‘Visionary’- Clothing for the Culture

Visionary Culture Clothing LLC is truly what dreams are made of. 

Detroit-Based, Urban Clothing Company Serves as Fuel for Creators, Visionaries, and Goal Seekers.

Visionary Culture Clothing offers a wide variety of clothings for all.

The Story

Creative entrepreneur Lavanche Bethay set out in 2018 with a purpose of channelling the pain from the recent loss of her mother into a productive and creative outlet. Visionary Clothing wanted not only to make something that they loved and believed in but something that would speak to and inspire everyone else who had a vision and a goal for their future. In doing so, they’ve been able to launch and grow the brand while simultaneously studying video production and photography.

This line doesn’t stop at clothing alone. Instead, it aims to create an inclusive culture where people, no matter their goal or passion, can come together and be inspired to always believe in themselves and their vision. 

Kierra Luv wearing Visionary Culture Clothing

Worn and featured on social media by fellow entrepreneurs and visionaries across the U.S., this brand’s August release has been well anticipated. The future and vision of this brand knows no bounds. 

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