‘Violeta Giovanna’ Launches Next Best Accessory Business

Violeta Giovanna Welcomes All Fashionistas

With a vision for showcasing the next best thing in children’s accessories, ‘Violeta Giovanna’ created a unique, diverse product for unique, diverse fashionistas. This week, they launched their Violeta Giovanna headbands, which are interchangeable to match any outfit. Gone are the days of finding an outfit to match accessories. (Moms and Dads know what we mean). Now, there is an accessory that will compliment all styles, both casual and formal. From toddlers to pre-teens, the brand made an impression with a product ever so diverse.


Best friends since high school, Violeta Gjolaj and Giovanna Special always dreamed of one day starting a business together, specifically fashion. Originally, the vision was a fashion line for jeans and various clothing items. Years down the line, the passion and determination to start a line was still present, but there was only a sight difference. They would focus on children’s accessories. Both are now mothers of loving, wonderful children.

We came up with this interchangeable headband idea and would love to grow our business with several variations.  We decided to take our ideas and start our own business.  We have all kinds of ideas that we’d love to add to our accessory and fashion line in the near future.

Violeta & Giovanna

How do they work?

To start, the headbands currently come in three colors: white, black, and pink. Making the accessory even more awesome, it also comes with a flower and bow that can be interchanged easily. The trick? It’s simple, magnets! Yes, the magnets keep the bow or flower in place, yet are easily interchangeable. Even last minute outfit changes or sassy, indecisive fashionistas do not faze Violeta Giovanna accessories.

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