Complete Dominance Athletics Owner, Milton Putman, Brings More Than a Healthy Lifestyle to the Detroit Community

Bringing More to the Community

Milton Putman, owner

Complete Dominance Athletics is a sports, fitness, and health company. They started just 4 years ago, but have already seen success in the industry. Their services go beyond fitness and conditioning training, and into sports apparel, equipment, accessories, health products, Fitness TV Network and promotion.

“Our plan is to be the ‘Henry Ford’ of sports, health, and fitness. Built from the ground up from Detroit, by Detroit, for Detroit, but known worldwide.


Putman’s accolades go beyond being the CEO of Complete Dominance Athletics. Milton is a proud father, TV host, mentor, life and business coach, and CEO and founder of Putman Speaks. As a public speaker, Milton emphasizes his pillars for success. These pillars aim to not only motivate one for success, but also teach and give someone the tools for success.

To learn more details about Milton Putman’s pillars of success or Complete Dominance Athletics, see the website and social media information below.


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