From Talented Dancer to CEO of Cosmetic Brand: Danielle Brown Introduces Lip Sting by ‘Eat Beauty’

Danielle Brown is an admirable woman who went from being a respected and talented dancer to someone who specializes in makeup and has worked for many big names. She has shown great success in both of these professions and sets a great example for the ladies that look up to her. As the CEO of Eat Beauty, she presents us Lip Sting, a lipstick collection. However, there is more to DannyBee than makeup and we believe she deserves recognition.

It takes a lot of talent to work with some of the big names that Danielle has worked with. Before venturing into makeup and her line, she was a professional dancer who traveled with the late Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin. 

After moving on from her success with dancing, she showed the same drive in the makeup industry. Danielle was the head makeup and hairstylist for the 2019 film, Warpath, which was the winner of the best feature film award at the Golden State Film Festival. Danielle has also worked for major television networks including MTV and BET. She did makeup for the shows Black Girls Rock, and Revolt. Moving into the music industry, she worked with the legendary artist Stevie Wonder, and the percussionist Sheila E.

As an entrepreneur, Danielle is known for specializing in different professions and making her mark on them. She has shown versatility and continued success, and The Detroit Entrepreneur applauds that. 

She is known by the hashtag #StungByDannyB, as her thankful clients use this as a way to recognize her talent when talking about her services.

Check out her makeup collection here to purchase products! There is an array of products to choose from.

Eat Beauty has been in business for 8 years now, while the LipSting collection is in its 3rd year of business. Real soon, however, Danielle and her makeup collection will become icons in the beauty industry.

Follow Danielle and Eat Beauty on her journey as a successful female entrepreneur.

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