Watered Flowers: a company that prides itself on self-love, self- care and growth

Unique Product, Unique Purpose

Watered Flowers, LLC launched its first product in May of 2019, and its signature journal that represents the brand name.

This journal immediately impacted customers who bought it, but its encouraging quotes, motivating exercises and signature poems.

“In order for a flower to blossom into its full potential it has to be watered often.”

This quote derived from the birth of the colony eluding to the growth of a flower if it is properly nourished and relating it to people.

“When you water a flower is grows, it flourishes, it thrives to its full potential.” As so it is with us. We can grow, and flourish and thrive to be our best selves as long as we are motivated, encouraged and driven mentally to do so. This company offers stationary products to do just that. Watered Flowers is expected to grow and enhance its line of of products by the end of year 2020 leading into year 2021.

All journals and other stationary products can be purchased at www.wateredflowers.com