Meet DPD’s 2021 Women in Blue Officer of the Year: Zahara Madahah


Holding her Spirit of Detroit award as well, Zahara Madaha proudly, yet humbly smiles for the press.

Held in June, the “Women in Blue Officer of the Year” award was proudly announced by the Detroit Police Department (DPD) and The Detroit Entrepreneur wants to congratulate our very own pubic figure: Zahara Madahah. As a company that has endorsed the powerful woman this summer as well, we can confidently say she earned every award and certificate held in her hand the day of the announcement. “I was shocked,” Madahah admits. But her courageous years of service and dedication lead her to this milestone.

Chief James Craig of DPD pictured with Madahah

Outside of her DPD role, she is a successful author and entrepreneur. It is clear that the true title she carries is leader. Watch media video release below:

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