Zsa Zsa Hubbard – Yes, She Said It.

Biography Contributor: Zsa Zsa C. Hubbard


Zsa Zsa C. Hubbard is a different breed. Yes, I said it. As a female entrepreneur, she inspired me from the start. But I have not come across a woman that has accomplished and overcome the impossible. She is a podcast host, brand ambassador, wedding officiant, international keynote speaker, actress, founder, business consultant, mentor, and featured in Speakers Magazine. As a role model to her fans, Zsa Zsa has a lot to say.

In the form of a true self-made business woman, Zsa Zsa used her immense persona to meet a need and edify the community in her own way. As a born and raised Detroit native, her natural inclination to hustle has earned her the marque of an entrepreneur at-large, owning and operating as a CEO of multiple businesses. Zsa Zsa is currently using her voice and Specs Howard degree in broadcast media to engage and educate as a radio talk show host on an internet-radio platform. Zsa Zsa sparks candid conversations about all things Detroit every Thursday at 12:30pm EST on “Yeah, I Said It!”, a weekly internet radio show.

One of my favorite episodes. @YouKnowZsaZsaHubbard


Zsa Zsa has used her innate business savvy and connectivity to form The Hubbard Resource Group, a business hub that offers consulting and non-profit development resources. She then became deputized by the city of Detroit clerk as a wedding Officiant and opened a private wedding officiating and vow renewal service called United Vows.

due to unforeseen tragedy, she witnessed the lack of information and resources available for families of loved ones with incapacitating diseases and health challenges. Zsa Zsa started Kelly’s Kids Foundation, a resource, advocacy, and events program for families with debilitated loved ones, in honor of her late mother, Kelly Hubbard. The foundation hosts “Hustle for your Heart Hustle-Thon”, an annual fundraiser for low income families with disabled family members.

Zsa Zsa at the Detroit American Idol auditions in 2019.

Now, as an event moderator, Zsa Zsa uses her gift of engagement to host social, corporate, and networking events, commissioning her infectious personality to harvest a one-of-a-kind experience in the community.

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