibe mixed in with today’s bounce and smooth melodies.

Ruante remains devoted to connecting with his listeners and other artists to deliver timeless and inspirational music. After releasing a few songs and receiving such positive feedback, Ruante wanted to perfect his craft the best he can. His most recent song “Would You Mind?” has been buzzing and this is just the start of what is to come. This talented singer/songwriter is simply a refreshing, thought-provoking voice for today’s music and he is definitely one to watch out for.

Instagram: @iam_LaRuante
Email: Ruantemusic@gmail.com

How ‘Abu Batata’ Became a Pioneer in Arab-American Talent Worldwide

An Introduction

Hailing from the Bay Area in a state that birthed entertainment, Batata, notoriously recognized as Abu Batata from YouTube’s viral series “Arab Driving School”, is a pioneer in talent. His Palestinian roots are a key factor in his impact in the Arab community. This self-made entrepreneur, talent, YouTube star, and artist has beat the minute odds of achieving high-status recognition.

The competition was minimal at the start of his career in entertainment, as he was one of the first to do what he was meant to do: bring joy to others with his humor, bring positivity to lives, and to passionately stand up for the voiceless.

A Pioneer in Arab American Talent

His YouTube content left an ever-lasting impact and influence on future Arab-American comedy and other YouTube stars. It is safe to state that Batata has reached a milestone people spend a lifetime to reach: to become a household name. His 100+ million accumulated views and counting have brought families together, awakened masses, and most importantly, served as a motivator to continue to dominate in his industry and community. In the words of Batata, this is all for them: the people.

Music | Podcast | Upcoming Endeavors

With many avenues in entertainment being pursued, he is boldly and successfully executing music, his own show, and future surprises to be soon announced. In 2020, his hit collaboration with Eddy Mack and Matthew Bento, “Buss Down Ting”, was featured on Thisis50, and recognized as the summer anthem. Soon to release a new single, his fanbase is anticipating yet another hit. Featured on The Source as a hit of the year, “I Don’t Want to Talk” has caught the attention of audiences beyond his current fanbase and reached top media outlets. “I Don’t Want to Talk” focused on confidence and labeled the “flex anthem.” What he does want to talk, however, is the launch of his brand new podcast, Batata Talks. This judgement-free podcast/show is perfectly fitted for a host like him. Raw and uncut, the podcast doesn’t solely focus on humor and engagement with viewers and listeners, he also speaks on topics often swept under the rug in his community.

It is evident that the YouTube star is not only remaining as a pillar in his field, but emerging into something even greater. 2021 holds promising announcements, and you all should stay tuned.

Instagram | YouTube | “Arab Driving School” | Music

Annamation’s Single “Solo” is Giving us 2000’s Nostalgia

Official cover art of “Solo”

We love us a pop singer that takes us back to the 2000’s. Annamation got it right with her single, “Solo”.

Originally from the Bay Area in sunny California, Annamation was exposed to music as a child. Coming from an area home to many talents, it’s no wonder why she belonged there by fate.

Annamation is known for her harmonies. One can easily call her voice liquid gold. The hint of auto tune and voice layering is just right, but nothing in the Cher zone. It’s perfectly tuned, no pun intended.

The music video to “Solo” also is edited to give us the visuals of those bulky old cameras captured on VHS.

Be sure to check out the Michigan based artist, and stay tuned for more releases from Annamation on the way this year.

P.S. She’s a keeper.

Follow on her on Instagram here

How Youssef TAHA Became the Most Sought After International Model

Brands seek the best of the best and nothing less. Ambassadors play a crucial role in a brand’s image, and international model, entrepreneur, and influencer Youssef TAHA has proven to be one of the most sought after ambassadors for brands worldwide. This Morrocan-born public figure is a hot commodity in the brand world, and the list keeps growing. Labeled as a model with a new wave in fashion on Influencive.com, it’s clear that he is in high-demand.

From rising brands to established lines, the impact and awarenesses he brings is unmatched. With plans of founding his own fashion brand in the future, Youssef makes it a priority to understand the process of a brand’s growth. Throughout the journey, he realized how important a brand ambassador is.

Instagram @djeporov | Brand: Sik Silk

Despite the slow down of 2020, Youssef broke through and is now reaping what he has sown the past year.

In addition to his career as a entrepreneur with multiple business ventures, he is a certified financial auditor, graduating from “National School of Commerce & Management – ENCG” in his hometown of Agadir, Morocco.

We encourage all brands to branch out on an international level, and what better ambassador to decide on than Youssef TAHA? Nearing 200,000 loyal followers, his audience becomes your audience.

To collaborate with the highest in demand influencer, email at djeparov.collab@gmail.com

Connect on Instagram here and be sure to check out Youssef’s features on Yahoo and Influencive !

Announcing Our First Annual 30 Under 30

With great honor, we at The Detroit Entrepreneur present to you our first annual 30 Under 30 list. This year, the world was faced with huge obstacles, but it did not stop these people we are going to introduce to you. It is the spirit of leadership that brings dedication, motivation, and courage to life.

It is with even greater honor to announce that our 1st 30 Under 30 campaign will be in memory of Australia Day and Rashan Johnson.

When I was 19, I struggled as a teen business owner. I lacked the resources and community to keep me standing. The Detroit Entrepreneur is the outcome of hard lessons I learned early on. My goal was to create a platform where businesses, entrepreneurs, and talents alike can connect with. I wanted to create a powerhouse of everything one with a dream might need, and I did just that.

I founded and registered the company in January of 2020, and we reached #1 in our category in less than a year. Now, we are established enough to proudly be recognized as a top online magazine, trusted brand, and be able to showcase 2020’s best.

We couldn’t have done it without our lead sponsor: Hart Dushaj Agency. It’s an honor to be partnered with Forbes’ Top Places to Work at #24. | They are hiring motivated individuals like you, apply here.

Special thanks to our supporting sponsors: COMPLEXION | Complete Dominance | A Girl Like Me | Top Notch NME | Violeta – Giovanna | Picturesque Digital Services |

Official 30 Under 30 ROSTER

Malik D. Singleton | Entrepreneur

Malik De’ Vonte Singleton, entrepreneur, humanitarian, and award winning leader, has taken 2020 by storm. His strength and perseverance is most admired by The Detroit Entrepreneur.

Malik is also a 2020 Entrepreneurial Excellence recipient. The impact he has made through his philanthropist work in the community cannot be described with words.

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Devankar Mukhi | Social Entrepreneur

A current 4th year student at Wayne State University, Devankar Mukhi was President of the WSU Rotaract Club from 2017-2019; Rotaract is the collegiate level of Rotary International, an international humanitarian organization that provides relief in over 200 countries. Precovid Devankar started a project called Green New Detroit (GND), an environmental educational startup. Early 2021, he will be cohosting a podcast that will be focusing on having through, deep, meaningful conversations with passion game-changers around the world that are solving the toughest challenges of society.

Learn More

Gmac Cash | Artist, Comedian

Known for his lyrical skills, parody songs, and impact on the community, Gmac Cash took the stage during 2020.

Gaining national attention from his hit “Coronavirus” and “Big Gretch”, this year was his year.

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Christen Devani | Entrepreneur

CEO and Founder of Polished Puckers LLC, Christen Devani, was just 8 years old when she started her business. After a constant struggle with her own health and beauty needs, Christen founded a brand that would help others in her shoes. She would go on to gain statewide attention.

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Jamahal Hill | Mixed Martial Artist UFC Undefeated

The undefeated Jamahal Hill continues to make Michigan proud. The sharp mixed martial artist made his UFC debut in January this year, and is just getting started.

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Devaughn Ballinger | Dancer, Choreographer

Devaughn Ballinger is a visionary and pillar in the community.  Devaughn’s autobiography entitled A Crack Baby Called Miracle recently released, and he hopes the book will encourage the next generation of visionaries and performers. The Detroit School of Arts graduate founded his dance company Believe3 in 2014, to which he serves as its lead choreographer and creative director. The company, now 6 years strong, has proven to be a dynamic force in the dance community, and was recently certified as a 501(c)(3) organization.

D’ Andre J. Herron | Business Owner

This business owner is well educated, well connected, and well respected. Nicknamed The Godfather of Detroit, D’ Andre J. Herron is most known for his business, community, and entertainment endeavors.

He is the owner of ERD Technology, LLC, 58 Homes 58 Families (Non Profit) and an affiliate of his brother’s music label: Seldom Seen Entertainment.

Mohimen Mahbuba

Netflix welcomed its first Iraqi – Arabic dialogue Hollywood film, Mosul, in November this year. Mohimen Mahbuba, Dearborn native and Iraqi-American, starred in the film as a supporting role.

Mosul is based on a true story that took place during 2016’s Battle of Mosul.

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Brianna Washington

Brianna “Bosslady” Washington, is a multimedia Journalist, radio personality, host, and entrepreneur. she works for the #1 hip-hop radio station in Central Texas as an entertainment reporter and personality while also co-owning and operating the only black-owned women’s boutique in downtown Frankfort, KY. 

Thus far, some of my most significant accomplishments include giving local artists the platform to get their music discovered, supplying jobs and entrepreneurship tips for students at my Alma Mater, and curating women empowerment events for the TX community,” she tells us.

Keyon Clinton | Entrepreneur

Keyon Clinton is not a statistic. After graduating from Michigan State University, he knew that he had a bigger calling in life. Once he retired his career as an engineer at 28, Keyon pursued true calling in life: impacting others. Keyon is an advocate for execution who delivers life
changing messages through his worldwide message of becoming 1% Better every day. This led him to becoming an award-winning International Speaker. Sharing his story to inspire others has also led him to becoming a Best-Selling Author of Healing The Living Dead “Habits that shift you from a Morgue mentality to a Forbes mentality”. Keyon became a two-time award-winning bodybuilder and created the 1% Better Nation …

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Noah | Kid-Entrepreneur

Noah’s Lemonade became a household name since he began making lemonade with his grandpa since he was only four years old.

He’s a multi award winning kid entrepreneur, and this is yet another one of his wins. In the future, he plans on attending Harvard University to become a Astrophycisist. The star has been featured in media nationwide.

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Derrick Mayes Jr. | Entrepreneur

Derrick Mayes Jr., CEO of Mayes Marketing, is originally from Detroit, MI. In 2019, he started Mayes Marketing Agency as a freshman in college, all while he was attending North Central College double majoring in Business Management and Marketing.

He has now implemented a music side that consists of Public Relations (PR) services. Slowly emerging into a media powerhouse himself, Mayes is excited for 2021.

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Bri Makaric | Business Owner

Bri Makaric of BRITE Bites founded the holy grail of probiotic nutrition. With the help of Michigan State University, she started her own company and nutritious BRITE Bites.

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Michael Conley | Entrepreneur

Michael Conley aka Tailored Ankles, is a dapper stylist. Featured in Walk Fashion Show Magazine and Seen Magazine, it’s safe to say he leaves an impression. His nickname “Tailored Ankles” roots from him wearing his pants either with a cuff or tailored above the ankle to fully expose his loafers. His six years in dapper fashion lead him to join Gentlemen’s Den. “We are a culture shock to the fashion community of Detroit,” Michael tells us.

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Photography @DarrienPope

AYO Sk3tch | Artist

Impacting Detroit in his own way, the Boston-born artist has played a key factor in music development. AYO Sk3tch topped charts, reached record numbers in his career, and is only goal up from here.

He’s been recognized on an international level, but we at The Detroit Entrepreneur still want to recognize him locally.

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Deonte “Chewy” Cooper | Entrepreneur

Chew Chewy Entertainment isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Deonte “Chewy” Cooper impacted the entertainment industry, opened doors, and played a key role in the careers of many in the music scene. His portfolio is unmatched.

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Amer Bally | Real Estate

Amer Bally of The Bally Team has become a familiar face and name. His high ranking success and motivation landed him in this year’s 30 Under 30 list.

Among all his awards, he is currently a top 1% Loan Officer in the nation. If you haven’t heard of Amer Bally yet, you have now.

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Torohn Yancey | Entrepreneur

With an incredible testimony, Torohn Yancey is a true success story. The young leader overcame homelessness, doubt, and pain, and pursued a business idea that flourished. After years of trouble during school years, he turned his destiny around and signed to play college football at Dakota College of Bottineau. His story caught media attention, and it remains an inspiration to those that are starting from the bottom.

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Kyree Johnson | Entrepreneur

Kyree’s Kandy Stop CEO, Kyree Johnson, has a sweet future ahead. His candy bags are filled with all your favorite treats! Kyree’s dream is to have his own candy vending machine business one day.

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Karter Johnson | Entrepreneur

The Popcorn and Books CEO and reading advocate possess true passion for fighting illiteracy.

Karter Johnson continues to make an impact with his book subscription boxes and upcoming book feature.

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Calvin Carey Jr. | Entrepreneur

Calvin Carey Jr. is the founder of Gentlemen’s Den, a men’s fashion & lifestyle brand based here in Detroit. The brand is emerging into a society and culture platform for black men. It’s the first of its kind and the beginning of a major impactful brand. Anticipating his future modeling agency, it’s safe to say 2021 will also be his year.

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Nicholas Shammo | Entrepreneur

Sylvia Thomas a young emerging entrepreneur and the president of a nonprofit that has helped provide food and hygiene products for incarcerated inmates during the pandemic. She also has maintained over 10,000 foreclosures and abandon homes in the Detroit area. Sylvia owns The House of Detroit located in Royal Oak during the pandemic and has employed 5 individuals and counting.  Not only has she encouraged other women to pursue their dreams in business and entrepreneurship; she has helped others start their businesses as well.

Dasia Johnson | Entrepreneur, Mental Health Advocate

Dasia Johnson is a business owner, advocate, and coach. She has dedicated her life to providing resources and support to those dealing with mental health related issues.

Her brand, OBLIVION, recently launched, & is a product of her own personal mental health journey.

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Joseph Tompkins | Entrepreneur

Joseph R.Tompkins is the Founder and CEO of the Coalition for Black Success and Black Success Clothing. He’s a native of Detroit, Michigan and a renowned entrepreneur. Joseph is a member of Forbes the Culture and was recently nominated to be on the 2020 & 2021 Forbes 30under30 list. He’s an eight-year veteran of the United States Army and passionate about helping people from all walks of life especially people of color. Joseph and The Black Success Movement firmly believes in hard work, persistence, and consistency. While always jumping at the opportunity to give back to the community by Hosting Events and Partnering with Businesses in the city for food/coat drives and also sponsoring events to promote Black culture and Growth. His greatest accomplishment remains been a father to his children Aiden and Ayanna, who are his daily motivation to succeed.

Mary Colon | Entrepreneur

Mary Colon graduated from Michigan State University’s College of Communication Arts and Sciences. She majored in advertising with a minor in sales leadership, but also has coursework in videography and broadcast journalism. Mary has held positions in automotive advertising, including digital marketing for the Cadillac brand. During this, Mary balanced dancing for the Detroit Pistons Dancers for 2 seasons. Over the summer, Mary interned for The Detroit Entrepreneur, but now she works in media sales and as a brand ambassador for VADE Nutrition.

Eddy Mack | Artist

Eddy Haddad, professionally known as Eddy Mack, calls Detroit home. The artist recently celebrated 1 million streams on both Spotify and Apple Music. Currently residing in LA, we are proud to be the start of his success story.

Christian Gojcaj | Entrepreneur | AIL

In 2017, Christian Gojcaj joined Hart Dushaj Agency, and he is currently an internationally top ranked mid level executive. Soon to be promoted to senior executive, his dedication and drive surpasses the average leader. It makes sense, as he has been working since he was only 15 years old. Christian possesses a Bachelors in Health Science. Originally, he planned on becoming a Physicians Assistant, but left the once-dream and listened to his entrepreneurial spirit.

Mike Willits | Entrepreneur

Nicholas Shammo | Entrepreneur

Founded this year, The Different Brand was launched by two teen entrepreneurs, one of them being the then 16 year old Nicholas Shammo.

Since then, the brand has evolved and continues to be an inspiration to other young, ambitious entrepreneurs.

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Anthony Danno | Entrepreneur

Anthony Danno, second co-founder of The Different Brand , founded the clothing line at just 17 years old.

The message it stands for and the message he gives is what makes his brand, well, different. With more designs on the way, 2021 will be another year of growth for the co-founders.

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‘Violeta Giovanna’ Launches Next Best Accessory Business

Violeta Giovanna Welcomes All Fashionistas

With a vision for showcasing the next best thing in children’s accessories, ‘Violeta Giovanna’ created a unique, diverse product for unique, diverse fashionistas. This week, they launched their Violeta Giovanna headbands, which are interchangeable to match any outfit. Gone are the days of finding an outfit to match accessories. (Moms and Dads know what we mean). Now, there is an accessory that will compliment all styles, both casual and formal. From toddlers to pre-teens, the brand made an impression with a product ever so diverse.


Best friends since high school, Violeta Gjolaj and Giovanna Special always dreamed of one day starting a business together, specifically fashion. Originally, the vision was a fashion line for jeans and various clothing items. Years down the line, the passion and determination to start a line was still present, but there was only a sight difference. They would focus on children’s accessories. Both are now mothers of loving, wonderful children.

We came up with this interchangeable headband idea and would love to grow our business with several variations.  We decided to take our ideas and start our own business.  We have all kinds of ideas that we’d love to add to our accessory and fashion line in the near future.

Violeta & Giovanna

How do they work?

To start, the headbands currently come in three colors: white, black, and pink. Making the accessory even more awesome, it also comes with a flower and bow that can be interchanged easily. The trick? It’s simple, magnets! Yes, the magnets keep the bow or flower in place, yet are easily interchangeable. Even last minute outfit changes or sassy, indecisive fashionistas do not faze Violeta Giovanna accessories.

To shop Violeta Giovanna, click their website here or connect with them on their socials below.

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