Top 5 Recording Studios in Michigan: Home of Entertainment

Welcoming many talents in music, it is safe to say that Motown inspired the future generation of musicians. From soul to hip hop/rap, rising creatives are proudly putting Detroit and its surrounding neighborhoods on the map. Our experiences with local artists lead us to the realization that the entertainment business is crucial to the success of artists. With this being said, we have put together a list of 5 recording studios in Michigan that have produced some of your favorite songs by both local and mainstream artists.

#1: Royal House Recording

Now, this is a given. Royal House Recording remains as one of the most popular recording studios in the area. Along with its top-of-the-line industry level equipment, it holds much more than the average studio: chef’s kitchen/dining room, gymnasium, basketball court, outdoor space/fire pit, and more.

#2: Parallel Sounds Studio (The A Team)

Another given. On the rise as one of fastest expanding recording studios, Parallel Sounds skyrocketed in the local music scene within the past year. Along with music artists, podcast recording space is available. There is even comfortable lounging and a great atmosphere for those joining in studio sessions. Phil Saponaro aka MixedByPhilip, founder and head engineer, has an even greater vision for the brand. Book now to work with “The A Team.”

#3: Tempermills

Another popular spot to record. All the equipment and quality producers an up and coming creative may need is located at this home for musicians. Positive reviews and quality music earned them a well-deserved spot at #3 on our list. To see for yourself, click and book.

#4: Metro 37

Coming in at number 4, this spot provides all things music and more. Proudly located in Michigan, it is projected that the spot will soon birth some iconic artists in the near future. Coincidently, a featured artist on The Detroit Entrepreneur recorded a fan favorite here.

#5: Rustbelt

Finally, number 5. Their contributions to the music scene speaks for itself. This past year, our affiliates have had great experience at this location, making them one of the recording studios we have received nothing but positive feedback from.

Stay tuned for next month’s top list on five small business brands to buy from.