Annamation’s Single “Solo” is Giving us 2000’s Nostalgia

Official cover art of “Solo”

We love us a pop singer that takes us back to the 2000’s. Annamation got it right with her single, “Solo”.

Originally from the Bay Area in sunny California, Annamation was exposed to music as a child. Coming from an area home to many talents, it’s no wonder why she belonged there by fate.

Annamation is known for her harmonies. One can easily call her voice liquid gold. The hint of auto tune and voice layering is just right, but nothing in the Cher zone. It’s perfectly tuned, no pun intended.

The music video to “Solo” also is edited to give us the visuals of those bulky old cameras captured on VHS.

Be sure to check out the Michigan based artist, and stay tuned for more releases from Annamation on the way this year.

P.S. She’s a keeper.

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