Influencer Olivia Marcarelli Challenges You to the ‘Slim Thic Challenge’ [Interview]

Meet Olivia.

Originally from the east coast, Olivia Marcarelli has emerged into a fitness and health influencer, and her newest achievement has reached a worldwide audience. If you haven’t heard of her ‘Slim Thic Challenge’, get hip to the next best thing in fitness. Click here to see her plans.

Based in Novi, Michigan, Olivia comes from a big Puerto Rican – Italian family. She has an identical twin.

Olivia works hard to maintain her slim-thick figure, and supporters can’t help but to know how she does it. This is where the ‘Slim Thic Challenge’ started.

“When I started my YouTube channel and started posting about my workouts and sharing my journey, I started to get an influx of comments, questions, and messages about my process. So many girls wanted to know how I transformed my body and got this “slim thick” look that’s so in right now.” 

Olivia provides a full routine and favorite workouts. Mainly a lower body program that focuses on glutes, a full workout split is also provided. Her techniques and tips reflect what works to achieve the slim-thick figure. Results will vary person to person.

Our Feedback

What I myself noticed is how Olivia doesn’t encourage/expect women to have the goal of looking just like her. (Bodies come in all different shapes and sizes!) What the audience should understand is that the goal of the ‘Slim Thic Challenge’ is to guide others through the journey Olivia is taking as well. The results will differ, but it is a great feeling to know that an influencer is spending her time and focus on supporting and guiding those that were brave enough to take on the challenge.

“Your goal should never be to look like someone else, your goal should be to look like the best version of you.” 


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