Bucky Rogerz- “The Definition of an Entrepreneur”

Bucky Rogerz, one of our recipients of the Entrepreneurial Excellence awards, gave a lesson on what an entrepreneur really is. In other words, he describes the definition of an entrepreneur. We feel that an Instagram post did not do justice, and we wanted to share Bucky Rogerz’ words on entrepreneurship on a our platform.

We throw the term “entrepreneur” around quite a lot! I’m an entrepreneur. I’m an entrepreneur. BUT what does it truly mean to be an entrepreneur?!! There’s definitely an association with the concept of being an entrepreneur and being a startup. If you think about it, most household brand names they were all founded and started by someone who started out as an entrepreneur.

So, what is an entrepreneur? An entrepreneur is someone who identifies a need that no existing businesses address and determines a solution for that need. An entrepreneur who regularly launches new businesses, sells them and then starts new businesses is a serial entrepreneur. Examples of household business men who exemplify entrepreneurial success are; Elon Musk, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.”

He is quite a personality, and although he is a businessman, he is also a music artist.

Stay in touch with Bucky, as he will be a familiar face of The Detroit Entrepreneur! Follow him on Instagram here. Also, a major congratulations to his Entrepreneurial Excellence award acceptance.