Snap Dogg Partners with GANS Detroit Cannabis to Lead Cannabis Revolution (Now Launched)

With recreational cannabis now being legal in Michigan, it is safe to say that the industry is booming. Launched this week, GANS is set to rank as the top quality new cannabis brand to be available. The street crafted cannabis has cultivated and presented 13 strains to its market. Also making headlines, Snap Dogg, popular Detroit rapper, partnered with GANS. Raising brand awareness to Detroit 1701 and this Detroit Cannabis Revolution, the collaboration is a perfect recipe to bloom to the top. Quality happens to be a priority, and they are successfully providing just that.

Est. 2021

Snap Dogg is a known name in the community and nationwide, with an upcoming album on the way. By representing GANS, it is only a matter of time before the hip hop and rap community get hip to the next best cannabis brand to the streets. After all, they do represent themselves as street crafted cannabis. 

“GANS is the new kid on the block,” GANS shares on social media, “and we plan on taking over.” 

How they will they do so? Well, we believe that cannabis lovers will become “best buds” after trying one of their 13 quality strains. From Purple Pancakes to Killer Bee, all strains have been grown and cultivated in GANS’ licensed Michigan based facility. “Michigan’s own – Detroit grown,” as they say state. 

Endorsed by The Detroit Entrepreneur, the rise of GANS Street Cannabis has just begun. 

Connect on Instagram: @gansdetroit