It’s Going to Be Mayes (Marketing Agency) – CEO Derrick Mayes Presents Top Marketing Essentials

Marketing essentials.

Are you ready to take your business and career to the next level? Mayes Marketing Agency sure is.

Mayes Marketing Agency, LLC was founded in August of 2019.

Providing marketing services for small businesses and entertainment, Mayes Marketing Agency strives to take clients to the next level. The focus and drive of Derrick Mayes, The Founder/CEO, is what The Detroit Entrepreneur recognizes.

Meet Derrick Mayes Jr.

Currently residing in Chicago, Derrick is from Detroit, which explains his well-respected hustle. Along with Mayes Marketing Agency, he plans on opening a second business: Official D Mayes.

Marketing is key to the success of any business, therefore, Derrick presents the best marketing essentials through his business. For those that may be new to the marketing world, examples of these tools are: press releases, promotion, outreach, and more.

Before Derrick entered the business world, he played football for ten years. After he stopped playing due to a health condition, he spent time to think about his purpose. It just so happened to be marketing.

“I hope to achieve great success not only for myself but also for the city of Detroit, I plan to open multiple charities that cover all demographics and all walks of life. With me being so versatile I want to implement that into everything that I do.”

Derrick explaining his purpose.

A Billionaire Mentality.

A true entrepreneur has their foot in every door possible. This is a billionaire mentality. Complimenting his business ventures, Derrick is heavily involved in entertainment. He recently joined Billionaire Minds Build Brands, a Chicago-based record label. Derrick has taken his music media skills to MNTC Radio, an iHeartRadio radio station, as a music director for “Power Hour” that is dedicated to up and coming artists. (We love the support.)

Currently a junior at Northern Illinois University, he will soon graduate with a double major in Business Management and Marketing. He builds himself as he builds others. This is exactly what The Detroit Entrepreneur believes in. Building one another.

True leaders create more leaders, and Derrick continues to do just that.

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