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Starting a successful business in your country, let alone your own city is difficult enough. Meet Yolan Wallace. Born and raised in Jamaica and moved to the U.S. six years ago, she has founded her own successful company, Product Launch Accelerated. Yolan is now married with one son, however, her journey began at the University of Technology, Jamaica, studying Business and Management, and proceeded to land her in Henry Ford College studying Liberal Arts. 

She completed a Personal Development course called Introduction Leaders Program and decided she would use her God-given talent to help others. While being business savvy herself, Yolan set out to celebrate other creative genius’, or as we call them, entrepreneurs.

Yolan states, “We are all geniuses in our own right, however taking that leap of faith into the unknown shows how unstoppable a person is and I wanted to be that constant support for them.” She operates under the title of International Business Coach, and offers two programs: The Product Launch Program& Post Launch Coaching/Business Coaching. The Product Launch Program is where Yolan and her design team bring the clients vision to life and fulfill their wishes. The process from beginning (logo) to end (launch) takes roughly 6 to 10 weeks. The Coaching Program focuses on a variety of topics including public speaking, finances, budgeting, hiring, outsourcing, etc.

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She guarantees that the Money-Making Daily Techniques used in this program will double sales weekly. Using her vast knowledge, Yolan has been able to more than double the sales of her clients by applying her techniques and formulas. She also invests in her client’s personal development by way of weekly activities. Yolan believes that technology has played a role in ruining the interpersonal relationship between business owners and customers. 

She combats this by focusing on building interpersonal skills in her Product Launch Accelerated program. Using the Follow Up Script and 10 Flyer 10 Conversation technique, Yolan states her clients will notice raised confidence and become more powerful within just a few weeks. This is what she enjoys the most, her client’s reaction to their growth while working with her. Yolan lives by the motto, “Give 10 times greater than they expect.”

Trust that she will provided results and contact her via IG here or email her at productlaunchaccelerated@gmail.com – You will not be disappointed.

Product Launch Accelerated is The Detroit Entrepreneur approved.