Vajzë : Luxury, Hand Crafted Jewelry Line Invites Women to Express Individuality, Femininity and Strength Through Style

The name, vajzë, means several iterations of “girl” in Albanian. “It represents the women who surrounded me [. . .]  These were women who worked hard, took care of their families, and treated every social or family gathering as an occasion to enjoy and get dressed up for,” said creative director Valentina Juncaj. Vajzë is multifaceted and allows women to express themselves with pieces that are just as unique as they are.

Valentina started out in the corporate world with a career in finance and business. Initially she never thought she would be a designer or entrepreneur, despite her love for art and expression through fashion and styling. Valentina would style friends and family with her jewelry that they would borrow. She loved the confidence it gave them and putting pieces together, so this sparked her to curate a jewelry collection. 

“This came so naturally to me, even though I never had my own business before this, I was thriving figuring it all out,” Valentina said. She had to figure everything out from the ground up from working with metal smiths and taking classes. vajzë started with a sketch and until finally a jewelry piece came to frition. Her love for the design and decision-making processes allowed her to build an entire brand and collections of jewelry.

Throughout Valentina’s 8 years of jewelry making and 4 years of Vajzë, her work was recognized in several publications and industries. These included HOUR, Red and Vanity Fair. Notable clients who wear vajzë jewelry are the Miss Universe and Miss Americas from 2019 and 2020, Miss Teen USA 2020, music artist Bebe Rexha, model/philanthropist Emina Cunmulaj, TV show host Jeannie Mai, actress Tiffany Monet and gold medalist Nastia Liukin. Valentina isn’t stopping here though… She plans for more pop ups, expanding her jewelry designs to other accessories and even designing a men’s fine jewelry line. All of her jewelry can be purchased at For style inspiration and company updates, visit her social media pages below:

Instagram: @VAJZЁ

Facebook: vajzejewelry

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