It’s the Duffy Season

Introducing Andrei Nichols

The Best Brand Consultant in the game comes from the West Side of Detroit, with Dexter roots and 6mile ties Andrei Nichols is all about Hussle. Andrei builds his hustler mind set from many rappers such as Payroll Giovanni, Babyface Ray, Sada Baby and many more. Although he looks up to those figures, he draws his main habits from his parents. 

He is the Founder/CEO of The Duffy Enterprise which he provides “The Best Branding Solutions”. Some noticeable things that lead him to founding this amazing business was graduating from the prestige Renaissance High School ‘16 and The Midnight Golf Program’16. 

The Duffy Enterprise

The Duffy Enterprise is more than just offering branding services. Andrei prides himself on being a positive role model and a pillar in his community. While giving the best branding knowledge around, he also founded The Suits for Success Youth Mentoring Program (EST’16) which mentors young kids directly from Detroit, MI. Andrei’s personality is fully powered from Detroit culture (which we love), from wanting a dance battle with popular Detroit rapper Sada Baby to having his own brand centered around the hard hustling spirit of a Detroiter.

Andrei is everything a CEO should strive to be, not only conducting business in the highest regard but also being a passionate caring individual.

“Whoever reads this, please take this into consideration: You’re human. Live your life for you. #DuffySzn” 


As a senior at Michigan State majoring in Marketing, Andrei will graduate in 2021and holds a wonderful presence at his college. He is also a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. at Michigan State University. 

We are excited to follow Andrei’s journey and wish Andrei and The Duffy Enterprise the best of luck.

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