#NewHeat Young Ra Ft. Boss Bread “Thot For The Tik Tok”

From an early age, Young Ra has proven that he is a multifaceted entertainer of fathomless talent. From rapper, actor, songwriter, producer, writer and director, he personifies what it candidly means to be an entertainer. Young Ra is a Detroit based artist notoriously known for his hit song “Uh Oh” featuring popular rapper Sada Baby and Lexxi Morang. Currently, Young Ra is getting mainstream radio Recognition on the hottest HipHop stations in Atlanta, Chicago and Detroit. He has secured a production deal with Maverick for his upcoming film, “Makin It” starring Clifton Powell (Pinky from the movie Friday) and Tray Chaney (TV show The Wire/Saints & Sinners), has an endorsement deal with Cult of Individuality and a partnership Sony’s The Orchard. His latest works include: The Bodie Bradus Story (2020), Truthless (2021), The Opps (2021) and Making It (2021).  For the latest follow Young_Ra on all social media platforms.

Born Azarel (meaning “God’s Helper”) Chappell, BO$$ BREAD, is a Detroit Native born and raised on the lower Eastside.  From prison to the studio, Bo$$ Bread released his hit single “The Bo$$ is back”, where he won first place at Coast 2 Coast Detroit Live Edition.  Bo$$ Bread is a artist, songwriter and producer Who’s influenced by many Detroit legends such as Streetlordz, Royce da 5’9, Trick Trick and Eminen. His latest Ep, “The accidental come up”, highlights the true nature of his artistry in “I swear I Just Do What They Can’t”.  Bo$$ Bread is a distinguished entertainer. To stay up to date Follow @BossBread313 on all social media platforms.

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