Unicoils – a Detroit-Made Beauty Brand by Dajheonna Perry

by Brittani Brisker

The Purpose

Unicoils is a hot beauty & cosmetic line, born straight out of Detroit, Michigan just like its CEO, Dajheonna Perry. Let’s just take a moment to appreciate her tagline “tested on unicorns, not animals”. How adorable, and we must appreciate the fact that this line doesn’t harm any animals in the testing phases of product development. This line is all natural, and made from only earthy ingredients; no additives, preservatives, or any of the stuff that our hair & bodies can do without.


Unicoils : Universal Coil Care Line

A range of products are offered, including shampoos, conditioners, creams, and lip balms just to name a few. Guys, don’t feel left out, while Dajheonna has surely sprinkled her sparkles throughout her products, you guys are welcome to indulge as well. I mean, how could you not? Her products are Affordable, Natural, and For Everyone (including the guys!)

Let’s support this Detroit woman making moves by placing an order today!

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Contributor: Brittani Brisker | @Whiff.n.Sniff | Www.whiffnsniff.com