The Zahara Red Brand: An Empowering Movement on the Rise

Written by: Denisa Debocci

If empowerment was a color, it would be red. Zahara Red that is. CEO, Entrepreneur and Author, Zahara Red, has a vision. The skills that endurance and ambition gives a woman are tastefully used by the emerging public figure. She made her debut as an author with the release of her novel A Dip Into the Forbidden. With goals of giving others a sense of confidence and power, Zahara is currently rebranding her cosmetics line Zahara Red Cosmetics (ZRC). Consisting of simplicity and boldness, the cosmetics line welcomes and compliments all facial features. The goal: build women up. “When a woman puts on a red lip, confidence enters the room,” shares the CEO.

“We wear a red lip because it’s OK to be BOLD.”

@zahararedcosmetics – message from the SHEo

Endorsed by The Detroit Entrepreneur this year, Zahara has proven that us females are capable of what we or society may deem impossible. We face our obstacles a day at a time, continuing to keep our eyes on the prize. And a ruby red lip wouldn’t hurt anybody. After all, bold is the goal.

She is a role model with many other achievements outside of her business endeavors. Personally, I support the Zahara Red movement by simply following rising public figure, Zahara, and wearing that signature lip. Adhering to the Detroit Entrepreneur beliefs, I prefer to support local brands and business. Major beauty brands all started with a vision at the starting line as well, so let’s get Zahara Red Cosmetics there as well by supporting her page here.

Any Kindle readers? Great news! The online version of her book just went live. We invite you to read A Dip Into the Forbidden on Kindle here.