How Luke Hyde is Opening Doors with Drive Digital Advertising

Building Companies, Brands, and People.

At just 19, Luke Hyde started Drive Digital Advertising that guides companies, brands, and entrepreneurs through the world of digital ads and more. Currently, the internet has never been more useful. With many employees and workers now working from home, the “remote” life is becoming familiar for people in all fields. (Side note: The Detroit Entrepreneur launched at the peak of quarantine this April!)

Photo courtesy of Luke.

Why not start an online business?

Everything is online now. Malls are going out of business. Stores are going bankrupt. Do not be surprised if a majority of businesses operate online-only in the future.

Luke’s services range from advertising to online marketing tools and strategies. The greatest value, however, is getting professional guidance from a successful online business that has already been through the process.

Drive Digital Advertising was founded in October of 2019. Through trial and error and skillful strategies, Drive Digital Advertising hit $10k in monthly revenue just recently. Luke’s motto?

Luke is a graduate of Lakeview High School.

I used to be a janitor and to pass the time I would listen to podcasts. Eventually, I found some about online marketing, and it really sparked my interest. After diving deep into it, I found out that there were individuals who were willing to pay for my services. I also found out that there were other young people doing similar things, so I thought, ‘Hey, if they can do it, I can too!’ Now that I have been successful, I want to inspire others with my story and show them how they can do it too.

Luke Hyde, founder of Drive Digital Advertising

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Two demographics Drive Digital Advertising is currently focusing on are individuals seeking to shift to online businesses AND those that need assistance in the online business world.

Luke’s clients vary from lawyers, businesses, stores, politicians, and more. He is open and welcome to serving you as well.

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