Mi’Ele Booker – The Tale of the Storyteller

Traditionally in story telling the author maps out the structure of the story from beginning to end. Mi’Ele Booker brings a distinctive approach to the way stories are told through her self-portrait art, Creative Storytelling, allowing viewers to craft their own tale. 

Her journey began in 2014 when she was first introduced to a camera. Originally intrigued by nature photography, as time passed it no longer yielded the same satisfaction. As she changed, embraced the skin she was in, her focus shifted to self-portraits. 

Soon after, symbolism became integral to her story telling and portraits as she explains, ‘’I wanted people to look at my art and see their own interpretation of it while leaving me space to apply my own meaning as well.’’

Self-portraits became an undeniable love for Booker because it permitted her telling a story all her own on her own terms. Her vulnerability with challenges she’s overcome in her personal life, such as self-confidence and the negativity of colorism, incorporates a uniqueness that can’t be duplicated. 

Where does the inspiration come from for creating these incomparable pieces? She self-reflects and asks herself, “what needs to be said? What don’t people know about me that they could learn from me if I told them?”

In a society almost cripplingly influenced by social media, Booker is bringing authenticity to a generic screen. She describes art as therapy; ‘’it’s my self-exploration, my self-improvement.’’ Life consist of wins and losses for everyone despite any factor that makes us different. As she’s grown, she’s discovered that most of our growth happens during our losses, so if we’re going to tell our true story, it would be hard to not include it. 

Beyond her success she aims to encourage others to self-reflect, unashamedly tell their own stories in their own way, dive into their own self-growth, and be the reason they don’t feel alone. Whether it’s through music, art, fashion or another medium, we all have a story to tell, the question is which way will life lead you to tell yours?