Meet the 8 Year Old CEO (Yes, you read that right.)

The 8 year old CEO that founded Detroit-made cosmetic line: Christine Devani

Christine and Latoya

With support from mom, 8 year old Christine Devani began a natural lip balm line in 2016. Latoya Latham (mom) wanted to find a way to care for her daughter’s severe chapped lips, as other products did not seem to work. Giving Glory to God, the mother-daughter duo took this into their own hands and decided on starting their own natural lip balm line to combat dry, chapped lips for all to use. This was just the beginning of Polished Puckers, LLC. Now nearing 12 years old, Christine has big plans for the line.

“Sell the problem we solve and the product sells itself.” – Polished Puckers motto.

Polished Puckers has expanded to lip gloss, lip scrubs, and merchandise. (Sidenote: I have recently purchased several lip balms. I absolutely love them!) Although the business has been semi-affected from the current pandemic, Christine has not allowed it to stop her business. Polished Puckers is The Detroit Entrepreneur approved.

Shop on their website here and check out their Instagram below.