How Jae Davis Impacted the Experiential Marketing Industry

The most difficult responsibility a self-employed brand ambassador has is to continuously seek gigs and be up to date in the Experiential Marketing industry. Also known as event marketing and engagement marketing, the competition within the industry is fierce. Jae Davis founded EXP Elite, a Facebook group uniting individuals in the industry worldwide. From upcoming events, tips, and job opportunities, EXP Elite has been the bridge between opportunities and the people. I happen to be one of those individuals that have been impacted by their great efforts, and many Michigan-based brand ambassadors feel the same. Jae’s contributions do not stop here.

“Davis is an author, influencer, and pioneer in the world of Experiential Marketing. With Fortune 500 clients and EXP Elite members, Jae has successfully launched, executed, and managed dozens of multi-million dollar programs. You Do What?, a book on mentoring and building industry professionals, is another one of her great achievements.”

via Facebook

Jae has lived and breathed all areas of the Experiential Marketing industry for more than a decade. As a result, she has built a reputable brand as well as mentored other industry professionals in excelling and obtaining consistent opportunities at every position. From division one athlete, to corporate America, to now successfully executing multi-million dollars programs, and serving as a client liaison, Jae has earned the credibility to become the trusted guide to navigating the new and challenging economic environment we now have to evolve within. 

The new world of social distancing is guiding the Experiential Marketing industry to a different direction and forcing people to reinvent themselves.  Jae is the guide that will help people transition to a different career and design a purpose-filled life. She inspires by sharing her own story, building a loyal community of followers who seek guidance and direction.

She also has a YouTube channel [JaeDavis] dedicated to navigating the world of Experiential Marketing. (Let’s get her to 300 subscribers!)

If you are new to the industry, allow her to be your guide. I can confidently say that she has played a major role in my success as a brand ambassador for the NBA, U.S. Army, and the many other brands I proudly represent. As for us, The Detroit Entrepreneur, we love-love-love those that dedicate time and effort to build others, as we are doing the same.

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