Choir Boi Cartier: Introducing Detroit’s True King of R&B

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Known for talent, the city of Detroit is home to many artists that have made music history.

On his way to doing just that, we introduce Choir Boi Cartier, a.k.a Detroit’s King of R&B. With a nick name like that, he is on his way to the top.

In addition to claiming the title of the King of R&B, he claimed his Spotify plaque late 2020 for his hit, “Ferrari”. Now entering the new year, he is sure to collect many more in 2021.

This month, he takes the stage on Coast2CoastLive in Detroit. This is one of several performances this year has in store for Choir Boi.

Choir Boi Cartier has been singing and songwriting since he was a child.
On the set of the music video to his song “Pull Up”

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