Get Fit with Penny Love Fitness

Invest in Yourself.

Grab your shimmy belts, everyone. We are introducing one of Detroit’s go-to fitness studios. If you are looking for something different and love dancing, come work out with Penny Love.

Founded by Jahara “Penny Love” Muhammed in 2013, Penny Love Fitness provides fitness classes that welcomes all individuals. Their “Drama Free Zone” and priority to ensure that people of all races, creed, and culture are comfortable in classes is what we find admirable. (The energy is unmatched!)

“My main goal was to inspire women of all ages to invest in themselves by improving their health through a consistent exercise regimen. Talking with others who had experienced issues that were similar to mine also inspired me to start Penny Love Fitness.”

Penny Love

The Founder

With a background in IT (information technology), Penny worked with Fortune 500 companies as an Information Technology Analyst and a Technical Recruiter. Although this career was a dream come true, her health was in poor condition. Her health condition? Inactivity. Yes, our bodies don’t respond well to sitting for extended periods of time. She experienced chest pains, back pains, and shortness of breath.

But now, she turned working out into a vibe and believes being fit is lifestyle. (Not a look.) Penny Love Fitness invites people in her past state of health to take control over their body and enjoy the process as well.

For more credentials and the fully story click their website here.

No More Boring Work Outs

Penny Love Fitness offers Zumba classes where high heels are welcome. “Pretty in Pumps” sessions are popular. Leg day would never be the same again. There is lots of dancing at Penny Love Fitness. Check out the energy in these videos!

So, are you ready to give Penny Love Fitness a chance? Everyone is welcome. And Penny means everyone.

Note: Despite our current COVID19 crisis, Penny Love Fitness now offers classes via live stream.

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We asked Penny if there was anybody she would like to thank:

The name “Penny” is an attribute to my father, who has his own IT firm, “SOS Communications.” He affectionately calls her “Penny” to his “Inspector Gadget” cases. Jaharah’s birthday is the US known, “Love Day”, February 14th.

My mother SOS Graphics creating all of the marketing material, from the initial logo to the 10,000 + flyers. Thank you for branding us beautifully.

To every business owner, community member, family focused team, thank YOU for being part of the Penny Love Fitness family and Investing in yourself to uplift our community.”
Phone: 313-717-5939