Vegan Love is in the Air: ‘Whiff N Sniff’ Candles by Brittani Brisker

More than a scent.

Officially launched in 2019, by Brittani Brisker, Whiff N Sniff is a hot new vegan candle company birthed right out of Detroit. They smell amazing, and they are absolutely natural. This is what makes Whiff N Sniff unique. The vegan candles are more than just scents.

Its founder, Brittani, has been candle making for years, but her entrepreneurial spirit inspired her to create a business out of her hobby.

Photos from website. Her products are placed in front of Downtown Detroit scenery.

She suffered from migraines, and aromatherapy candles were one of the few treatments to give her a sense of relief. However, the ingredients of the big boxed branded candles she was buying consisted of lots animal by-products & toxins. (Yuck!) From there, she began to research a cleaner, and more effective way to make to even better candles. She found her niche & has been unstoppable with her candle making.  

An educated entrepreneur.

As a proud Detroiter, this fierce diva is all about putting her city on the map, and she is doing just that. She is a Detroit native, born and raised.

After graduating from Renaissance, a “Blue Ribbon School” and one of the top high schools, she studied at Wayne State University. She eventually graduated from Davenport University with a major in Business Management. (How fitting!) Her college education played a major part in her business success, but it is the natural born leader in her that fueled the flame, no pun intended.

Fun fact: She is the Editor-in-Chief of The Detroit Entrepreneur!

What’s special about the candles? Why vegan?

Whiff N Sniff now offers subscriptions! Check out their website at the bottom.

They are handmade to order, from the best grades of soy wax available, paired with cotton wicks. When you light one of their candles, you can be rest assured knowing that you aren’t inhaling any other wax like paraffin or beeswax, no animal by products, toxins, or carcinogens. (Again, yuck!) Their candles are your pockets & your heath. 

Order anywhere in the world & get free shipping. 

Any day of the week

Anywhere in the world

Any order amount

and still get free shipping.

Who else offers that service, along with top notch quality product? No one. Whiff N Sniff stands alone, and they’re okay with it. Standing alone is exactly what entrepreneurship is all about.

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