The BAUS Experience – The Grooming House

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BAUS – The Grooming House started 5 years ago with the idea of making men’s grooming into a relaxing, luxury experience.

Their services range from haircuts, beard priming, waxing, and beyond, but they all aim to groom and maintain a certain look for each guest. While they intend to give men of all ages a relaxing service, BAUS is more than just a modern salon with the respected traditions of a barbershop.


The quality. The luxury treatment.

Men come to BAUS more than a haircut, the guests feel like friends and like they’re part of something special. As the Detroit culture started to notice their Birmingham location, the BAUS community started to grow.

Pictured: Pjetr Sinishtaj @pjetr_sinishtaj

Owners Daniella and Mike Djekovic, used travel as a form of inspiration, which is how another idea was born.

The BAUS Experience.

Along with expanding their staff at the Birmingham, BAUS opened a second location in Downtown Rochester that includes a cocktail lounge. (We love it.) This is a twist and special touch to their already unique barbershop experience.

While men’s grooming is their specialty, their passion and people are what truly makes the BAUS experience.

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