DOA Blessed: The Mission and Music

The Music

Born in Detroit, DOA Blessed identifies as an aspring hip-hop/rap artist that brings one-of-a-kind music. With a new EP on the way, his current and upcoming music will shake the industry and put Detroit on the map.

DOA Blessed grew up on the Eastside.

“I am that person who feels that they are overlooked and misunderstood.”


Music has a way of allowing artists to express themselves. Through his music, he ensures that he is heard, seen, and that he becomes a familiar name. His EP Social Distancing is his latest project.

DOA Music Group is a label the artist has established. The label plans on helping other artists grow their career. The vision is for DOA Music Group to become a platform beyond music.

The Mission

DOA’s label is a promising label for the future of music. Along with his own career, we believe his label will open doors for other aspiring music artists. DOA Music Group has our support, as The Detroit Entrepreneur stands behind brands that dedicate themselves to building others.

DOA artist DOA Fresh has a new EP on the way titled, Reasons.

 “My life motive is make life better for those after me. From generational wealth to simply having the freedom to do what you wanna do.”

DOA Blessed on life mottos.
DOA’s music can be found on all platforms.

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Watch his music video to “Quarantine Thoughts” below.

Shot by @DarionJenard

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