‘Le Richi’ – The New Era of Fashion

Celebrating their recent launch, ‘Le Richi’ proudly presents a new era of fashion. Founder and CEO, Elham Shabani, had the goal of leaving a mark in the fashion industry.

“My goal is to leave a mark on the fashion industry by creating a clothing piece that inspires people to be different, and embrace who they are,” Elham shared. “Everyone is beautiful, and are not told so enough.” His slogan, “life is beautiful”, was inspired by just that.

The young twenty-year-old man with intense aspirations of achieving success has now achieved a milestone. Growing up, Elham would buy and be later influenced by two big brands back in the day, Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein. The saying is true, when you are feeling good you’re looking good. 

“When I was younger, I was always different,” he tells us. “At 9 years old, I was diagnosed with a super rare disease called Morphea that developed on my face, which dented my cheekbones. At 15, I had plastic surgery. I knew God put me on this earth to be different. It motivated me, and I told myself if there is anyone in the world who feels doubtful about themselves because of how they look or dress, I’m going to change that.” His clothing line gives confidence. 

Elham always wanted to feel and look wealthy in the way that he dressed, thus came his very own clothing brand, Le Richi. He was very determined as he used to watch documentaries on major brands from France and Italy and take notes so that he could approach his line in a similar fashion. The country of France has a special place in Elham’s heart, so he proceeded to base his brand off that. He searched for many translations from the French language before falling in love with Le Richi, which means “the richest.”

Elham states that he wants people to feel wealthy when wearing Le Richi and plans to make it the next big luxury brand. The logo, which is the Eiffel Tower, stands for elegance and has signs of hierarchy with the French Gallic Rooster. Although Elham plans to make this a luxury brand, it is still very affordable. He plans to target the younger generation with his clothing. 

When asked what sets his clothing line apart from others, Elham responded, “what the brand stands for is what sets me apart. My slogan is, life is beautiful.” Elham finished up by stating, “when you put on Le Richi clothing you will feel a special way and you will feel different.” Elham plans to  become the best designer in the world. 

“I want to create an empire where everyone can take notice and feel special when they wear the piece. I know once I do that I will summit my legacy.” 

Elham Shabani, Founder/CEO of ‘El Richi’

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