How ‘Abu Batata’ Became a Pioneer in Arab-American Talent Worldwide

An Introduction

Hailing from the Bay Area in a state that birthed entertainment, Batata, notoriously recognized as Abu Batata from YouTube’s viral series “Arab Driving School”, is a pioneer in talent. His Palestinian roots are a key factor in his impact in the Arab community. This self-made entrepreneur, talent, YouTube star, and artist has beat the minute odds of achieving high-status recognition.

The competition was minimal at the start of his career in entertainment, as he was one of the first to do what he was meant to do: bring joy to others with his humor, bring positivity to lives, and to passionately stand up for the voiceless.

A Pioneer in Arab American Talent

His YouTube content left an ever-lasting impact and influence on future Arab-American comedy and other YouTube stars. It is safe to state that Batata has reached a milestone people spend a lifetime to reach: to become a household name. His 100+ million accumulated views and counting have brought families together, awakened masses, and most importantly, served as a motivator to continue to dominate in his industry and community. In the words of Batata, this is all for them: the people.

Music | Podcast | Upcoming Endeavors

With many avenues in entertainment being pursued, he is boldly and successfully executing music, his own show, and future surprises to be soon announced. In 2020, his hit collaboration with Eddy Mack and Matthew Bento, “Buss Down Ting”, was featured on Thisis50, and recognized as the summer anthem. Soon to release a new single, his fanbase is anticipating yet another hit. Featured on The Source as a hit of the year, “I Don’t Want to Talk” has caught the attention of audiences beyond his current fanbase and reached top media outlets. “I Don’t Want to Talk” focused on confidence and labeled the “flex anthem.” What he does want to talk, however, is the launch of his brand new podcast, Batata Talks. This judgement-free podcast/show is perfectly fitted for a host like him. Raw and uncut, the podcast doesn’t solely focus on humor and engagement with viewers and listeners, he also speaks on topics often swept under the rug in his community.

It is evident that the YouTube star is not only remaining as a pillar in his field, but emerging into something even greater. 2021 holds promising announcements, and you all should stay tuned.

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