‘A Girl Like Me Inc’ Founder Tyra Moore Makes a Different in the Community

In today’s day and age, it is extremely difficult to cross paths with people who care about others and take their time to make sure others who may be in difficult times are taken care of. Meet Tyra Moore, the owner of A Girl Like Me Inc.

A Girl Like Me Inc. ensures that girls, teens, teen moms, and mothers age 11 to 25 are taken care of when it comes to diapers, wipes, baby milk, food, feminine products, baby items, clothing and shoes, and they give them out for free. The help does not stop there. She also provides an extremely helpful mentoring program for all.

Tyra focuses on getting to know each girl personally and what they are in need of. She holds the honor of going above and beyond to make sure that she is there whenever she is needed, with no judgement attached. Tyra came up with A Girl Like Me Inc. because she too was once in those shoes of many others. She became pregnant at the age of 15 without anybody else having knowledge of it and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl the same week he mom found out she was pregnant. With the help of her mom and community, everybody came together and made sure the baby was taken care of for at least 2 years with all of the essentials a baby requires.

This act of kindness led to the birth of a beautiful organization in 2017, A Girl Like Me Inc. Tyra had the intention of paying the help forward to other girls who may be in the same situation as her ever since she received that support. This is a testament to her amazing character. Her organization’s goal is to educate and encourage girls and young mothers to make healthy life choices through classes and mentorship provided through the organization.

To reach Tyra Moore, you can contact the organization on Facebook at AgirlLikeMeInc, on Instagram at @agirllikemeinc, and through email at agirllikeme2007@gmail.com