The D Spot – Detroit’s Premiere Clothing Store

Welcome to The D Spot.

Wood, owner, pictured with Chief James Craig of the Detroit Police Department

Love for this city runs deep in the blood of its citizens, but quite possibly no one lives and believes in Detroit like Wood, the owner of the clothing apparel store, The D Spot.

The D Spot has been operating out of Detroit since 2012, first selling online and then moving into their new home in 2017, located right on W McNichols. While you’ll find everything from name-brand Lions and Red Wings gear to bodycon dresses and dazzling purses, The D Spot’s graphic tees are their signature style. You can select from an array of pre-printed tees and bodycons or The D Spot will create a custom design to match your new kicks or your family at the next reunion.

Detroit, Period.

The original tees they make in house ooze Wood’s enthusiasm for representing your city and supporting locally owned businesses. The D Spot leans into its Detroit roots with favored slogans like ‘Team 313’ and ‘Rep Yo City’, but to me, their chief slogan ‘Detroit Period’ says it all.

As large chain stores and heavy gentrification moves into Detroit the importance of supporting local black-owned businesses in the city like The D Spot cannot be stated enough. With an incredibly friendly staff passionate about the local community, The D Spot is a must on your next apparel shopping trip!

Wood also states that he turned his life around, and his business has a testimony. “I used to sell weed. I was heavy in the game,” Wood shares. “The D Spot is my legit hustle. I am blessed to be here. I went from trees to tees.”

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