Detroit’s Very Own DeMaris Harvey: A Familiar Face in FIlm

Contributor: @MiddleEastSideTmo | Publisher: @DenisaDebocci

Getting involved in your career path at an early age is always the most ideal situation. For DeMaris Harvey it started in the first grade. He got started in acting, and by the age of 25 he began modeling.

After a model rehearsal, his life would be changed forever. DeMaris is an actor and director, but DeMaris’ journey began when he stumbled upon a production in Downtown Detroit where he found the producer and asked if any extras were needed.

The producer replied and told him yes and also asked if he had a white shirt, where DeMaris said yeah even though he didn’t. He then ran five blocks to buy a white shirt and came back and things have been going great for DeMaris since then.

On the set of First Lady 1. Demaris (Left) and K Deezy (right)

DeMaris has now been doing movies and plays for 11 years. He has two new movies being released very soon titled, Not Left in Vegas, directed by Kamal Smith, which will be released November 22, 2020, and Circumstances 2, directed by Swift to release November 28, 2020 on PrimeVideo. With these two movies slated to release in just a week or so, DeMaris is currently working on three other projects: Match Made, Trust Nobody, and Mia Mia.

What separates DeMaris from other actors is the favor of God, his extremely great work ethic, and his undeniable ambition. He lives by the slogan “work even when no one is looking, so when they do eventually look, they have something to see!”


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